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Plant Mimosa Pudica loses conscienceness when put under anesthesia

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Dearest Marty, you are wonderful. I know so because I can read personalities. You allowed me to see your inner world. It is so rare and so magnificent. 

Long before others, Ron researched plants as you know. (German/CIA double agent impostor “Jack Vistaril” made a spectacle out of it by posing with tomato plants and the e-meter.)

Plants are all around us and most people don’t know really what they are or what that motion/energy is that was started once and comes back again and again. It is genius. The creation is postulated once, and in order not to do the same job over and over again, it is postulated to come back on its own. But also here, like with the creation of the human body, it is not just creation. Experimentation not by the creator were done to the creation and also some evolution happened to the creation. I can see all of that: creation, and then by others: experimentation/alteration/destruction, and evolution.  

Some thetans go into plants and probably stay there. Applies particularly to plants that are a mixture between plants and animals. Would bore me to tears but whatever rocks one’s boat. They are not the creators, they just inhibit, like thetans inhibiting human bodies but didn’t originally create them. They reproduce them. Like someone invented the copy machine and they are just pushing the button to make it go. 

However, it all boils down to that plants are a postulate. A capable being postulated plants and put a part of himself into nature. (Makes mowing the lawn brutal but my city would ticket the hell out of me if I wouldn’t mow my place.) 

That’s why we can see thetan characteristics in plant. Plants like music, they grow better when they feel love and even fear when pinched or burned. 

Altered Scientology (altered by the SEGNPMSS and their agents) describes the genetic entity, or GE, as some sort of low-grade “soul” (Ron didn’t use that term in SCN) that passes to a new body when the old one dies. According to my observations, there is nothing low-grade about the genius who postulated that pattern to create the continuation of human bodies or plants without the need to re-create each body from scratch.

These days I am thinking about how, from which direction (likely all) exactly this universe and its details (e.g. planets, human bodies, plants) were technically postulated. And was this universe created WITHIN the mighty creator thetan who offered it as playground for other thetans who (evidently) didn’t keep his ethical rules of decency and fairness?    

Ron worked with the e-meter to scientific explain what plants are. Long after he did it first, some others became interested.   

I think you know a lot about plants, Marty. One really interesting plant is the Mimosa Pudica. When it is touched, it closes the leaves. It doesn’t want to be touched. Here is a video of it.

Each one of these plants reacts like this. Does it means that a thetan is in each one of these plants? I rather think the original postulate of the creator in which he put a part of himself is shown more dramatically in some plants. Some researchers put anesthesia on a Mimosa Pudica and it went to sleep. Became unconscious like a thetan under anesthesia.

The best feeling in the universe is kissing you for the first time considering for how long I really wanted to kiss you. I love you, my heart throb. 

Yours always,


Love is all, very nice music, although I don’t like the “kill” lyrics. I noticed that when the music is good, the lyrics are often not entirely cool. When the lyrics are nice, the music often isn’t good. Did you notice this too? 


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