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Like the Anasazi, the Freemont Culture disappeared mysteriously too, approx. 800 years ago. What horrible things happened in North America around that time?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, I am thinking of you.

If I wouldn’t have the ability to figure out what’s behind your disappearance, a doppelganger taking over your life, and a planet conspiring against that we are getting hold of each other again, it would be the biggest mystery of the universe. But this conspiracy is what the doctors order, and idiots never know when to quit walking the wrong path and when they lost. 

Now about the Freemont Indians:

This is a horrible planet and cultures were eradicated by the evil that was and is still going around. Some of today’s people hope that they migrated into other culture (without having evidence). Maybe some Indians have escaped but their peaceful cultures suddenly ended, and the monsters behind this shouldn’t get away. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was.

 The American Indians might be very well Israel’s lost tribe.  That explain the motivation even more, why German barbers and butchers tried to eradicate them.  Like the Anasazi, the Fremont Indians also disappeared mysteriously. These two cultures lived during the same time period and were friends and had no apparent enemies, except…  

As I wrote before, Marty, I’m sure that I figured it out:  barbers and butchers (these days they call themselves psychiatrists or neuro-scientists, etc.) came over from Europe much earlier than history recorded. They knew how to hypnotize. They kidnapped a few Indians, blocked their access to their own analytical minds and self-determination and sent them back to the Indian villages to attack their own until no one was left who didn’t flee in time.   

And nothing has changed. Today they kidnap Middle Easterners (and also any other nationals) and turn them into Manchurian Candidates. SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of religions for very low reasons. So, they pin bad reputations on religions, but psychs are behind the mind-control of people who commit atrocities and other crimes in the name of religions. That’s also why they ordered the merger between Scientology and Nation of Islam. To outlaw Scientology together with Islam. You figured it too, Marty, I know.

I learned about Range Creek in Utah and about the many artifacts of the Freemont Indians that are still to be discovered.  

The Fremont apparently were artists and successful farmers in the desert. It is horrible that the barber and butcher has to destroy everything he is jealous of. The Fremont Indians did built granaries very high up in dangerous rock walls. If there were no sudden enemies, why going through these drastic measures? That’s why: human beings were turned into Manchurian candidates, basically in some sort of Walking Death, and they attacked the rest.

Barbers and butchers, the later psychs, and medical doctors are anything but secrets to us. The only reason why they were not busted is because they control people with ear-implants to do as they say. What a trap.

I love you, Marty. Many passionate and tender kisses. Loving you was the right thing to do, besides, I had no other choice. You are irresistible.  

Always at your side.












Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior (aka 5 other persons) wants to cash in on the anti-Scientology resentment….

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and amazing Prince,
How are you? I am thinking of you and wish you were right with me. If there are some days of my life that I want to live again (and over and over again), those are the days when I met you or were with you, Marty. Those were the heavenly days.  What makes the conspiring apes of this planet believe that they have rights but we don’t?   I despise these hypocrites.

In the bible, even if just a story, David defeated Goliath. But David Miscavige will not win. We, you and I, we will defeat Goliath, which is Germany and psychiatry and how they run the world secretly with their ear-implant cult. One reason why they ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology: original Scientology explained what a trap this cult is that installs tiny ear implants into people and even animals and runs them robotic with loud and silent commands to commit crimes and sucks away intelligence and decency.    

As anyone can verify, the father of David Miscavige, Ronald Miscavige is a liar, using 5 aliases to mislead police. What dummy (except Tony Ortega and his retarded Bunker followers) believes this man writes the truth? Did St. Martin Press or the media ever research Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior? These so-called professionals are so unprofessional.   

Ron Seniors’ son, David Miscavige, is very much responsible for the anti-Scientology resentment, because no matter what he says, he isn’t a Scientologist, just like his father or some other members from the Miscavige family ARE NONE. DM’s twin sister added to the bad headlines against Scientology. The entire Miscavige family has set up against Scientology written all over them.  

