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1) Cancer, just another secret SEGNPMSS tool to kill people 2) Very different subject: The Manor

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Dearest Marty, my extraordinary Prince and Captain of my heart, how are you?

A while ago, a headline got my attention. One US university study was done, and the researchers came to the conclusion that those who got cancer “simply have bad luck”.  The mutations are random, they found.

There is nothing random about it. People are getting cancer sick because SEGNPMSS-controlled secret service doctors activate remote-controlled germs to 1) funnel cash to medical doctors, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry 2) torture people 3) depress people and their relatives 4) kill.

But at the end, somebody like them does to them what they did to others. What a bunch of retards! Evil pays (NOT!) 

Cancer can be stopped by convicting the SEGNPMSS and knocking any remote-control out of their bloody pawns.

Here is an article about the study:

I love you, my hero. You make everything beautiful, Marty. Without you, the planet would be just… I don’t even want to speak it out. Magic is all around you.  It is amazing what real love can do. It changes the feeling from unhappy into deep happiness. Instead of popping pills, people should search their soulmates. I am so very very glad that I found you, Marty. Also a man as masculine as you are can be the cherry on top of a cake of life.

There are aerial pictures of Saint Hill in the Daily Mail. Remember our wedding there? C of S added buildings, I also can’t see the lake on these pictures, but otherwise, it still is how you and I married. Nobody can tell me that this wasn’t you, Marty, who I married. At first, the memory was more like water colors but I recalled definitely you and nobody else.

Remember that lawyer conference in the Big Blue in LA, when I couldn’t leave my eyes off you? Among other, I tried to figure out why you, as beautifully American as you were, reminded me of Europe. That’s why. (You know that I am not a fan of Europe, but the UK is special, as we married there, you and I.) And hundreds of Scientologists and unfortunately also infiltrators attended. And I would choose you again and again. I just have eyes for you. Do you really think Tom Cruise will move directly into the manor?

You and I shared a room in the manor after we married. Our clothes, other property, our wedding rings… Did you ever wonder what happened to it? 

In the early 80s, when I returned to Saint Hill for a few months (with memory stolen by p$ychs), there were infiltrators at Saint Hill who did not allow me to go upstairs or around the estate. They apparently were afraid that I would discover something. David Gaiman was the only person who gave me a hint. Back then, I didn’t understand what he meant, but particularly, after I met you, his coded words became rather meaningful. 

East Grinsteads’ mayor remarks about David Miscavige makes me shake my head. All that glisters is not gold…  The mayor according to DailyMail: DM speaks so fast and there were no stutters or pauses.” Yeah, and I say, robots do that too. I am rather a real person.

Be tender and passionately kissed.



Yours always,


How many gentle flowers grow in an English country garden?
I’ll tell you now, of some that I know, and those I miss I hope you’ll pardon.
Daffodils, hearts-ease and flocks, meadow sweet and lilies, stocks,
Gentle lupins and tall hollyhocks,
Roses, fox-gloves, snowdrops, forget-me-knots in an English country garden.

(I left out the bug part)

 How many song-birds make their nest in an English country garden?
I’ll tell you now of some that I know, and those I miss, I hope you’ll pardon.
Babbling, coo-cooing doves, robins and the warbling thrush,
Blue birds, lark, finch and nightingale.
We all smile in the spring when the birds all start to sing in an English country garden.


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