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DAESH (so-called Islamic State) helps Germany to get the Nazis back. It is so easy to discover the SEGNPMSS behind the dehumanization in the Middle East and the terror acts all over the world.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

It is the same handwriting all over history. There was a time when I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in Medieval times, but I take this back. They are around this planet for thousands of years. They kill each other off too because everyone wants to have personally the total control over the universe. As our current history shows, quite some are still alive, and with stolen survival technology, they don’t physically die if not killed by their own kind. Someone with a human body can live indefinitely as you know.

But with all they have done, they are internally Dorian Grays. That piece of fiction was inspired by the truth.  If one doesn’t have self-respect, what does a person have? If a person needs to be worshiped by the world for what he doesn’t is (a decent and intelligent person with human qualifications), what do the Dorian Grays have? Nothing. Their lives are worthless.  They are living a huge lie.           

The Spaniards (for example as one nation serving Germany) felt justified to eliminate the Inca, Maya, and Aztec cultures and steal their gold because some of these Indians displayed brutal methods even to their own. SEGNPMSS conditioned these Indians as they condition today alleged Muslims.

This did of course also happen to Spaniards and any other nationals.  It is also no excuse to become a monster. Evil was in them, but they never would have acted on it without the hypnosis and mind-control. Ear-implant codes also helps the SEGNPMSS psychs to control the people who they dehumanized.  

They found a mass grave in Palmyra, because the SEGNPMSS radioes in the ear-implants of these people to behave like monsters as this helps the SEGNPMSS to mind-control the world into going after “religions” instead after the psychiatrists, the likes, medical doctors, Nazis, and Germany.

I quote this from a media article: “The ex-wife of , called the terrorist kingpin a bit brusque, but otherwise a “normal family man” who would oddly disappear for days on end… “He was a normal family man,” Dulaimi said. “How he could become emir of the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world is a mystery.”

It is not a mystery to you and me, Marty. al-Baghdadi, just another psychiatric-conditioned dude that was dehumanized by still existing Nazi doctors.  Not an excuse for this or other terrorists as if not somehow in a person, she will not act like that even if conditioned. A bunny will not become a shark. But the shark likely wouldn’t have acted out the evilness without the psychiatric-conditioning to do so. 

How long will the US government wait to blow the whistle on all of that, Marty? How blind  are the officials, representatives, judges, university professors, and so-called “expert” incl. the media not seeing and talking about what’s going on? If they don’t finally blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS making terrorists to bring the Nazis back in Germany, Europe, and elsewhere on the planet for more German psychiatric slavery in the future, they will sit on the defendant bench with the Nazis. And this time, there will be no lenient sentences. This time, karma will be a bitch. Who works for the Nazis, who covers for the Nazis, is a Nazi. Period.

Love is really just a word, until two soulmates meet. And real, true love is the greatest adventure.

Be kissed, my soulmate. I left my heart in care of you. All of me loves all of you. No one ever will take your place.

Yours forever,








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