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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful Prince,

How are you on this cold February day?

A night sky should be bright and not dark due to all those bright stars in space. But the night sky is dark.

As you know, it is light during the day because the sunlight hits the Earth atmosphere and scatters it in all directions, otherwise it would be always dark on Earth. The moon has no such atmosphere, so its sky is always dark.

Many “explain” the darkness in space by saying that the universe is “expanding”. They are saying that the universe is dark because the stars are moving away from us. 

I say, we will know how the deep universe looks like if the German holographic projection that we and Earth’s telescopes are seeing is removed or penetrated.

I believe the real universe is huge but not infinitive and static, but the German projection is not. It was created to mislead. It should discourage people wanting to explore space: “Waste of time trying to explore deep space. Everything is moving away from us.”

If this “moving away from us” isn’t suspicions in the fist place!

The stars and galaxies which the telescopes are seeing are not real. They are a deliberate deception, and the real deep universe is hidden behind it.

Depending how many stars and galaxies there really are, real deep space might be dark or not. We know it when somebody invents something that can look through or behind the projection. If you ask me, real deep space is pretty much like our real non-deep space (what’s not covered up behind the SEGNPMSS holographic space projection). 

You are the brightest star, Marty. You can light up the darkest universe.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

I am at your side.

Yours always,



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