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European Association of Archaeologists claim that the Bosnian pyramids are a hoax… (Germany above everyone) For example, the Pyramid of the Sun” looks very much like a pyramid to me…

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What do you say, Marty? That doesn’t look like a mountain. That looks like a pyramid covered with Bosnian grass. I once traveled through Bosnia. They are having some bluish grass color that is very unique, called Bosnian green.

With today’s technology, these pyramids could be scammed. Some researchers say that there discovered a village of pyramids and underneath them are  huge tunnel networks (8 tunnels) “Ravne”.  Underground water. Air to breath and very stable structure. It is being said that these underground tunnels are improving health of people and they were built deliberately to archive this. Built approx. 12,000 year ago, they say.  

I heard a researcher say that approx. 4500 years ago, “adjustments” were made to the underground tunnels to disconnect the big pyramids from the tunnels. He thinks that those who did that didn’t want anyone to find out about the pyramids.  The DNA of the old Europeans disappeared 4500 years ago as well.

More current history: two of my neighbors are pestering me sharing my internet access with them as they (both have good paying jobs) don’t want to pay 50 bucks for internet. One of them knocked today three times on my door to get my access key. The other one tried to get it from me already last year. It is against TOS sharing my internet access with them, besides, I need my speed for my work, I can’t allow them slowing me down.  I’ll lend them a ladder, garden tools, cup of salt or whatever, but asking me to violate regulations and slow my own speed for work, gee! I never would ask this from anyone. Besides, they just have to drive three minutes and they are in the library where they can use the Internet for free, but they can’t take it home and watch movies of course. I hope they finally get it.

And nobody delivered a message from or on behalf of you, Marty, for me. It is the same old disgusting conspiracy everywhere.

I love you.

Yours forever,













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