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The basic theoretical principles governing the universe are violated because the deep universe is a SEGNPMSS projection

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent Prince and soulmate,  

My thoughts are with you. Wish I would know what to do to get closer to you and end your wrongful incarceration.  What kind of animals are that anyway who incarcerate and conspire against an innocent person? If they are allowed to call themselves humans, we sure are something very better, Marty. 

I came across the Oxford Journals, the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, published last summer. Without a telescope, these numbers have to be taken at face value but the most important thing becomes clear:  They “discovered” a clustered ring  with galaxies, approx. 7 billion light-years away from Earth. That ring is so huge that some astronomers say that it violates the basic theoretical principles governing the universe. The ring CONTRADICTS the CP (cosmological principle), and they add that the physical mechanism  for causing this it is unknown.

Unknown? Everyone in this planet is familiar with the German ruthlessness to take over the world (and the universe).  The clustered ring  with galaxies that violates the CP is a program error from the SEGNPMSS in charge for the projection of a fake deep universe. (They don’t want us to see the deep universe as they want all aliens to be Nazis before we get a chance to meet them and tell them about Germany, its psychs, doctors and the Nazis.)

And it isn’t the only error, considering that “peculiar” galaxies are nothing new.

Yet, most cosmologists acts as they are not there. And that is called science.

Halton Arp discovered many of these. He was forbidden telescope time by the German-controlled USA, but he moved to Germany of all places. I assume that Germany hired him for alibi reasons. If a fake deep universe ever becomes mainstream info, they want to say that it is the USA who is behind the fake universe as they denied Arp telescope time, etc. As far as I know, Arp never claimed that the deep universe is fake, but he was right noticing odd things in “space” and that the Bing Bang Theory doesn’t hold up.

He found that galaxies with very different redshifts very far away from us. He said, that redshifts were not always an indication of distance but could be caused by other, unknown physics. He doubted that the distance in the universe can be properly measured by redshifts. 

Yeah, we know what it is, Marty: computer error by the German dupes who computer-project the deep far universe to fool the world. The world is so mind-controlled. If they would project a Mickey Mouse head as a galaxy 10 billion light years away from us, many “scientists” still would think it isn’t fake. And those who figured that it is fake apparently don’t have the courage to speak about it.

Not one review as of today. Who reads his books?

Arp received one German price, however, Arp didn’t come far in Germany, considering that most so-called educated people today still believe that a Big Bang created the universe from a dense hot spot without explaining how a hot spot can come from nothing. As far as I know, HE WORKED FOR FREE for the Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. First they use German-controlled ear implants in America to sabotage his work and then he may lecture for free for Germany. Oh man!

I checked the website of the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik. They refer to the Urknall (Big Bang) as start of the universe. What was it good working for free at the  Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik if Germany (of course not) didn’t truly advance his findings? 

This is what the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote about Dr. Halton Arp: Für die meisten Kollegen ist er deshalb ein Spinner: Halton Arp, der letzte Gegner des Urknalls. (For most colleagues, he is a weirdo: Halton Arp, the last opponent of the Big Bang.) So, did Germany anything good for him? He showed the students of the  Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik in Garching decades ago pictures of these strange galaxies. I read that after the person who invited him to be an unpaid speaker for Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik retired, others of the institute tried to kick him out.  

He also discovered unusually bright objects – so-called quasars – next to ordinary galaxies. He claimed that both are in the same immediate cosmic neighborhood. However, according to the big bang theory, quasars are at the edge of the visible universe, and their apparent neighbors are millions of light years closer to us.

That means, something is wrong with the deep universe. (Yeah, it’s freaking German-fake!) 

I believe that Arp was criticized that his pictures were just two-dimensional. But everything in the deep universe is two-dimensional, as it is just a projection. One can’t see the depths as there isn’t any true depth. It is a freaking hologram. 

Arp explained the different red-shifts in alteration of atoms, that they become more heavy and change. A theoretical physicists named Jayant Narlikar came up with theory.  They all failed to speak it out: fake, fake, fake the far universe projection is fake!

Arp died of pneumonia and was also otherwise ill. Knowing Germany, I am convinced it was just another remote-controlled germ murder of somebody they wanted to get rid of. All the problems that he had in the USA were caused by German-controlled ear implants in so-called Americans or others who immigrated to then USA. 

For us love is not just a word, Marty. It exists, and I am so glad that I know you. Your character caught my heart. The deep universe is a fake projection but our love is a true fact.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my hero.

Yours always and forever,


Look at this redshift 😉 Marty, love coming closer and closer to you not away from you.











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