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American Indians (Hopewell Culture) – the Lost Tribe of Israel…

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking hero and amazing Prince,

How are you? I miss you 7/24/365. I make following claim: people who want to cuddle with each other move mountains. We want to be back together and nobody can prevent this. 

Marty, I always wondered why there are incredible architectural structures in for example South America, North Africa, the Middle East, etc. but why not in North America?

When I started looking deeper into the ancient past of North America (the very ground we stand on), I made a startling discovery, something that is rather unknown to most people about the North American past.

What we generally know is that many Indian tribes lived in tepees and wandered over the prairie. But this wasn’t for all always so. The gypsies were nomads because they were persecuted, so they wandered from place to place to have some peace. The same could have applied to the Indian after their Hopewell culture was destroyed, long before the “discovery” of America by the Spaniards or the Vikings. (What needs to be investigated is who destroyed them, and we know where to point the finger, Marty.)  Again, I don’t think that the mounts were built as burial grounds but rather served the living. If they found bones inside, then because the people inside were killed or bones were placed inside later to make it look like a burial ground. 


Germany’s secret service psychiatrists (since ever) implanted ear-implants in Americans like in any other nation on Earth to control them.  That’s why the American archaeology doesn’t come forward with the real story of North America. Most Americans don’t know about it. I think that you know about this, Marty. 

There was the Hopewell Culture in the USA. It is reported that the DNA of the today American Indians shows a relation to the Hopewell Culture. The Hopewell Indian DNA came probably 40.000 years ago from the Middle East.

One third of North America was apparently the living and trading ground for this ADVANCED civilization. Europeans said that Indians could not write or read. Not true for the Hopewell Culture. They found writing tablets in the pyramid-like underground buildings (mounts) of the Hopewell culture. They could read and write. 

Apparently, they knew as well that they have to protect themselves from attacks of hostile people landing and from aging on the surface of the Earth, so they build Earth structures that looked like mounts. Their ancient mounts were gigantic and architectonic very advanced but many were destroyed by the Europeans who came to America with their German-ear implants. SEGNPMSS doesn’t want the true history of the USA or the world known. The “US”-government didn’t protect the heritage because of their German- controlled ear implants.  Much of the Hopewell artifacts seem to be in museum’s backrooms, never seen by the public.



The Hopewell was an advanced culture that not just traded within North America but apparently with other parts of the world. Artifacts were found that indicate that they sailed the oceans and traded, thousands of years before any (alleged or real) Columbus or Viking visit. 

They found an ancient burial ground in North America, with artifacts in the coffin, which indicates that the American Indians came from a Hebrew/Phoenician line. That explains racism against the American Indian by German-controlled Europeans in the USA and the defamation of  the Indians as “savages”.

These experts on American History came to the conclusion that the American-Indians came from Hebrew roots. What a small world it is. 

Here is a very interesting video about Hopewell culture:

Never-ending love. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,












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