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige (DM or HIS COBNESS) knows that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who are secret service agents. As you know, the man who left Scientology to DM was NOT the founder but “Jack Vistaril” his impostor who worked for the CIA and Germany and altered Scientology. Some original Scientology by the real founder is still left in Scientology but the cult-stuff that was added IS TYPICALLY GERMAN! And other most vital data disappeared completely from Scientology. 

Above information is about DM’s father Ron Miscavige. While infiltrating Scientology, Ron Miscavige used five aliases for dealing with the police! This is so dishonest, cowardly and non-Scientology!

I learned that the latter four names that  Ron Miscavige Senior hid behind and gave to police were the names of real people in Scientology Int. As his son had taken over Scientology,  Ron Miscavige Senior apparently decided that his bad record should become those of his son’s subjects. This is so non-Scientology. My stomach turns how the Miscaviges pervert Scientology!  Scribbling “memoirs” to get in the good graces of people, doesn’t wipe out what the man did.   

Another piece of info that one can find online: In 1985Ron Miscavige Senior was accused by a minor girl of attempted rape charges. When the tables turn, I’ll look in this again, and DM better hasn’t used Scientology funds to pay lawyers for his nightmare of a dad and to make this go away.

These days, Ron Miscavige Senior complains that his son “spied on him”. Duh! They are all agents and no Scientologists, of course they spy on each other. Ron Miscavige Senior has nobody to blame but himself. Both, father and son supported “Jack Vistaril” the CIA/German double agent who is not the founder of Scientology, and THEY KNEW IT FROM THE START.

I bet that book that he published in St. Martin’s press is about that HIS COBNESS was such a good kid and that Scientology made him the way he is now. Yeah right. Nothing further from the truth. What kind of “Scientologists” are the Miscaviges anyway? After all, they CONSPIRE against the real founder of Scientology and his family!

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige were around in the UK when the real founder Ron lectured. They both know very well that Jack Vistaril’s Scientology (that they promoted later) is NOT the founder’s Scientology. They are not smart enough to recognize that hiding original Scientology and promoting Vistarology or Miscavology instead isn’t good for them either. Dummies!

I bet that they were there in the UK when we both married, Marty. And of course, they didn’t say anything, just as Germany’s secret services orders.    

DM was never on the side of the founder. All he does is promoting the impostor’s crap and adding his own Miscavige crap to Scientology. Miscavige violates original Scientology, behaves like the non-Scientologist that he is and upsets his hired agents. They break away and attack Scientology from the outside, and the world HAS NO CLUE AS TO WHAT SCIENTOLOGY REALLY IS AND WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON.

You know their mechanism, Marty, after all, DM replaced you with an impostor too and Mike Rinder must have helped him. They hired Monique’s husband (back then nobody’s husband, but briefly later Ceray’s husband, then Anne’s husband, and now Monique’s husband). They were the right and left hand of David Miscavige, and what a “surprise”, it turned out that Rinder and your impostor are no Scientologists after all. If you ask me, they blew their own cover lastest by attacking Scientology.

DM is carved from the same non-Scientologist but agent material. After years being at each others throats, also in the legal arena, they still conspire together by keeping from the world that Monique’s husband was/is a hired impostor and was never a Scientologist.

What gives DM constantly away as non-Scientologist: he puts non-Scientologists in high places (Rinder and your impostor, two non-Scientologists, were his right and left hand!) and that is why Scientology is maneuvered into the ground. They work right into the hands of the outside attackers.

Instead of explaining original Scientology to mainstream of all races, David Miscavige merged Scientology with the anti-Semitic German-oriented cult of Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, which tries to overtake Scientology. I still have a bad feeling about this, Marty. DM and the other Miscavologists are no OTs. They claim to be but they are not. They can’t sense as we can. Their spiritual abilities are incapacitated by their dirty agent activities.   

His Cobness can’t explain original Scientology to anyone, not even members of his own family, because he hasn’t understood it himself. And son like father. Ron Miscavige Senior failed miserably, but for DM it isn’t an excuse. RB was a horrible parent, so I raised myself to become person that I am today. And original Scientology and the real Ron’s wisdom helped me greatly, even if RB, her beloved Germany, psychiatrists, and their same disgusting agents tried to deny this right of studying Scientology to me. These bastards!

