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Did you notice that psychiatrists are trying to get rid of their bad reputation by calling themselves now more and more neuroscientists, etc. these days?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, I am thinking of you. You are deep in my heart.

Nobody infiltrated psychiatry and turned it into a bloody above the laws of all countries movement with very dirty hands throughout history. They did it all to themselves. They think, they can sweep their crimes against humanity under the carpet by calling themselves now more and more “neuroscientists” or “psychotherapists”, but who are they kidding?  Not us, Marty. They were the men behind Hitler and they still are the men behind terror and all other high crimes of today as they run the entire planet with ear implants and have people do what they order.

Installing each little kid on the planet ear implants and make it obey to their codes is typical psychiatric. They do it to control people when they are grown up. They do it with loud and silent sounds/commands, and they suck intelligence right out of people. I bet the farm that people would see a lot more if they would not be manipulated by psychs who now like to call themselves “neuroscientists” and “psychopathologists” but all comes from the same source: former butchers and barbers, which they still are and their brutal and retarded a secret service activities are proving this to me 24/7.  Besides,  mass murderer James Holmes is a neuroscientist. 

My personal experience is that psychs (and also so many medical doctors) are the most incompetent and most brutal people ever. It is not just the bad experiences that the real Ron and other made with them, but most of all my very own experience with them. I am certain that you can sing your own song about what monsters they are.

Below picture is copyrighted. If the owner object having it on my (non-financial) site (not asking for donations) site, I will remove it. This drawing might look over the top to some, but inside, these Doc Dorian Greys are like this and worse.


Psychs (those who call themselves now neuroscientists) “studied” (Milgram study) the basis of “I was just following orders” excuse that the Nazis used to get away without being penalized for their atrocities. They came up with “Milgram’s  lab studies reported widespread obedience to an instruction to harm, suggesting that social coercion may alter mechanisms of voluntary agency, and hence abolish the normal experience of being in control of one’s own actions”

Notice how careful these “scientists” are expressing themselves “suggests” and “may” as what they are doing is no science. They call themselves scientists but what they are doing is no science. They didn’t apply the tonescale, which proves that CERTAIN people do CERTAIN things. So, if all they got are lowtone people, they just are getting lowtone results. And who else participates in such experients but lowtone people?

Psychs ignore the tonescale as they are themselves on the button of this scale.

An uptone person does NOT follow orders to conduct inhuman acts, it doesn’t matter who orders it. If an uptone person can’t change the environment, she leaves and tries to change everything from outside of this environment. Scientology Code of Honor also says that one’s self-determinism and honor is more important than one’s immediate life. Nobody wants to be tortured, but if an uptone person is asked to give up its uptone personality to become a monster, that person says: “I don’t do it. Kill me, if you must, but I won’t become like you. I despise you from the bottom of my heart. I rather be killed than become one of you. Period.” An uptone person clenches her teeth, sends an urgent request to God to help to make the end quick and that’s how little an  uptone person works for monsters. 





In the original Milgram lab, psychs were ordered to give fake electric shocks to another participant in an adjacent room but the people didn’t knew that they were fake and that the patient was an actor, but 2/3 of all shocker continued administering what they thought were shocks of up to 450 volts,  despite the actor cried out in pain and seemed to fall unconscious.

The brutal people who gave the shocks were PSYCHS OR NEUROSCIENTISTS.  Also, those shocks were given in the 60s with the Nazis officially defeated. That means, nobody threatened their own lives. They could have declined easily but they didn’t because monsters, they are.

And they did some more recent tests with shocks and money. Whoever agreed to these tests was right from the start already a degraded. An uptone person would have said: “Are you crazy, doc? I don’t participate in greedy brutality like that.” Again, the greedy people who showed no humanity ARE THE PSYCHS AND NEUROSCIENTISTS!


People do horrible things when they are low on the tonescale, and they are wonderful when they are up the tonescale. Unfortunately, they are many more downtone than uptone people. And by defaming Scientology, they are stopping themselves using those scientific data to come up with scientific results.   

I am so unimpressed by these people, Marty. They haven’t changed in thousands of years, and I don’t even want to be in the same universe with them. 

You are my everything. You are my kind. Looking at these experiments and results, it is very clear how different we are. They couldn’t have paid us to participate.

Be kissed and tenderly embraced.

Yours forever,





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