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Like the Anasazi, the Freemont Culture disappeared mysteriously too, approx. 800 years ago. What horrible things happened in North America around that time?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, I am thinking of you.

If I wouldn’t have the ability to figure out what’s behind your disappearance, a doppelganger taking over your life, and a planet conspiring against that we are getting hold of each other again, it would be the biggest mystery of the universe. But this conspiracy is what the doctors order, and idiots never know when to quit walking the wrong path and when they lost. 

Now about the Freemont Indians:

This is a horrible planet and cultures were eradicated by the evil that was and is still going around. Some of today’s people hope that they migrated into other culture (without having evidence). Maybe some Indians have escaped but their peaceful cultures suddenly ended, and the monsters behind this shouldn’t get away. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was.

 The American Indians might be very well Israel’s lost tribe.  That explain the motivation even more, why German barbers and butchers tried to eradicate them.  Like the Anasazi, the Fremont Indians also disappeared mysteriously. These two cultures lived during the same time period and were friends and had no apparent enemies, except…  

As I wrote before, Marty, I’m sure that I figured it out:  barbers and butchers (these days they call themselves psychiatrists or neuro-scientists, etc.) came over from Europe much earlier than history recorded. They knew how to hypnotize. They kidnapped a few Indians, blocked their access to their own analytical minds and self-determination and sent them back to the Indian villages to attack their own until no one was left who didn’t flee in time.   

And nothing has changed. Today they kidnap Middle Easterners (and also any other nationals) and turn them into Manchurian Candidates. SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of religions for very low reasons. So, they pin bad reputations on religions, but psychs are behind the mind-control of people who commit atrocities and other crimes in the name of religions. That’s also why they ordered the merger between Scientology and Nation of Islam. To outlaw Scientology together with Islam. You figured it too, Marty, I know.

I learned about Range Creek in Utah and about the many artifacts of the Freemont Indians that are still to be discovered.  

The Fremont apparently were artists and successful farmers in the desert. It is horrible that the barber and butcher has to destroy everything he is jealous of. The Fremont Indians did built granaries very high up in dangerous rock walls. If there were no sudden enemies, why going through these drastic measures? That’s why: human beings were turned into Manchurian candidates, basically in some sort of Walking Death, and they attacked the rest.

Barbers and butchers, the later psychs, and medical doctors are anything but secrets to us. The only reason why they were not busted is because they control people with ear-implants to do as they say. What a trap.

I love you, Marty. Many passionate and tender kisses. Loving you was the right thing to do, besides, I had no other choice. You are irresistible.  

Always at your side.













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