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Marty, my  dearest, one and only,

How are you?

I talked to a lady recently whose doctor in a leading hospital had no other recommendation to her potentially very serious health problem but her taking probiotics. 

As you know, probiotics are tons of live bacteria made in labs. Yuk. Why some of these bacteria might attack others within the body, where is the evidence that these lab bacteria can’t turn bad too and do more harm to the body? Germs can be remote-controlled. Actually, bad bacteria could be killed with remote-control too but this isn’t what usually happens because this is a secret German-controlled medical Nazi world. They want people to get sick, age, and die as that means cash for them and gives them a (false) feeling of being superior to anyone and life.

I don’t want any bugs in my food and my body, Marty.

It is being said that probiotics helps with digestive issues. I bet that eating the right foods helps. Knocking the remote-control out of the German-controlled medical Nazi world would improve the health of most people dramatically. However, most people (SEGNPMSS agents included) are clueless what is being done to them. And the biggest idiots of all are those secret service doctors who harm the health of people with remote-controlled germs, silent sounds, EMF, neutrinos, toxins, and microwaves torture devices, etc. and are thinking that there is no one who does it also to them. It can’t get dumber than they are. And these dummies work/worked in labs and some of them design medical drugs, that are being described to people or “treat” them.

Medical doctors claim that a human would not be able to exist without bacteria. A load of crap. There are so many bugs on this planet that it is very difficult to avoid them. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t live with them. They are everywhere and labs are breeding new germs all the time and inserting more into the lousy world. And I bet all of them can be (and are) remote-controlled to attack the body to make sick and kill. (The world is such a medical and pharmaceutical pig stable.)

And another thing: these Dorian Greys (medical doctors) of the SEGNPMSS who stole (our) longevity technology and are withholding it from mainstream keep any germs away from their bodies. They don’t want to live like we have to. They want to stay healthy and fit. They don’t want to get sick and die. They just want us to live short, painful, bacteria-filled lives because they are monsters. Having to live like the average person, eating our food, breathing our air, taking our medicine, etc. is the ultimate nightmare for them.

The motivator is coming. Karma is a bitch. They have bad characters. One character pig kills the other one. And in their next lifetimes, they have to live like mainstream people in a lousy world without their memories of immortality technology (if they are not implanted in animal bodies by their colleges!). And they will age, getting weak, sick, and die, and then, it starts again, and they are implanted in the next body not of their own choosing and without memory of what they once knew. And so forth. Suffering, suffering, and they once were in the position to change it and missed the chance. What a bunch of morons with subconscious  eternal death wishes.    

Sometimes I forget that most people haven’t figured out that they lived before and that they will be born in a new body. Silent sound tapes played to their subconscious minds cut their memories of former lifetimes. It is not just a religious belief, as you, I, and some others know, it is a scientific fact. Particularly people with rotten past lives don’t want to imagine that they lived before as they don’t want to remember the horrors that they have done to others.       

I would do all in my power to push enough knowledge into the world so that if I am being killed that there are plenty of places where I can get healthy, young, and strong immortality in my next lifetime. These idiots are keeping this longevity technology (that they stole) a secret,  and that is why they don’t find it anymore once some colleagues conspired against them too and killed them off  in their oases. On the other side of the coin, who says there is no justice?

Marty, you and I, we could not afford their low IQs. Really, we couldn’t. We gotta figure how all things really are.

I love you, my prince. Many non-germs loaded kisses.

Yours always and forever,











Or, in this lifetime, from my eyes:

When you saw me,

you fell in love and

I smiled

because I knew.   





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