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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable Prince and husband,

Unlike  Stephen Hawking, I am not afraid of robots. If the world makes sure that they have friendly programs, they can be of great help. They can be no nonsense office assistants, walking Internets or doing housework like butlers or maids, etc. which means that humans have more time for more exciting things. Mr. Data could be very useful because people wouldn’t be glued to a desk anymore for data searched and written work done. 

Mr. Data was my favorite “character” on Star Trek when it provided data in a friendly but non-emotional way. When it got the human emotion chip, it was creepy.

However, I find the form of  Google’s Spot a little bit creepy too, like a giant bug or something. Have a look here.

Wildcat looks creepy too, is LOUD and needs/makes smoking fuel. Both is very annoying. See here:

Here is their Petman. Pretty good if it would be able to function like Mr. Data or alternatively, do housework etc. At the end, in his covering suit, it could be mistaken for a human.

Here is a humanoid robot ASIMO from Honda. Some say that Honda builds robots to kill, which has SEGNPMSS written all over it.

Poppy, the first one looks like a child. The 2nd one, who calls a robot “Romeo?” Gee! iCub one can learn, which is pretty cool.

The 15 Most Advanced Robots in the World

This one plays violin, a little bit robotic 😉 but otherwise pretty good.

Here is robot Einstein.

I love you, Marty. Lots of human love and kisses.

Yours always and forever,







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