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Our love is a rock. Another thing that those who conspire against us never counted with. They just can’t kill our love. Not even with impostors. Lol. It is impossible to fool real OTs. 🙂

Yours forever and always at your site,


I want to hear you sing this song soon, Marty, but no longer on borrowed time. Instead forever heavenly days! We’ll never settle for anything less.




Donald Trump (not endorsed by me)

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and remarkable Prince,

Some Germans might write articles that are not flattering about Trump. And he makes once in a while a statement that sounds as if he is critical of Germany. He doesn’t think Germany is the problem. Just like German secret services want, he thinks the migrants, immigrants, Muslims, etc. are the problem. He is a very superficial thinker. 

Trump is exactly what Germany’s secret service psychs order for the USA. He is proud that his ancestors are from Germany.  (Goodness! If I would be German, I would search for my Jewish roots until I found them!) “US-President Trump” would be very German-friendly. Not the man who busts the SEGNPMSS and saves the US and the rest of the world from its slavery.

His daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism.  I’m not implying that she doesn’t love her husband or converted to Judaism to help her father in the political arena. However, it fits perfectly in the German plans for the coming years. The men behind Germany think that it is time to build again a right-extreme Germany, and Europe, and take over the rest of the world. With that Jewish connection he can help the pro-German plans and at the same time pours sand into the eyes of Jews and other religious people/races. 

People who vote for Trump don’t lift curtains and look behind when they are “thinking”.   

Numerous people in Russia don’t get either why German secret services want Trump to win. Merkel was a stepping stone, Obama was a very German-friendly stepping stone too. And Trump, by being very extreme, and the foreigner- races- and religion-hating parties in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, will go hand in hand until the next stepping  stones, even more extreme leaders that will assist Germany to the final victory. And the Nazis will come back and Trump’s grandchildren  who are Jewish might not even be safe. I bet Trump doesn’t see it coming.

Trump misses entirely that psychiatrists condition “suicide terrorists” into to becoming monsters. By blaming Islam, immigrants, and foreigners, instead of the psychs, he is one stupid dude.

Sure, I also don’t see the other candidates figuring why, how, and stopping it, but Trump “talented”? (Give me a break, Mr. Putin!) The USA will not win under Trump and Russia neither. 

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson endorses Trump who is known for this sexist and racist viewpoints. He is a psych, I am not surprised. 

Trump’s remarks about women shows how superficial he is. He thinks only skin-deep. Doesn’t Trump take also support from White Supremacists? How German! How deep can one sink? Doesn’t a proverb say: “Show me who your friends are and I am telling you, who you are.”

SEGNPMSS is sending loud and silent sounds in the ear-implants of Americans to vote for Trump. What “democracy” is that anyway with people being run through ear-implants and being told and manipulated into voting for one who suits Germany’s secret take-over-the-world-plans the best?

Republicans should dump him. He is not good for the USA and the world. He won’t make it as Independent. With his racial ideas, he is ruining the reputation of the GOP. I wonder also, does the GOP know that Germany founded a Nazi party that they call The Republicans? 

I am not impressed by Trump’s business “skills”, deals, and some line of work either. Never wasted time to see his reality show. His beauty pageants exploit women’s bodies. Gambling ruins lives. And so on…

Unpresidential Trump made hundreds of millions in debt, didn’t he? He sued the Deutsche Bank once, but I sense an alibi behavior as he continued to make business with this bank.

His extreme plans for the USA will benefit Germany’s racial ideas and take-over plans like no other.  

And what makes him think that he can run the USA? The USA needs a thinker, not a gambler. It needs you, Marty. What class you have compared to this primitive man… 

I love you. 

Be kissed, and I am going nowhere. I want to see you again, because you are the love of my life.

Yours forever,





The Ancient Pueblo People (also called Anasazi) disappeared 800 years ago – and my intuition as to what happened

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I miss you like – well, there is no comparison. That’s how much I miss you.

