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1) SEGNPMSS set up against Scientology in Russia using a Russian 2) Germany so Nazi-like that Scientology not even allowed to find a new location and renovating it

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband,

How is life in the current world of yours? I often wish myself in another universe. This one sucks as SPs can’t leave us alone.

I came across a weird Russian article.  A Russian in from/in was found to be  in possession of home-made explosions and 11 books. Three of these books were Scientology literature. Agents for Germany (even if having a Jewish name and stealing/using the name “Churchill” for hateful postings) are quick to blame Scientology on it. Somebody who really knows Scientology (and not what Germany and its agents are trying to make out of it) knows that original Scientology wants peace and nothing but. Anyway, by reading this article, I was thinking: A) SEGNPMSS had a plan using that (mind-controlled) Russian to blow up Scientology (building, people) in Russia.  B) If blowing up Scientology failed for some reason, SEGNPMSS wanted the man to be arrested with the books so that their agents blame Scientology on it. And I said, they often use bad apples (including some who are Jews) to do Germany’s and their p$ychs’ dirty work (like blaming Scientology on what Germany and its psychs are secretly doing) so that these monsters can’t be accused of being still Nazis what they still are.    

Here is what I am seeing:  Not all Jews were Jews in their past lives. I am certain that quite some Jews were Nazis in former lifetimes. In short: any Jew who is eager to work for Germany and pushes their propaganda is either a complete idiot or has a non-Jewish timetrack.  

There is more on the net showing how insane Germany is in regards to Scientology. A guy with the German name Paul Burkhart smears Scientology. From his past (dropping away after he found it), one can tell that he did not understand Scientology, otherwise, he wouldn’t. David Miscavige and other Miscavologists can’t spot the people who never got what Scientology really is as they didn’t get it either, so they hire these people and what they do blows back in their faces and in the face of Scientology. What Burkhart told about Germany should raise anyone’s eyebrows that Germany is still Nazi, but it didn’t raise the eyebrows of Burkhart nor of other German-oriented hate-mongers like Tony Ortega. Scientology can’t move in another building. It this doesn’t sound like Nazi Germany what does?  

Germany is still such Nazi country, that the Hamburg org could not move its furnishings during the day. According to Burkhart, he had to fly Scientology property to Amsterdam, hired Danish truck drivers to take it across the border to keep the German government from knowing that they were moving in another building. The German government on the other side, allowed Mohammed Atta and his cell to plot the September 11 terror attacks, and German psychiatrists conditioned those men into Manchurian candidates to conduct these atrocities.

It is ridiculous activities as Germany runs agents in all orgs and doesn’t just know in advance, it sets up in advance. A huge number of secret activities are set up by Germany to bring Scientology down and destroy its reputation. 

Burkhart played right into Germany’s hands by testing a banner on the new building of which Germany’s government shouldn’t know anything so that it couldn’t prevent the move. He “tested” a huge banner on the new building at 3am and attracted police. And then, they told the police the German lie: We are an American business… It has German set up written all over it as this is Germany’s anti-German propaganda: Scientology is a business. It wouldn’t be without the German infiltration. Germany and its psychs hate religion and philosophy. They say they don’t believe in God, but in fact, they are afraid of him. Horribly afraid. If I would have done what they did, I would be afraid of God too, Marty. They are too cowardly to better their Dorian Gray characters. That’s why Scientology has a bad reputation and that’s why they constantly infiltrate, alter, and attack it.

You know it, Marty. They can’t fool you either.

You mean everything to me, my love. You are the one for me, I am the one for you, and nobody can change this.







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  1. Barbara, from the “Bunker”: Burkhart… he didn’t really know who Mark “Marty” Rathbun was, even though Rathbun, as Inspector General of Ethics for the Religious Technology Center, was essentially the second-highest ranking member of the church and Miscavige’s right hand man and chief enforcer.

    And more abuse by Miscavige, dunno if this is true or not. Burkhart says that orgs became money-machine, that DM tried to get rid of long-time Scientologists and replacing them with young new people.


    February 13, 2016 at 10:05 am

    • That either means that Burkhart was a nobody in the Sea Org and never cared wanting to know who is on top or DM kept the impostor (at that time, married to Cheray or Anne and now to Monique) low key to avoid that Scientologists get suspicious that he isn’t the original Marty.

      The original Marty wasn’t an enforcer. He was a real Scientologist. His impostor was a hired agent and non-Scientologist. After the original vanished, the impostor (at that time, married to Cheray or Anne and now to Monique) took over (apparently ordered/approved by DM and Mike Rinder) so that nobody would miss the original. They were not able to fool me. I noticed it. A completely different personality behind the eyes.

      I’m not surprised that agent DM tried getting rid of old-timer Scientologists as he doesn’t appreciate that they still remember original Scientology. Many of the people who came later have no clue of original Scientology.

      The secret German order is to ruin Scientology. With his behavior, DM (actually, the entire Miscavige clan) did a lot in this regards and played German-controlled outside attackers right into their hands. The same pattern as with the “squirrel busters”. They too played Monique and her husband right into their hands.

      Germany and its secret service psychs want original Scientology to vanish or to change SCN so much that it will be only a money-machine for Germany. Everybody should get a wake-up call in this regards: Scientology’s sea org reserves are not in the USA but in Europe as Germany wants it so.

      I bet the farm that DM has secret service case officers, that they are no Scientologists, and that he does what they order him.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 13, 2016 at 10:37 am

  2. I didn’t knew that Germany killed so many black people in Africa.

    Between 1904 and 1908, German soldiers massacred more than 70,000 Herero and about half of the Nama population in what was then the colony of German South-West Africa. German South-West Africa is now Namibia.For centuries, Germany’s government was hesitant to call the massacres a genocide. To date, it has not apologized for the killings.

    The forgotten Australian prisoners of war experimented on by the Nazis

    ‘He injected the infected blood into the Australian prisoners of war and then he again examined them, and what he found is that after a few days they responded with an enlargement of the liver, then an increase of temperature and other symptoms.’

    The experiments were non-consensual.

    ‘He was engaged in experiments that the Nazi regime offered him, enhancing his career and moving into an area of research that he normally would not have achieved in a more civilised or democratic society,’ says Kwiet.

    Laura T.

    March 16, 2016 at 2:11 am

    • 1) Yes, they are monsters. Those black folks who identify with NOI and it’s anti-Semitic leader Louis Farrakhan should think twice before they promote Germany’s hatred against Jews.

      2) The poor Australians that became the victims of the Nazis: The psychiatrists or medical doctors needed the Nazis to do their horrible experiments. Behind the Nazis were and are medical doctors and psychs.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 16, 2016 at 11:34 am

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