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Shaking my head about the new “study” concerning alien contacts – Nazis in space is no fiction

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My brilliant Marty,

The way they are thinking is way off. They all heard that this planet is the home of quite an amount of people obsessed with taking over and ruling anything. Everyone heard of Germany’s past, yet, they think that Germany didn’t restrict the world’s view into space with a bogus fast universe projection? Uh-oh. 

In that new “study”, Earth “scientists” are looking for alien planets passing their sun, and they think that aliens do the same.

Listen to this: “But they [aliens] will have to deal with the same physical principles as we do, and Earth’s solar transits are an obvious method to detect us,” said study co-author René Heller of the Institute for Astrophysics in Göttingen, Germany.

Study? What study? 

Give me a break:

We (our corner of the universe) are cloaked and the alien planets are cloaked. Imo, Kepler and all other current telescopes are trash. We need 1) to dissolve Germany legally and arrest the lunatic psychs and Nazis behind it 2) We need telescopes that can look beyond the cloak.

However, I wouldn’t remove the cloak, because when German psychs feels that they can’t control this planet any longer, they will not hesitate involving Earth into star wars. (Heil ear-implants!)  

You and I know that numerous aliens already carry psychiatric ear-implants made in Germany. They, and if there are some not yet made into German-psychiatric controlled robots, see nothing but blackness or a gigantic black hole when looking into direction of the Earth. I know German psychs tricks. 

Nazis and the psychiatrists and medical doctors  in space is anything but fiction. And a German-controlled US-government and a German-controlled rest of the world allowed them to get away. Fools they are. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed my hero. In a way, they cloaked you too before my eyes and put a fake universe out there for me to see (Monique’s husband). Figuring Germany and its psychs is a piece of cake. Same pattern, same lousy set ups.  

Yours always,






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  1. The Nazi Rocketeers: Dreams of Space and Crimes of War (Stackpole Military History Series)


    March 1, 2016 at 12:35 pm

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