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Wish I could spend it with you, Marty, my great one love, my eternal companion…

Straight from my heart: for me, home is not a place but you. I never could get attached to any place that doesn’t include you. You belong to my universe. And I am here for our future together. It doesn’t matter how long the journey is. Infinitive love is always longer than any journey.

When the day comes, I will hug you and broken parts will no longer hurt. I’ll hear your wonderful masculine voice again, and will look in your sparkling eyes that have fire like no others. And it will feel so right, so unparalleled to be together again, like we should.  You have a deep heart and you are deep in my heart.

What we both are having is so unique. I thought of you and me together countless times, and the answer is always that I plain and simple love you with a love that doesn’t seem of this world, Marty. It is stronger than anything and can’t be broken. I don’t want you out of my mind, because you belong there. When we saw each other again, you touched me even without using your hands, but I sure want to feel them, any day… Any day, we are together will be a festive day. Our love is so usual, there will be never any daily routine… Any time, we look at each other, we’ll lift each other up and joyfully fly, intoxicated by nothing but love. We never will forget how hard it was to stay together. We will have the utmost patience with each other, will never be thoughtless, because we know that what we are having doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe. We will take no minute granted that we were so lucky having found  each other.  We won’t ever grow tired of each other, my Prince, because in a octillion years of past lives, we never did. 

Your problems are my problems. Your worries are my worries. Your happiness is my happiness. Your success is my success. Your triumph is my triumph. One thetan, two viewpoints, one of a man, one of a woman, soulmates, and we know that we can trust each other in a world full of deceit until the end of time. My heart never led me any other way than to you. Follow your heart, this is what I have done. And I know you have done the same. You are like beautiful epic music to me, Marty. You are the conqueror of my heart. Separating us is so ridiculous and small. What we have is too huge to be separated and destroyed. It will survive.

To know you, means to love you, Marty, my hero.
Yours with kisses,

And you hero will come home.  



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