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1) The brain chip and the hand 2) Germany’s primitive and vulgar “humor”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

So often, I ask myself about your whereabouts and how you are. All I have to go on are my feelings, the fact that thetan basically knows, as in this secretly and often also openly controlled psychiatric-controlled world, all lie and nobody forwards any message from you, your family or your representatives.  Sigh.

On the other side, they are without power to sway us OTs. And that we are: we are operating with OT abilities. All they do is enlarging their rap sheets and basically feeling more and more worthless and guilty, even if they try to ignore it. People who separate and conspire against us don’t become smarter and better. Their OWs make them blinder and dumber. Many are at points were they can’t confront anymore what they did and do. They block everything out that is pro-survival and are using justifications why they acted and act so despicable.

We know them better than they know themselves, Marty. But the SEGNPMSS invade all our thoughts, and still don’t know us. Pitiful, really pitiful.

To my first headline:

There was a  young man who had an accident and lost his feelings in arms and legs. Later they implanted a chip in his brain. Doctors seem to transmits his thoughts through this brain chip directly to his hand muscles, which bypasses injury to his spine. He now can move his hand but only via lab computers.

This “technology” is however mostly used wireless and in a negative way by secret service doctors. Hitting wrong keys on the keyboard, burning oneself on the stove, pinching one’s finger in a drawer, cutting oneself “accidentally”, suddenly losing balance on stairs or a ladder, etc. etc., all that are secret psychiatric methods, as you for sure also figured, Marty, and used since thousands of years to hurt and kill people. It is not even necessary to implant large chips into the brain of people. A tiny ear implant and silent sounds does/do “the trick” as well.

Here is the article on the brain chip:

To my second headline:

I wondered what the fuss is about German comedian Jan Böhmermann’s poem mocking Turkey’s president Erdoğan, so I had a look. It harms Germany a lot more than Turkey or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan because it shows the world how unbelievably primitive and vulgar Germany is. The TV station that aired that filthy “poem” is the ZDF, a public TV station. Beyond that, the character described in the poem fits German psychiatrists and medical doctors down to the core. Disgusting, revolting, dehumanized. Nazis. Monsters.

As far as the Armenian genocide/holocaust is concerned, I wrote about this before. If Germany’s psychiatrists wouldn’t install ear implants in babies and kids already and run them with codes like robots and hypnotize them, they would not be able to bring out the worst in people.  THEY DEHUMANIZE HUMANS.

The biggest mistakes of Turkey and any other country on Earth (incl. the USA): not showing with the fingers on Germany, its secret services, psychiatrists and medical doctors behind these “services”. In the German/psychiatric world, every country and every person loses. Even Germany loses.  Germany’s secret services, its psychiatrists and medical doctors are losing too. They become so perverted and revolting that they are no longer human beings but monsters. They are deeply unhappy and jealous, and are losing the ability to be self-critical and correct themselves. They are on a tonelevel of penalizing bodies and below. They a heavily depressed, even when not in physical pain and for no apparent reason. They become eternal prisoners of their own perversions.

They are the Dorian Grays.  They can’t develop OT abilities. If they are trying, they are getting it all wrong. They may cheat with the help of ear implants to pass university examinations and get diplomas but there is no real IQ. They are unable to think in layers and dimensions as we are doing it. They are prisoners in their mind-control system and their minds are not able to go where no minds have gone before.

You and me, we suffer under them greatly, but I never want to be one of them or like them. Never. They are all we don’t want to be.  Even if they are not born into a physically ugly body, their despicable deeds are making their outsides ugly too. They are unable to give love and are completely unlovable. Their jealous and perverted personalities are unbearable. Instead for a human being as partner, they have to settle for a robot.  They do not just dehumanize humans, they are dehumanized.

Yet, on this dehumanized planet, I however found you, a real human being and OT, bright, courageous, loving, warm, decent, fair and irresistible. Your character is emanating to the outside. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Marty. That wonderful and unique personality that you are having will always emanate to the outside and makes you to the most attractive man.

I love you and are deeply happy that you are of my kind.

Yours forever and always,











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