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1) These of gravitational waves are man-made to fool people into believing that black holes are real 2) Lasers used to target aircrafts

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate, how are you?

“Science” made a “huge” discovery: “gravitational waves”.

Here is the definition: In physics, gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime which propagate as waves, travelling outward from the source. Predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein on the basis of his theory of general relativity, gravitational waves transport energy as gravitational radiation.

This is from the New York Times:

Einstein was not quite sure about these waves. In 1916, he told Karl Schwarzschild, the discoverer of black holes, that gravitational waves did not exist, then said they did. In 1936, he and his assistant Nathan Rosen set out to publish a paper debunking the idea before doing the same flip-flop again.

And here is how they were “detected”:  The waves vibrated a pair of L-shaped antennas in Washington State and Louisiana known as LIGO.

And here is how they sound like:

And here is what I am thinking: That deep universe that our telescope and our astronomers are seeing is a fake German projection. Behind it is the real universe covered up before our eyes. I am certain that the deep universe has the same physical laws as the near universe (near to Earth, that part of the universe that is real).

So, how easy is it to vibrate the antennas on Earth with a nearby laser? Very easy. Black holes and the “expanding universe”? Created to stop Earth nations from exploding space, nobody may explore it until all creatures out there are attached to German psychiatric ear-implants and controlled by Germany’s secret service psychiatrists and mind-controllers.

With Albert Einstein, Germany wins (so they think) laurels anyway things are moving. Right now, they claim that he is German who was born in Germany (although Einstein didn’t want to be German) and that Germans are the brightest people ever. If what he said or what he did should be revealed as average, wrong or controlled, they will say, hey, he was a Jew, what do you expect?      

Yes, there are waves, but they are German-made. I am convinced that there are no black holes in the real far universe and I bet you think so too, Marty.

With their freaking computer-projection, Germany is pulling everyone’s leg. They tell people a billion of years ago, two black holes circled and then collided and merged and “ringed down” (merged) and sent gravitational waves, which we now can measure and hear on Earth with LIGO, two antennas 1900 miles apart. Last year in fall, they both recorded a “billion year old echo of the black hole collision”.

Lol. What a crap. From a satellite, they uses a laser to touch these antennas making the world believe that the German invention of black holes are real. Who are they kidding? Surely not us, Marty.

And here, other laser news: International Business Times, reported this yesterday:  On Sunday (14 February) a Virgin Atlantic plane bound for New York was forced to turn back to London Heathrow Airport after a pilot was injured by a laser shone into the cockpit. The incident is far from isolated. Between January 2009 and June 2015 more than 8,998 laser incidents involving aircraft across Britain were reported to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

You and I know that it is terrorism. Some lasers are visible, others are not. Lasers can pinpoint matter, cut through matter even metal, generate very high temperatures, and also blind pilots or cut their consciousness off and make them down planes. There are numerous other terror ways than just a bomb on board to make a plane or helicopter crash. And Germany’s psychiatrists, the men behind Hitler, order this and other kind of terror.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours always,



I can’t believe I could possibly say these words
Far beyond the most precious good, there you are
Far beyond the most ambitious dream, there you are
Far beyond the most beautiful thing
Far beyond the stars, there you are
Far beyond, there you are for me, for me, just for me
Far beyond the deepest sea, there you are
Far beyond the limit of the world, there you are
Far beyond the infinite time, far beyond life
There you are, far beyond, there you are for me











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  1. Since Marty is not a party to Monique’s lawsuit, the Church could simply pay him the settlement money to make it go away. This way Marty could avoid paying the attorney fees / commission to Monique’s legal team.
    Further, a rich Scientologist i.e. TC could pay the settlement money.


    February 18, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    • You comment makes no sense whatsoever. If he is not a party to the case, why should the C of S pay him anything? Besides, his name is not Marty. He took that name from the original Marty who Monique’s husband impersonates.

      If DM pays a cent of Scientology money to Marty’s impostor or his wife, he might be held accountable for assisting an impostor and his wife.

      Why the hell should Tom Cruise pay Monique or her husband a cent? Tom Cruise never published anything about Monique’s husband or her.

      You know what you Scientologist haters all have in common: stupidity, jealousy, and evil intentions. Glad not to be one of you. Nobody listens to you guys anyway but just some other idiots.

      Just because some have money doesn’t mean that you lazy bums can line your pockets with their money.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 19, 2016 at 12:59 pm

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