Did I ever tell you that I never had a class about North American history in the German school that I was forced to visit? Short before the curriculum was scheduled to take up America, the school was simply merged with another one, and it resulted in that a class was omitted for me.  First is was a Catholic school, then it was a Lutheran one but both Bavarian state-approved. All of American history was skipped. They didn’t want me to learn about it. Idiots, because making me skip that class made me more suspicious than if then would have fed me with general American history, which also doesn’t tell the true or complete story of  America. (And my English teacher was ALWAYS sick and in all of Bavaria, no substitute English teacher was found. Yeah, that’s Germany/Bavaria, those who still want to take over the world.)

 So, I learned on my own. And also very much with the help of Scientology. The haters can say what they want. You and me and quite some others know the value of original Scientology. 

People in general think that Columbus was the one who discovered America. Some others learned that the Vikings, Leif Eriksson, “discovered” it 500 years earlier. Some say that there is some evidence that the Vikings were in America 3000 years ago. Very likely possible, but the Europeans were no good for the Indians. They were no longer the old successful and peaceful Europeans but those SPs who landed on this planet 4500-6000 years ago. That is what I think. A TYPICAL characteristic for a monster German is hiding behind other nationals. If what they are doing will be busted, these other nationals should get the wrath instead of them. They are the most brutal people but also the biggest cowards imaginable. During the 3rd Reich, they showed their real faces, but the atrocities before and afterwards, they often committed and still commit by using other countries and nationals as shields.

A strong America is what they by all mean want to prevent. How to convince others that Indians in North and South America are “savages”? They kidnapped (or ordered them kidnapped) some Indians and hypnotized them to do monstrous acts. What I am saying is that I am convinced that they worked with their mind-control techniques on the North and South American Indians and that this is the reason why suddenly some turned into violent people and even cannibals.

There is a peaceful and advanced Indian community, and suddenly, some of their own are turned into zombies by these barbers and butchers. (We also know them as psychs.)      

American Indian could be very well the descendants  of the Lost Tribe of Israel. Highly advanced peaceful cultures in North America that traded with the entire world. Archaeological findings confirm that. The hatred by Germans against Jews is broadly known. I think that those who took over Europe approx. 4500-6000 years ago (Germans, particularly the Bavarians monsters) knew that the American Indian came from Jewish roots. That might be an additional reason for these monsters to exterminate the American Indians. 

A Kiva. I learned that is means “World Below”.  Interesting architecture, isn’t it?


Horrible things happened not just to the old Europeans whose DNA was completely replaced by new DNA 4500 years ago. Some Indian tribes disappeared completely too without having enemies according to history. One example are the Anasazi, the Ancient Pueblo People. I am sure you know a lot more about American history than me, Marty, but I am constantly learning and puzzling things together. The name Anasazi means “enemy ancestors”, which is odd, surely no name the Ancient Pueblo People gave themselves but is rather an insult. It also can be looked at differently: ancestors that were eliminated by the aliens, foreigners, and enemies.

On one or more Viking ships (1000 or even 3000 years ago), there could have been a few barbers and butchers who knew how to hypnotize. Germany/Bavaria has the largest concentrations of SPs on the planet. They either sailed with the Vikings or separately. I bet the Vikings had ear-implants and German/Bavarian butchers and barbers controlled them. Radio is a very simple technology, and if modern people wouldn’t have ear implants too, archaeologists  would have discovered probably metallic tiny receivers in ancient skeletons. I assume they used metal back then and not silicone as today for these implants.

These barbers and butchers had some American Indians kidnapped, hypnotized, implanted them, and stripped them off their personalities and free will, of their knowledge of right and wrong, decency, and their conscience, and turned them into killers and cannibals. Walking death, walking monsters that suddenly attacked their own… And how I know these mind-controllers, they are so low to find that amusing. 

I know these monstrous barber and butcher personalities, Marty, and they are still around and responsible for the Nazi atrocities and today’s terror and crimes. I recognize their brutal handwriting all over history and very much so in the history of the American Indians in North America and South America. Decent civilizations suddenly were destroyed and the evidence shows that some suddenly turned against their own kind. And I claim that all of these horrible events STINK after covert doings of German/Bavarian mind-controllers. And they hid behind other nations (Swedes, Spaniards, etc.) and they are still hiding behind other nations in our modern times (Daesh, Al Queda, Boko Haram, you name it).


