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Red Sea Rift

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Dearest Marty,  one of a kind Prince and wonderful husband,

There seems to be a huge rift under the Red Sea that covers nine countries.  Scientists suspect that is due to the injection of underground magma, in other words, molten rock. They think it is natural, I think that it is environmental terrorism in a secretly German-controlled world. A rift boundary between the Arabian and the African plates. How suspicious is that? Magma knows country borders. Lots of anomalies.

A controversial archaeologist allegedly found a chariot wheel in the Red Sea.

However, I feel that this rift is trying to bury something much more impressive in the Red Sea. More than brine ponds. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love.




I thought I could change the pattern of the sea
but then I saw the sea is nothing but a mystery





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