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Neo-Nazi party wins 14 parliament seats in Slovakia (heil German controlled ear-implants)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and magnificent Prince,

Neo-Nazi party wins 14 parliament seats in Slovakia (hail German controlled ear-implants). Shame on the world’s political analysts not figuring out or concealing that the psychiatrists behind Hitler are still at it and that they started the war in Syria to 1) get cheap workers for Germany [and Europe which soon should become nothing but Germany] to make it world power no. one; 2) to bring the Nazis back by psychiatric conditioning of some of the immigrants to act against women’s rights and even conduct terror, which is the justification to bring the Nazis back; 3) to give religion a bad rap (the psychs think by eliminating religion, they can eliminate their bad conscience and also that people are easier to control without people believing in a higher power than they are.

It is all in plain sight. 

The last news is that Russia is behind stoking refugee unrest in Germany to topple Merkel.

German-controlled ear-implants are in any nationals. Merkel will never be toppled if the SEGNPMSS doesn’t allow it. They put a Mutti-type woman on the highest German position to mislead the world into thinking that Germany is no longer fanatical and dangerous as it was. And for simple mind, it worked.

If one looks deeper, one discovers that Merkel only welcomes the refugees (from a Syrian war and other terror acts that Germany’s psychiatric secret services instigated and ordered and controlled from all sides thru ear implants) to make her precious (still very dangerous) Germany to become the richest nation on the planet and take over the world from this position. Her character becomes more clear by “inviting” multi-culture nationals by claiming before that multi-culture would be “a lie”. Germany consists of huge fat slimy snaky lie. Multi-culture does work among civilized and tolerant people who grant others the right to be. But Germany isn’t. It hasn’t changed.

As leader of the EU, Germany wants to take over Russia. In order to get it, they also control Russian nationals (like any other nationals on Earth) into playing right into Germany’s dirty hands. Maybe there is indeed a movement by Russia against Merkel, however, nothing that isn’t approved by the SEGNPMSS. It is them who want to topple Merkel. It is time for her to go, they think. She functioned well and by doing so, she prepared Germany and Europe for a  new “leader”, one that will lead Germany and Europe officially in a Neo-Nazi time.  

It is all in plain sight.

I bet you figured it too but shame on the world’s political analysts who don’t.

I love you. I’m so glad that you exist, Marty. On a planet as rotten as this, there is a light like you… A miracle.   

Yours always and forever,





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    • 1) Typical
      2) German psychs control ear implants of Daesh and bring the worst out in people
      3) Interesting but I am not surprised. German superiority makes them jail more foreigners than Germans
      4) Duh! How can somebody not know right from the start that one can’t go along with Nazi crimes? There is no excuse. Then they and others do the next wrong thing and then after that turns out to be rotten, there are again sorry. And again, and again. Gee, when do people start to think before they do bad things? It is so easy. One has to ask oneself just one question: Would I like this to be done to me? If not, DON’T DO IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
      5) No surprise. SEGNPMSS works full-time to get the Nazis back in Germany and Europe.
      6) Of course, ISIS (Daesh) behaves like the Nazis because they are run still existing German secret service psychs and Nazis
      7) German controlled ear-implants tell people who to vote for in the USA. Free world is an illusion.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 9, 2016 at 3:48 pm

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