Before something went horribly wrong with the Ancient Pueblo People as you know. Once  at home in the four Corners of  Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, suddenly 30,000 people leave their homes, which they occupied since 1500 B.C. If that isn’t weird. They knew droughts for a thousand years, and that’s for sure not why they left.  They left approx. around 1200 their Chaco Canyon’s Pueblo Bonito, 5 levels tall, 800 rooms. (Top picture is a computer reconstruction.) And they move  high into the cliffs. Some say that they did this to get closer to water, but my intuition tells me that they had to flee from genocide, just like so many before and after them.

They fled and they built their structures artfully into the rocks. But they disappeared from there in just some decades too. If the reason for leaving the four corners was drought, why did they suddenly leave the rock walls and the available water there too?  


The Inca too moved high up in the Andes in very hard to reach places, and there is no other reasons to do so than for reasons of defense. IMO, they avoided being eliminated for a while but Germany (particularly Bavaria) used the Spaniard to get them (and their gold) after all. And there is always kidnapping and making enemies on the inside. Evil was and still is going around on this planet.

What puzzles Indians and researchers is that the Ancient Pueblo People had no apparent enemies back then. Bones found indicate that there was suddenly violence and even cannibalism. Many descendants of  Ancient Pueblo People of today reject that idea. Indians considered cannibalism sin or insanity. How can an advanced civilization suddenly turn into cannibals and kill each other? As you know, Marty, there is such a thing as ancient hypnosis, and I don’t think the Greeks started it but German butchers and barbers. Just a handful coming from Europe might have kidnapped some Ancient Pueblo People, hypnotized them to become cannibals, implanted them, cut their consciousness off and turned them loose against their own people. This is was I strongly feel has happened (also with the Mayas, Aztecs, and others). And the same horrible practice is still used today: the making of terrorists and other criminals. 

And typically for religion or philosophy-hating psychiatrists today: they try to blame the Indians’ religions on “rituals” and cannibalism. It wasn’t the Great Spirit who told some of them to become cannibals. The lowest of low mindset and having joy when utmost brutality happens to others, is typical for Europe’s barbers and butchers. And they “developed”  (some development) into psychiatrists and medical doctors. Either they managed not to die (based on technology that they stole and keep from the world) or they died and came back born in new bodies. Even if they don’t have access to their memories anymore, these people have a tendency to keep working in the same horrible “industry” (mind-control, hypnosis, psychiatry, medicine,  drugs, pharmacy, etc.)         

Evil stuck around and who knows how many Indians were hypnotized and implanted  and turned against other Indians since warfare and “conflict” became a lot more common in the centuries that followed. European evil. Monsters, they are, hidden and cowardly. So bad that people of today still become the victims of them and don’t have the courage to talk about and stop them. Controlled through ear-implants. What a hell.   

Some say that the Ancient Pueblo People didn’t disappear but migrated into other nations. Some of those who were lucky to survive and flee maybe. But what about the violence on the skeletons and the cannibalism marks on the bones? What about the defense buildings 1000 foot tall in the mountains? Who would bring their children and elderly there if not in big problems? Advanced civilizations “had to go” because jealous barbers and butchers plotted against them. A very old and sad song. I said it a couple of times: if these mind-controllers would have invested the time in bettering themselves instead in bringing others down and holding them down, they would be someone today and not ashamed of themselves deep inside. And it doesn’t matter when they committed the high crimes against other nationals or even their own (30 year war), it will come back to haunt them. We know how to find ancient criminals. It is all recorded inside of them. They can’t destroy that evidence. That’s eternal evidence. Stays there forever. The joke is on them.        

I gotta go for today, Marty. I love you. Be sure of this.

Always yours,


Music from a little more South:


The basic theoretical principles governing the universe are violated because the deep universe is a SEGNPMSS projection

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent Prince and soulmate,  

My thoughts are with you. Wish I would know what to do to get closer to you and end your wrongful incarceration.  What kind of animals are that anyway who incarcerate and conspire against an innocent person? If they are allowed to call themselves humans, we sure are something very better, Marty. 

