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The Ancient Pueblo People (also called Anasazi) disappeared 800 years ago – and my intuition as to what happened

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I miss you like – well, there is no comparison. That’s how much I miss you.

Did I ever tell you that I never had a class about North American history in the German school that I was forced to visit? Short before the curriculum was scheduled to take up America, the school was simply merged with another one, and it resulted in that a class was omitted for me.  First is was a Catholic school, then it was a Lutheran one but both Bavarian state-approved. All of American history was skipped. They didn’t want me to learn about it. Idiots, because making me skip that class made me more suspicious than if then would have fed me with general American history, which also doesn’t tell the true or complete story of  America. (And my English teacher was ALWAYS sick and in all of Bavaria, no substitute English teacher was found. Yeah, that’s Germany/Bavaria, those who still want to take over the world.)

 So, I learned on my own. And also very much with the help of Scientology. The haters can say what they want. You and me and quite some others know the value of original Scientology. 

People in general think that Columbus was the one who discovered America. Some others learned that the Vikings, Leif Eriksson, “discovered” it 500 years earlier. Some say that there is some evidence that the Vikings were in America 3000 years ago. Very likely possible, but the Europeans were no good for the Indians. They were no longer the old successful and peaceful Europeans but those SPs who landed on this planet 4500-6000 years ago. That is what I think. A TYPICAL characteristic for a monster German is hiding behind other nationals. If what they are doing will be busted, these other nationals should get the wrath instead of them. They are the most brutal people but also the biggest cowards imaginable. During the 3rd Reich, they showed their real faces, but the atrocities before and afterwards, they often committed and still commit by using other countries and nationals as shields.

A strong America is what they by all mean want to prevent. How to convince others that Indians in North and South America are “savages”? They kidnapped (or ordered them kidnapped) some Indians and hypnotized them to do monstrous acts. What I am saying is that I am convinced that they worked with their mind-control techniques on the North and South American Indians and that this is the reason why suddenly some turned into violent people and even cannibals.

There is a peaceful and advanced Indian community, and suddenly, some of their own are turned into zombies by these barbers and butchers. (We also know them as psychs.)      

American Indian could be very well the descendants  of the Lost Tribe of Israel. Highly advanced peaceful cultures in North America that traded with the entire world. Archaeological findings confirm that. The hatred by Germans against Jews is broadly known. I think that those who took over Europe approx. 4500-6000 years ago (Germans, particularly the Bavarians monsters) knew that the American Indian came from Jewish roots. That might be an additional reason for these monsters to exterminate the American Indians. 

A Kiva. I learned that is means “World Below”.  Interesting architecture, isn’t it?


Horrible things happened not just to the old Europeans whose DNA was completely replaced by new DNA 4500 years ago. Some Indian tribes disappeared completely too without having enemies according to history. One example are the Anasazi, the Ancient Pueblo People. I am sure you know a lot more about American history than me, Marty, but I am constantly learning and puzzling things together. The name Anasazi means “enemy ancestors”, which is odd, surely no name the Ancient Pueblo People gave themselves but is rather an insult. It also can be looked at differently: ancestors that were eliminated by the aliens, foreigners, and enemies.

On one or more Viking ships (1000 or even 3000 years ago), there could have been a few barbers and butchers who knew how to hypnotize. Germany/Bavaria has the largest concentrations of SPs on the planet. They either sailed with the Vikings or separately. I bet the Vikings had ear-implants and German/Bavarian butchers and barbers controlled them. Radio is a very simple technology, and if modern people wouldn’t have ear implants too, archaeologists  would have discovered probably metallic tiny receivers in ancient skeletons. I assume they used metal back then and not silicone as today for these implants.

These barbers and butchers had some American Indians kidnapped, hypnotized, implanted them, and stripped them off their personalities and free will, of their knowledge of right and wrong, decency, and their conscience, and turned them into killers and cannibals. Walking death, walking monsters that suddenly attacked their own… And how I know these mind-controllers, they are so low to find that amusing. 

