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Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior (aka 5 other persons) wants to cash in on the anti-Scientology resentment….

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and amazing Prince,
How are you? I am thinking of you and wish you were right with me. If there are some days of my life that I want to live again (and over and over again), those are the days when I met you or were with you, Marty. Those were the heavenly days.  What makes the conspiring apes of this planet believe that they have rights but we don’t?   I despise these hypocrites.

In the bible, even if just a story, David defeated Goliath. But David Miscavige will not win. We, you and I, we will defeat Goliath, which is Germany and psychiatry and how they run the world secretly with their ear-implant cult. One reason why they ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology: original Scientology explained what a trap this cult is that installs tiny ear implants into people and even animals and runs them robotic with loud and silent commands to commit crimes and sucks away intelligence and decency.    

As anyone can verify, the father of David Miscavige, Ronald Miscavige is a liar, using 5 aliases to mislead police. What dummy (except Tony Ortega and his retarded Bunker followers) believes this man writes the truth? Did St. Martin Press or the media ever research Ronald Thomas Miscavige Senior? These so-called professionals are so unprofessional.   

Ron Seniors’ son, David Miscavige, is very much responsible for the anti-Scientology resentment, because no matter what he says, he isn’t a Scientologist, just like his father or some other members from the Miscavige family ARE NONE. DM’s twin sister added to the bad headlines against Scientology. The entire Miscavige family has set up against Scientology written all over them.  

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige (DM or HIS COBNESS) knows that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who are secret service agents. As you know, the man who left Scientology to DM was NOT the founder but “Jack Vistaril” his impostor who worked for the CIA and Germany and altered Scientology. Some original Scientology by the real founder is still left in Scientology but the cult-stuff that was added IS TYPICALLY GERMAN! And other most vital data disappeared completely from Scientology. 

Above information is about DM’s father Ron Miscavige. While infiltrating Scientology, Ron Miscavige used five aliases for dealing with the police! This is so dishonest, cowardly and non-Scientology!

I learned that the latter four names that  Ron Miscavige Senior hid behind and gave to police were the names of real people in Scientology Int. As his son had taken over Scientology,  Ron Miscavige Senior apparently decided that his bad record should become those of his son’s subjects. This is so non-Scientology. My stomach turns how the Miscaviges pervert Scientology!  Scribbling “memoirs” to get in the good graces of people, doesn’t wipe out what the man did.   

Another piece of info that one can find online: In 1985Ron Miscavige Senior was accused by a minor girl of attempted rape charges. When the tables turn, I’ll look in this again, and DM better hasn’t used Scientology funds to pay lawyers for his nightmare of a dad and to make this go away.

These days, Ron Miscavige Senior complains that his son “spied on him”. Duh! They are all agents and no Scientologists, of course they spy on each other. Ron Miscavige Senior has nobody to blame but himself. Both, father and son supported “Jack Vistaril” the CIA/German double agent who is not the founder of Scientology, and THEY KNEW IT FROM THE START.

I bet that book that he published in St. Martin’s press is about that HIS COBNESS was such a good kid and that Scientology made him the way he is now. Yeah right. Nothing further from the truth. What kind of “Scientologists” are the Miscaviges anyway? After all, they CONSPIRE against the real founder of Scientology and his family!

Ron Miscavige Senior just like his son David Miscavige were around in the UK when the real founder Ron lectured. They both know very well that Jack Vistaril’s Scientology (that they promoted later) is NOT the founder’s Scientology. They are not smart enough to recognize that hiding original Scientology and promoting Vistarology or Miscavology instead isn’t good for them either. Dummies!

I bet that they were there in the UK when we both married, Marty. And of course, they didn’t say anything, just as Germany’s secret services orders.    

DM was never on the side of the founder. All he does is promoting the impostor’s crap and adding his own Miscavige crap to Scientology. Miscavige violates original Scientology, behaves like the non-Scientologist that he is and upsets his hired agents. They break away and attack Scientology from the outside, and the world HAS NO CLUE AS TO WHAT SCIENTOLOGY REALLY IS AND WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON.

You know their mechanism, Marty, after all, DM replaced you with an impostor too and Mike Rinder must have helped him. They hired Monique’s husband (back then nobody’s husband, but briefly later Ceray’s husband, then Anne’s husband, and now Monique’s husband). They were the right and left hand of David Miscavige, and what a “surprise”, it turned out that Rinder and your impostor are no Scientologists after all. If you ask me, they blew their own cover lastest by attacking Scientology.

DM is carved from the same non-Scientologist but agent material. After years being at each others throats, also in the legal arena, they still conspire together by keeping from the world that Monique’s husband was/is a hired impostor and was never a Scientologist.

What gives DM constantly away as non-Scientologist: he puts non-Scientologists in high places (Rinder and your impostor, two non-Scientologists, were his right and left hand!) and that is why Scientology is maneuvered into the ground. They work right into the hands of the outside attackers.

Instead of explaining original Scientology to mainstream of all races, David Miscavige merged Scientology with the anti-Semitic German-oriented cult of Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, which tries to overtake Scientology. I still have a bad feeling about this, Marty. DM and the other Miscavologists are no OTs. They claim to be but they are not. They can’t sense as we can. Their spiritual abilities are incapacitated by their dirty agent activities.   

His Cobness can’t explain original Scientology to anyone, not even members of his own family, because he hasn’t understood it himself. And son like father. Ron Miscavige Senior failed miserably, but for DM it isn’t an excuse. RB was a horrible parent, so I raised myself to become person that I am today. And original Scientology and the real Ron’s wisdom helped me greatly, even if RB, her beloved Germany, psychiatrists, and their same disgusting agents tried to deny this right of studying Scientology to me. These bastards!

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Our love is a rock. Another thing that those who conspire against us never counted with. They just can’t kill our love. Not even with impostors. Lol. It is impossible to fool real OTs. 🙂

Yours forever and always at your site,


I want to hear you sing this song soon, Marty, but no longer on borrowed time. Instead forever heavenly days! We’ll never settle for anything less.





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  1. Hello, why does the church disconnect?

    Torania Taeifu

    April 20, 2016 at 4:17 am

    • The impostor of the founder L.Ron, a German/CIA double agent introduced disconnection to Scientology. It was cancelled and David Miscavige, His Cobness, as little a Scientologist as his family, reintroduced it again to Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 20, 2016 at 5:30 am

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