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Ancient Heliopolis (now Lebanon) and the Stone of the Pregnant Woman

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Hajar el Hibla – the Stone of the Pregnant Woman, weighs 1,200 tons, found at the ancient stone quarry of Baalbek, which is ancient Heliopolis, in today’s Lebanon. It would require the strength of  more than 15,000 people to move it just a tiny bit. 

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

Most people who know of these stones/buildings are thinking that giants lived on Earth, or alternatively, aliens visited Earth who had more advanced technology than the world today.

Not many publications mention that some on Earth had or might had advanced spiritual abilities to lift these stones. Levitation. Most scientists consider this fiction, however, what do they know by not declaring Earth a silent sounds disaster zone that cripples or prevents abilities?

Today’s people and even animals all hear silent sounds (“courtesy” of the SEGNPMSS), playing 24/7 through ear- and other body implants and all over the planet and beyond. These sounds are reducing or preventing spiritual abilities. They think all they can do is lifting an arm or two, never the entire body from above as exterior thetan or MEST like huge 1000 tons of stones.  

Not just alleged scientists but also numerous Christians try to “debunk” spiritual abilities. How odd is that? They believe in that Jesus was able to do miracles, but spiritual abilities don’t exist? They make no sense.

The name of the above stone is interesting. There are a number of explanations for it but maybe a pregnant OT once lifted that 1200 tons stone with her willpower. Then she dropped it back in the quarry because she had to give birth before she could continue to build as giving birth is a higher priority than construction of course. 

There are numerous publications saying that these megalithic stones and structures would be all aligned to certain star constellations. Many people are thinking that aliens built these structures. I rather think that the race who eliminated the original Europeans came from space and stayed and murdered the architects of the megalithic structures and others.

If these structures point indeed to star constellations and this is not just a coincident, then maybe to tell the world that something is FOUL up there. Because the deep universe as Earth sees it is not real. It is a projection and the real universe is covered up behind it. Another possibility is that the fake universe projection of the infiltrators was created to point to megalithic buildings for whatever reason ever. Like: problem points that need to be removed to mislead the Earth population.  But in any case to confuse and cover up the truth.   

I think that SP aliens (the worst settled in Germany/Bavaria) came to this planet to destroy these architects and their abilities as these infiltrators didn’t have them. Even if they would be in silent sounds free spaces, they still wouldn’t have these abilities and that their rotten activities prevented their spiritual growth. 

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving. I am very proud of you.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


You live in my heart, Marty, and you’ll never have to pay rent. 









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