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Planets being cloaked – possible according to Columbia University in New York

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

I wrote about this before. The SEGNPMSS cloaked the deep universe. What we are seeing, even what our telescopes are seeing is a projection to mislead us. The Fermi’s paradox is stupid. We don’t see aliens, because their planets are cloaked before our eyes, compliment by the SEGNPMSS. Not to save us but to control us. They want to control the entire universe by applying their insane methods, which is external hell. They don’t want any of us knocking their remote control out their hands and stopping their disgusting mind-control and other high crimes against humanity.

It is also apparently possible to just hide the population of a planet with laser beams.

However a few days ago I read an article with this information from Columbia University in New York:

A simple laser beam could disrupt observations on a planet making it look like there’s nobody home…

Some other subject: I also read of the Panama Papers, Marty. Mossack is a German. Sofar, the Süddeutsche Zeitung just mentioned foreign people hiding millions. But none German. Did this paper and their German-friendly source withhold papers on Germans? Because circumstances in Germany encourage money laundering.

Marty, I love you. You deserve love and you will get it. You are my most anticipated “hello again” ever!








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