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Political elections aren’t democratic (free)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious soulmate,

How are you? I think of you. I would give anything to learn your true whereabouts. 

Looks like we are getting an early spring. As nice as it sounds, it is also directly linked to a lot of work at my place. U+M+BF from Germany want to visit me this September.  F+M want to come too but F very sadly has to see MDs often.   

I know that you know of the ear-implants, Marty, and how the SEGNPMSS influences votes not just in Germany and Europe but all over the world. This includes also the USA. How to ruin the reputation of the USA even more than they already did? They look for stupid and cheap candidates and order with loud and silent sounds in the ear-implants of the voters for which bully, jerk, disgrace, racist or German-controlled idiot and by any means INEFFECTIVE president people should vote. What they love is how being the President or how a high official, judge, representative, or senator looks on their resumes but they don’t end the ear-implant conspiracy and slavery. (And it is. Most people don’t even know that they are manipulated with silent sounds transmitted to them, etc.) 

They are not like you who would create a new true American way of life in which anyone wins. The problem on this planet is that people trust the wrong people and bite the hands that truly are trying to help them. Sigh.

What’s true is that I love you, because you are you and you know that I can look right to the core of someone’s being. And yours is wonderful, true, strong, decent, loving, noble, and courageous. It is a miracle for this planet that you are here, Marty. Unfortunately, they kick the best with their dirty boots as orders by their secret masters: Germany’s psychiatric mind-controllers and still existing Nazis who have the overall say of what goes into ear-implants with loud and silent sounds. Sigh again. 

Proud and very glad to be your soulmate,

Yours always,




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    • 1) They cover up that German secret service p$ychiatrists are running anyone from DAESH (Isis). “….they (Germany) declined to give any details about the origins of the papers or the identities of the people named…” Very suspicious. They still try to protect their pro Daesh agents. “German officials declined to say how they had come in possession of the information…” Germany’s secret service are running Daesh with ear implants. Germany is Daesh/Isis! That is how they got the list.

      Germany is trying to sell to the world that they don’t run everyone with ear-implants, and this is a huge lie. What they are trying to do is saying: Well, yes, there are hundreds of Germans who support Isis but German secret service psychiatrists don’t run them. Yeah right. Pull my leg! BTW, Isis(Daesh) is typically German bureaucratic.

      2) If she would be able to turn back time just a few days, she would be one the most active anti-gun advocate in the country.

      3) Nazis walked on the Streets of Seattle and anywhere in the USA and all over the world because the SEGNPMSS, the German psychiatric Nazis secret service run them through ear implants, and nothing has changed.

      4) Germany embraces far-right leader because Merkel has fulfilled her role to make the world believe that Germany should be allowed on top of EU and isn’t to be feared anymore and humane. Fact is that Merkel worked right into the hand of the Neo-Nazis, and that was the German plan all along. They let Merkel tell migrants to Germany and Europe, SEGNPMSS conditions some of them to commit crimes so that Germany and Europe has a justification to bring the Nazis back. It is the easiest analysis I ever did.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 10, 2016 at 11:55 am

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