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The gigantic two level underground structure near the Hawara pyramid

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and Prince of my heart,

Many historic underground structures were built for reason of defense against brutal people and also to prevent aging. As nice as it feels when the sun comes out after a long winter, the sun, UV rays, and other aspects of the unprotected surface of the Earth age and make sick as you know.

Near the Hawara pyramid is a gigantic 2 level underground structure. Current German-controlled “science” “explains” any historic structure that served SURVIVAL as burial grounds. I see clearly different purposes when looking at the pyramids, certain other buildings and underground structures.

There is also something else that I noticed: many of the “discovery” of ancient buildings and treasures/inventions were/are made by Germans. How come? Simple: SEGNPMSS wants Germany and Germans to get the credit for finding these places as SEGNPMSS is very German in the hard-core. They think that it lifts them up when the world population think that their nation/race is superior even if they basically know that they are anything but.  SEGNPMSS knows exactly were these places are as they killed the people who built them. These SPs landed on this planet, and that’s the reason why so many defense buildings were constructed on Earth in the first place. They were also the people who killed the original Europeans.  So, easy for them sending German or European dudes via their implants to places to make the “actual discovery”.

Another example is the discovery of what people believe is Troy near Greece. German Schliemann, the  “modern discoverer” destroyed more of the site than reconstructing it. The remote-controlled idiot dressed his wife up as Helen. Troy is spelled Treu in German, and it means Loyal. Helen could have been kidnapped because she was loyal, and jealous people don’t like loyal. I read somewhere that a high US official said that he doubt that beauty (the face that launched a thousand ships) is motivation enough to fight a war. Husband and family wanted her back. True love is stronger than anything. This site is just 5 acres. Seemed more like a residency than a huge kingdom, although it had walls surrounding a much larger area. There must have been traitors inside of Troy allowing the wooden horse inside while anyone decent and smart wasn’t on watch. Knowing the SEGNPMSS, Homer’s writings were also altered as that is what they notoriously do.

Some of these SPs and Earth invaders might still have their bodies and memories from thousands of years ago. And their bad consciences too. We don’t want it on our conscience what they did, Marty. They stole the technology how to survive with a human body and prevent aging, sickness, and dying, and the monsters kept it from the entire world population while we did all trying to give it to them! In average of up to 78 years or less, they kill billions of people. Spiritually, these SPs are doomed. They will self-destruct. Nobody has a happy life with that kind of burden on the conscience even by trying to stick their heads as deeply into the sand as possible and pretend being advanced, educated and better. They are kidding themselves.

They also sabotage access for international researchers thinking that the world is not yet mind-controlled enough to buy everything the SEGNPMSS wants to sell, so they have ear-implant carriers (any nationals) building canals and flood entrances, etc. to prevent access  The German-controlled Egyptian authorities assist/ed German secret services enormously by claiming that Hawara is a burial ground, when in fact, this structure rather served as school for lectures, place of worship (in the center), and living quarters and also to grow food underground.  

A German by the name of Kirchner made this chart of the Hawara underground based on Greek writings.   


Herodotus (5th c. BC)  described 2460 years ago (if I calculated that properly) the sub-structure of Egypt as the first one: It has twelve courts covered in, with gates facing one another, six upon the north side and six upon the south, joining on one to another, and the same wall surrounds them all outside; and there are in it two kinds of chambers, the one kind below the ground and the other above upon these, three thousand in number, of each kind fifteen hundred. The upper set of chambers we ourselves saw;… but the chambers underground we heard about only… For the passages through the chambers, and the goings this way and that way through the courts, which were admirably adorned, afforded endless matter for marvel, as we went through from a court to the chambers beyond it, and from the chambers to colonnades, and from the colonnades to other rooms, and then from the chambers again to other courts. Over the whole of these is a roof made of stone like the walls; and the walls are covered with figures carved upon them, each court being surrounded with pillars of white stone fitted together most perfectly; and at the end of the labyrinth, by the corner of it, there is a pyramid of forty fathoms, upon which large figures are carved, and to this there is a way made under ground. Such is this labyrinth.

Here is a PDF about geophysical studies of the place:

Again, SEGNPMSS rewrites or alters any scripture on the planet. A couple of other writers also wrote about this place and they provided different explanations. One wrote that it was a place to worship the sun. He couldn’t get it more wrong. Nobody builds an underground structure to worship the sun but rather to get away from the problems that it causes.    

The only way to reconstruct history imo would be auditing without the possibility of ear-implants sabotaging the PC with loud and silent sounds. If the PCs independently describe how it was and if archaeologists find evidence to support what they were saying in auditing, lots of riddles will be solved. 

This seems to be just the upper floor of the over 100 acre site:


It all boils down to that the invaders of Earth killed the architects, students, and residents in historic structures. If somebody discovers skeletons, they say, sure, it was a burial ground. For thousands of years, they keep from mainstream that humans don’t have to age, getting sick and die under proper conditions. And why? Because they are suppressive. They are monsters. And they are stupid too, because it is just a matter of time until they all end up in the same trap of birth, aging, disease, and dying. From all IQs on the planet, the SEGNPMSS hardcore people have the lowest one can find. They don’t even get when they work against their own survival. Exactly, one can’t top this kind of stupidity. The only way to preventing oneself stepping in a trap if there is no trap for anyone. 

Here is an animated  video about this underground structure, except that it seems also fell for the German-initiated falsehood of burial ground.  

Interestingly, on the way from the Giza plateau to the Hawara pyramid area is a huge Salt Lake (Moeris) that could have stretched once all the way to Giza.

The two structures are not connected, which means that this was a preventative measure. I am convinced that there is a hidden connection between the levels. If one level is invaded by the monsters, there is another level to hide out until the scum is gone.

They are trying to answer why the underground rooms were so huge

Besides a school, lecture hall, and residential rooms, I am convinced that chambers like that were used to grow vegetables, fruits and prepare and store it.

Many people aren’t that interested in history as they think it is just about some dead people. Once they discover that they are some of these dead people, they will look at history and archaeology in a very different light.  

Canadian archaeologist Dr. Boulter appears to believe that she lived before this life.

What I know for sure, Marty, that we both share a timetrack as close as possible. I bet there was no lifetime that we didn’t share in some kind of relation. And always helping each other. Those who are trying to disconnect us don’t even scratch the surface what they are up against: soulmates. They do exists and recognize each other.

I love you, my hero,

Yours forever,






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