I came across the Oxford Journals, the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, published last summer. Without a telescope, these numbers have to be taken at face value but the most important thing becomes clear:  They “discovered” a clustered ring  with galaxies, approx. 7 billion light-years away from Earth. That ring is so huge that some astronomers say that it violates the basic theoretical principles governing the universe. The ring CONTRADICTS the CP (cosmological principle), and they add that the physical mechanism  for causing this it is unknown.

Unknown? Everyone in this planet is familiar with the German ruthlessness to take over the world (and the universe).  The clustered ring  with galaxies that violates the CP is a program error from the SEGNPMSS in charge for the projection of a fake deep universe. (They don’t want us to see the deep universe as they want all aliens to be Nazis before we get a chance to meet them and tell them about Germany, its psychs, doctors and the Nazis.)

And it isn’t the only error, considering that “peculiar” galaxies are nothing new.

Yet, most cosmologists acts as they are not there. And that is called science.

Halton Arp discovered many of these. He was forbidden telescope time by the German-controlled USA, but he moved to Germany of all places. I assume that Germany hired him for alibi reasons. If a fake deep universe ever becomes mainstream info, they want to say that it is the USA who is behind the fake universe as they denied Arp telescope time, etc. As far as I know, Arp never claimed that the deep universe is fake, but he was right noticing odd things in “space” and that the Bing Bang Theory doesn’t hold up.

He found that galaxies with very different redshifts very far away from us. He said, that redshifts were not always an indication of distance but could be caused by other, unknown physics. He doubted that the distance in the universe can be properly measured by redshifts. 

Yeah, we know what it is, Marty: computer error by the German dupes who computer-project the deep far universe to fool the world. The world is so mind-controlled. If they would project a Mickey Mouse head as a galaxy 10 billion light years away from us, many “scientists” still would think it isn’t fake. And those who figured that it is fake apparently don’t have the courage to speak about it.

Not one review as of today. Who reads his books?

Arp received one German price, however, Arp didn’t come far in Germany, considering that most so-called educated people today still believe that a Big Bang created the universe from a dense hot spot without explaining how a hot spot can come from nothing. As far as I know, HE WORKED FOR FREE for the Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. First they use German-controlled ear implants in America to sabotage his work and then he may lecture for free for Germany. Oh man!

I checked the website of the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. They refer to the Urknall (Big Bang) as start of the universe. What was it good working for free at the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik if Germany (of course not) didn’t truly advance his findings? 

This is what the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote about Dr. Halton Arp: Für die meisten Kollegen ist er deshalb ein Spinner: Halton Arp, der letzte Gegner des Urknalls. (For most colleagues, he is a weirdo: Halton Arp, the last opponent of the Big Bang.) So, did Germany anything good for him? He showed the students of the  Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik in Garching decades ago pictures of these strange galaxies. I read that after the person who invited him to be an unpaid speaker for Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik retired, others of the institute tried to kick him out.  

He also discovered unusually bright objects – so-called quasars – next to ordinary galaxies. He claimed that both are in the same immediate cosmic neighborhood. However, according to the big bang theory, quasars are at the edge of the visible universe, and their apparent neighbors are millions of light years closer to us.

That means, something is wrong with the deep universe. (Yeah, it’s freaking German-fake!) 

I believe that Arp was criticized that his pictures were just two-dimensional. But everything in the deep universe is two-dimensional, as it is just a projection. One can’t see the depths as there isn’t any true depth. It is a freaking hologram. 

Arp explained the different red-shifts in alteration of atoms, that they become more heavy and change. A theoretical physicists named Jayant Narlikar came up with theory.  They all failed to speak it out: fake, fake, fake the far universe projection is fake!

Arp died of pneumonia and was also otherwise ill. Knowing Germany, I am convinced it was just another remote-controlled germ murder of somebody they wanted to get rid of. All the problems that he had in the USA were caused by German-controlled ear implants in so-called Americans or others who immigrated to then USA. 

