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Germany (and SEGNPMSS behind it) caused so much grief because they want Syrians as cheap workers, want to get rid of religion, and want to bring the Nazis back in Germany and Europe…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

For that purpose, the SEGNPMSS founded Daesh (Isis) and runs their leaders and followers  with via German-controlled ear-implants just as they run Al Qaeda and all other terror groups. Slaughter, sex attacks, rape, beheading, other terror attack, destroyed historic monuments, etc., and also sending westerners, all German psychiatric deeds.

The medical doctor who runs Syria and other country heads looked the other way and let Daesh grow. Daesh behaves like the Nazis because German Nazi doctors conditions and run these terrorists via ear-implants made in Germany.

By not blowing the whistle on Germany’s psychiatric activities, neither Russia nor the USA nor any other country is helping to bring lasting peace. Europe is pro forma “destabilized”, because the SEGNPMSS wants 1) cheap workers to get richer as they don’t have enough Germans to do lousy jobs; 2) they hate religions and by psychiatric conditioning alleged Muslims into committing crimes, they think they will obtain this; 3) “religious” extremism in Germany, Europe, and else where is helping the SEGNPMSS to get the Nazis back in power. 

There were votes in Germany today and the Nazis are winning ground. Just as I said: the war in Syria, Germany taking in selflessly (the biggest bad joke ever!) those poor refugees, and psychs conditioning them and running the world through those freaking ear-implants, will turns Germany and Europe (if not finally stopped) and the entire world into another Nazi land. 

Have a look here, this is a list of current right-extreme parties (in other words Nazi parties) that were founded to help the SEGNPMSS to turn this planet into an official Nazi planet. Germany even had the guts to name one of their Nazi parties “The Republicans”.

I love you, Marty.

Always yours. You are the smile to my face and the beat to my heart.








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    • 1) The psychs behind Germany work constantly on bringing the Nazis back. Also for the AfG, they use a woman (Frauke) to mislead people that they have good intentions as most people think that women won’t commit Nazi cruelties. German psychs plans are easy to analyze for someone who doesn’t march to their whistle. Merkel (and others) plays right into their hands.

      2) Delaying refugee family reunions will help to increase the fire that is planned to help the Nazis officially back in Germany and Europe

      3) Religion is not the problem. Secret psychiatric conditioning of people who are not truly religious into extremists and other criminals is the problem.

      4) Germany allowed and allows Nazis to get away over and over again.

      5) What’s missing in that report is that a psychiatric laser beam was used to switch off the subconscious mind of the pilot. They do that even to a German pilot. Why? Because German psychs want even more official influence over the world and anyone in it. This is what they do: They down a plane with secret psychiatric methods and gain more psychiatric influence as people don’t know that they did it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 14, 2016 at 4:43 am

  1. This is off topic but it is my opinion and I would like to get your comment — I do not think that putting up a billboard in Hollywood will help get anyone’s children back! You can’t MAKE them love you or MAKE them respect your opinion by attacking their religion and their choices. This type of action comes across as more hate toward Scientology than love for your kids. These “kids” are young adults, not dependent babies on mommy and daddy; why not respect their decision. Even Tony and Rinder’s devotees use disconnection, shunning and insults against anyone who posts an opposing opinion, seems kind of hypocritical to any thinking person. Also, if I donated $ toward that billboard I would ask for a copy of the signed contracts that both billboard companies signed with Phil and Willie to see what legalities are involved.


    March 15, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    • I am not pro or against disconnection as it is a coin with two sides. Some non-Scientologists agents who infiltrated the Church of Scientology “disconnect” from family to create out-PR climate for Scientology and provide the attackers with munition to attack.

      I didn’t disconnect from a fanatical person in the past (diseased now) and I was kidnapped as a result by that fanatical person and her Scientology-hating friends. It was very painful and also dangerous. I don’t know if disconnection from her would have protected me. Only if she wouldn’t had known where I am.

      Scientologists must have the same right like anyone to chose who they are in contact with. If somebody doesn’t leave you be, you turn away. I wrote about that a number of times already. The problem is that Scientology is in the hand of a non-Scientologist (DM) and his speakers don’t communicate very well, otherwise, the world would have a very different understanding of Scientology right now.

      Anyway, ask a person of any other faith or also atheists if they want to chose the people they want to be in contact with. I know what they will answer. Scientologists shouldn’t have less rights.

      I would know how to handle that ridiculous billboard that Scientology attackers put up. It is just there to make bad PR for Scientology. I couldn’t pay a cent for that crap.

      Disconnection should be the last resort, only if a person doesn’t leave you be.

      It’s true, I heard that Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder block certain posters from their blogs. That is disconnection too. Any divorce is in a way disconnection too.

      If people are tolerant towards Scientology, real Scientologists will anything but disconnect from them.

      More tolerance is the solution.

      Behind that bill board “call me”I would put one up: “”Sure, I’ll call you if you stop harassing me and accept my way of life.”

      That explains the situation to anyone.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 16, 2016 at 10:40 am

  2. German flag and Nazi salutes on the streets of Brussels: Riot at terror attacks memorial

    Taliban splinter kills more than 60 women and children in terror attack on Easter

    Neo-Nazis Hack URI Network Printers to Spit Out Anti-Semitic Flyers

    More Neo-Nazi activities in Germany–20160325-0010.html

    Drunken captain runs ship aground in German port


    March 27, 2016 at 4:19 pm

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