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Professor Stephen Hawking: Black holes may be portals to other universes (Gee! They are not. Black holes are just freaking dumb computer generations.)

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant star and soulmate,

How are you these days? I always worry about you.

These black holes don’t lead anywhere. They are not real. The universe is a projection and behind the projection, there is the real universe with real planets and aliens, etc.

Who knows who talks through Stephen Hawking’s mind. I got an idea also about that. 

We need finally telescopes and other technology that can look behind that projection.

As far as other (real) universes are concerned, I don’t think that they exist yet and that anyone except the creator of this one can build them. (Stephen Hawking is an atheist as far as I know. He doesn’t include a creator in his thinking.) But other universes could exist. If one exist, the possibility of more universes are logical. 

Why do I think that other universes could exist but do NOT YET exist?

Well, this universe turned foul almost instantly by those beings who didn’t play fair. Why would he create another one with the same troubles? Although, in my mind, it is possible to create other universes, however, it must have a scum filter. Those who can’t leave others alone and in peace must not and never get access to any new or different universe than this.

I often think about another universe, Marty. I call it Greatverse. Just truly decent people are there who are having awesome lives while the scum stays in the psychiatric/medical German Nazi universe (this one in which he have to live at the moment) , where they can commit their high crimes and violations against humanity against each other but no longer against good people, until they take each other out and disable themselves completely. Subconsciously, I think they ask for it. This is how they behave and provoke.

They make such a big fuss out of that we “would force them to behave ethical”. I don’t want to force them to anything. I just want to get rid of them. I am far past wanting to help them, Marty. After all they did to us, they have my blessing to go to hell for all eternity. The shoulder that they see from me is ice, ice, ice, ice cold. I have no feelings for monsters. My words to them is: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give damn! 

SPs will never get access to Greatverse. They don’t know if it exists, where it is, they will never find it, and they will be never invited. Period.

Nothing is impossible. A gigantic universe with tons of planets and galaxies could for example exist within a godly being. It stretches out that way. I got the idea by watching plants and they show thetan characteristics/similarities like the mimosa. And within that space of a being, the divine being lets plants grow.

Thinking further about this: what if the creator says: enough is enough, brutal creatures, and pulls out? Could this universe crash? But one thing I am rather sure of, if the creator pulls back, I am pretty sure that the plant energy would be GONE. That means that the SEGNPMSS runs out of vegetation. It doesn’t matter what they plant and how they plant it, plant energy would be gone and nothing would grow. The magic is gone! I bet their minds never went there as their leaders and members are such arrogant, stupid …. bleep. (Too bad a word to publish it.)     

If God decides not to show himself and his new universe and never allows access to it, SEGNPMSS hasn’t the smallest chance to get in. Not the smallest chance.  They stole any technology there is, but they are not getting divine abilities. They want to have advanced human abilities very badly, but they can’t get them as they are no humans, they are monsters. In order to get human abilities, one has to be human. In order to get divine abilities, one has to be even much much higher up.    

Neither this planet nor this universe are recommended by me to be born in again, in other words, to “be reincarnated”. It sucks anywhere and SPs make it that way. If they want to live in a pig stable and hell, alright, but they don’t have a right to pull us in this.

I prefer Greatverse. I often go there before I fall asleep. What a lovely place it is. Deep peace, family, friends, decency, romance, inventions, studies, fun, excitements, celebrations, aesthetics, laughter, friendly competitions, eternal youth and health, no death, no stress, arts, and so on.  I dump this planet and universe at anytime for Greatverse!  

I love you, Marty. Without you, Greatverse, where ever it will be, never would be complete.

Yours for all times,



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