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The story of Earth: great original cultures and religions are deliberately altered/destroyed/eliminated to be gone, no longer that great or even destructive

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband, and soulmate,

My thoughts are with you.

Some researchers who visited Cusco and amazing Machu Picchu noticed at least three different building styles. The Spanish, the Inca, and the Pre-Inca megalithic style, and the last one is the most impressive. The megalithic style has stones that weigh 50+ tons that are precisely carved to fit together so that no mortar was necessary and not even a thin blade fits into these joints. The Inca stones are much smaller, although also no mortar used, and the Spanish building style shows smaller stones and used lots of mortar and was poor, considering the other both masonry styles.

Now that is what I call a wall, Marty! 🙂 These were built by the original architects and masons.  Pre-Inca style with no mortar. I learned that these walls are earthquake-proof. During earthquakes the blocks “dance” but fall back into place.  It makes me happy just looking at this wall and other walls like this.




Not built by any Neanderthals for sure: 



The Inca wall is alright but not more that impressive. Also no mortar used:






And this sloppy wall with the mortar on the left is a Spanish wall. What a difference.  Stones tell apparently a clearer story than our history books.  


When I learned that “the Inca” carved deep into the stone. I am certain that they inherited their road system and Machu Piccu from those who lived there before them. It is always the same: great originals disappear suddenly and are replaced by others, until also they are also gone. 

Here, stones were added in another building style to the pre-Inca wall. Definitely, beyond any doubt, different cultures worked on that wall.


With Scientology (but also with most other religions and cultures) it is the same: It is established, breathtakingly advanced and genius, and suddenly, the founder(s) is/are “disposed of” and the religion/culture changes and is no longer that great and helpful and decays due to out ethics and SPs who destroy excellent systems out of jealousy instead of working on themselves to develop into higher beings.   

It is being said that Machu Picchu (almost 8000 feet up) was used mainly for astronomical reasons, to watch the sky above. Sure, it served also to watch the skies, alright, although the sky can be watched also from low elevations. What I see clearly is this, Marty: it was mainly built up there to keep violent infiltrators away. Living high in the Andes with ropes that could be cut to keep the enemy away is really smart. Carving deep into the stone to prevent the atmosphere/environment destroying human bodies and keeping them young is genius too.

That is a temple/room, 400 m under the summit of Huayna Picchu. I bet the Pre-Inca carved indeed deep into the stone. The “interior” might have been changed by others as it does not contains also other than pre-Inca  building stones.  And then, infiltrators kill some people on the inside and the modern world declares it a burial ground. How convenient.  I know who sent the Spanish to Cusco to rob the gold: Germany wanted it in Europe.  


That pre-Inca culture disappeared apparently completely. Either the Inca used some of the pre-Inca ways and methods but in an altered form or they came later. Inca allegedly or really couldn’t write. I’m sure the pre-Inca could read and write.


This is 3D laser scan of Machu Picchu. The University of Arkansas did lots of scanning there and said that all of Cusco is a worthy architectural site to explore.

Wish history would tell the truth but nothing but. People memorize history and historic dates and much of it are lies. 

Yours forever,


P.S. Don’t forget, I love you. That heart of mine is earthquake-proof too. After a quake, it falls right back into place! 





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  1. Thank you Barbara for the in deep explanation i will visit it and now i can focus my research in pre-Inca period and about stones moved with energy or other means like in the pyramids because I also love the truth.


    May 27, 2016 at 2:43 am

  2. Great post with lots of important stuff.


    April 15, 2018 at 7:05 pm

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