I know these monstrous barber and butcher personalities, Marty, and they are still around and responsible for the Nazi atrocities and today’s terror and crimes. I recognize their brutal handwriting all over history and very much so in the history of the American Indians in North America and South America. Decent civilizations suddenly were destroyed and the evidence shows that some suddenly turned against their own kind. And I claim that all of these horrible events STINK after covert doings of German/Bavarian mind-controllers. And they hid behind other nations (Swedes, Spaniards, etc.) and they are still hiding behind other nations in our modern times (Daesh, Al Queda, Boko Haram, you name it).


Before something went horribly wrong with the Ancient Pueblo People as you know. Once  at home in the four Corners of  Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, suddenly 30,000 people leave their homes, which they occupied since 1500 B.C. If that isn’t weird. They knew droughts for a thousand years, and that’s for sure not why they left.  They left approx. around 1200 their Chaco Canyon’s Pueblo Bonito, 5 levels tall, 800 rooms. (Top picture is a computer reconstruction.) And they move  high into the cliffs. Some say that they did this to get closer to water, but my intuition tells me that they had to flee from genocide, just like so many before and after them.

They fled and they built their structures artfully into the rocks. But they disappeared from there in just some decades too. If the reason for leaving the four corners was drought, why did they suddenly leave the rock walls and the available water there too?  


The Inca too moved high up in the Andes in very hard to reach places, and there is no other reasons to do so than for reasons of defense. IMO, they avoided being eliminated for a while but Germany (particularly Bavaria) used the Spaniard to get them (and their gold) after all. And there is always kidnapping and making enemies on the inside. Evil was and still is going around on this planet.

What puzzles Indians and researchers is that the Ancient Pueblo People had no apparent enemies back then. Bones found indicate that there was suddenly violence and even cannibalism. Many descendants of  Ancient Pueblo People of today reject that idea. Indians considered cannibalism sin or insanity. How can an advanced civilization suddenly turn into cannibals and kill each other? As you know, Marty, there is such a thing as ancient hypnosis, and I don’t think the Greeks started it but German butchers and barbers. Just a handful coming from Europe might have kidnapped some Ancient Pueblo People, hypnotized them to become cannibals, implanted them, cut their consciousness off and turned them loose against their own people. This is was I strongly feel has happened (also with the Mayas, Aztecs, and others). And the same horrible practice is still used today: the making of terrorists and other criminals. 

And typically for religion or philosophy-hating psychiatrists today: they try to blame the Indians’ religions on “rituals” and cannibalism. It wasn’t the Great Spirit who told some of them to become cannibals. The lowest of low mindset and having joy when utmost brutality happens to others, is typical for Europe’s barbers and butchers. And they “developed”  (some development) into psychiatrists and medical doctors. Either they managed not to die (based on technology that they stole and keep from the world) or they died and came back born in new bodies. Even if they don’t have access to their memories anymore, these people have a tendency to keep working in the same horrible “industry” (mind-control, hypnosis, psychiatry, medicine,  drugs, pharmacy, etc.)         

Evil stuck around and who knows how many Indians were hypnotized and implanted  and turned against other Indians since warfare and “conflict” became a lot more common in the centuries that followed. European evil. Monsters, they are, hidden and cowardly. So bad that people of today still become the victims of them and don’t have the courage to talk about and stop them. Controlled through ear-implants. What a hell.   

Some say that the Ancient Pueblo People didn’t disappear but migrated into other nations. Some of those who were lucky to survive and flee maybe. But what about the violence on the skeletons and the cannibalism marks on the bones? What about the defense buildings 1000 foot tall in the mountains? Who would bring their children and elderly there if not in big problems? Advanced civilizations “had to go” because jealous barbers and butchers plotted against them. A very old and sad song. I said it a couple of times: if these mind-controllers would have invested the time in bettering themselves instead in bringing others down and holding them down, they would be someone today and not ashamed of themselves deep inside. And it doesn’t matter when they committed the high crimes against other nationals or even their own (30 year war), it will come back to haunt them. We know how to find ancient criminals. It is all recorded inside of them. They can’t destroy that evidence. That’s eternal evidence. Stays there forever. The joke is on them.        

I gotta go for today, Marty. I love you. Be sure of this.

Always yours,


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  1. This is a great video about the Anasazi. Highly recommend it.

    Data Face I

    March 22, 2016 at 6:04 am

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