For us love is not just a word, Marty. It exists, and I am so glad that I know you. Your character caught my heart. The deep universe is a fake projection but our love is a true fact.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my hero.

Yours always and forever,


Look at this redshift 😉 Marty, love coming closer and closer to you not away from you.










The blinking bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres look like electricity to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince,
How are you?

Scientists say that the white spots are ice although they have no clue where the ice is coming from. These spots also change.

What do you think, Marty?

To me it looks like electricity. That’s also why these spots change. Sometimes lights are on, sometimes not.

More of Ceres’ surface. Seems that there are several of such stations/towns. I believe 130 such spots altogether. 


Most of the white spots appear to be in the 56 miles wide crater that was named Occator or something like it. It maybe has no magnetic field or no significant atmosphere, however, if they built a space station in the crater with a glass roof and create the atmosphere that they need within, humans can live just about anywhere.  

SEGNPMSS is in space since… since ages.

Here electricity on Earth in comparison, although not the same dimensions.


I love you. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


Astronauts may not say what they saw or heard because otherwise psychs would label them insane.

You and me, we understand what those noises are: SEGNPMSS is out there and NASA psychs cover for them.

Plant Mimosa Pudica loses conscienceness when put under anesthesia

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Dearest Marty, you are wonderful. I know so because I can read personalities. You allowed me to see your inner world. It is so rare and so magnificent. 

Long before others, Ron researched plants as you know. (German/CIA double agent impostor “Jack Vistaril” made a spectacle out of it by posing with tomato plants and the e-meter.)

Plants are all around us and most people don’t know really what they are or what that motion/energy is that was started once and comes back again and again. It is genius. The creation is postulated once, and in order not to do the same job over and over again, it is postulated to come back on its own. But also here, like with the creation of the human body, it is not just creation. Experimentation not by the creator were done to the creation and also some evolution happened to the creation. I can see all of that: creation, and then by others: experimentation/alteration/destruction, and evolution.  

Some thetans go into plants and probably stay there. Applies particularly to plants that are a mixture between plants and animals. Would bore me to tears but whatever rocks one’s boat. They are not the creators, they just inhibit, like thetans inhibiting human bodies but didn’t originally create them. They reproduce them. Like someone invented the copy machine and they are just pushing the button to make it go. 

However, it all boils down to that plants are a postulate. A capable being postulated plants and put a part of himself into nature. (Makes mowing the lawn brutal but my city would ticket the hell out of me if I wouldn’t mow my place.) 

That’s why we can see thetan characteristics in plant. Plants like music, they grow better when they feel love and even fear when pinched or burned. 

Altered Scientology (altered by the SEGNPMSS and their agents) describes the genetic entity, or GE, as some sort of low-grade “soul” (Ron didn’t use that term in SCN) that passes to a new body when the old one dies. According to my observations, there is nothing low-grade about the genius who postulated that pattern to create the continuation of human bodies or plants without the need to re-create each body from scratch.

These days I am thinking about how, from which direction (likely all) exactly this universe and its details (e.g. planets, human bodies, plants) were technically postulated. And was this universe created WITHIN the mighty creator thetan who offered it as playground for other thetans who (evidently) didn’t keep his ethical rules of decency and fairness?    

Ron worked with the e-meter to scientific explain what plants are. Long after he did it first, some others became interested.   

I think you know a lot about plants, Marty. One really interesting plant is the Mimosa Pudica. When it is touched, it closes the leaves. It doesn’t want to be touched. Here is a video of it.

Each one of these plants reacts like this. Does it means that a thetan is in each one of these plants? I rather think the original postulate of the creator in which he put a part of himself is shown more dramatically in some plants. Some researchers put anesthesia on a Mimosa Pudica and it went to sleep. Became unconscious like a thetan under anesthesia.

The best feeling in the universe is kissing you for the first time considering for how long I really wanted to kiss you. I love you, my heart throb. 

Yours always,


Love is all, very nice music, although I don’t like the “kill” lyrics. I noticed that when the music is good, the lyrics are often not entirely cool. When the lyrics are nice, the music often isn’t good. Did you notice this too?