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Louis Theroux should first of all expose the corrupt, extreme, and criminal side of Europe’s “culture” before he blames the USA or Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I hope this posting will reach you well. 

I mentioned before that your impostor, Monique’s husband, is the “star” in Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie”. What on Earth was he thinking working with your impostor but withholding from the public that he is an agent and impostor? Anyone who does a bit research finds these data on the net. All Theroux had to do was comparing photos. And the failure to do that is called “investigative journalism”. Yikes! 

Numerous “documentaries” of Louis  Theroux are blaming the USA on anything that is wrong with the world. In fact, the USA has no clean hands as its officials, judges, representatives, and others allow Germany to control them and bring out the worst in them. However, without the corrupt, extreme, and criminal side of Europe, particularly Germany, the USA would have clean hands and a much better reputation. By blaming the USA on anything without showing that Germany, its secret services/agents and infiltrators are behind these questionable actions, “My Scientology Movie”s works directly in favor for Germany, which is out to destroy the reputation of the USA and of SCN of course.

Theroux attributes infiltrator and agent behavior to Scientology. Your impostor showed some of his typical mood swings during filming. Fact is, Theroux never spoke to a real Scientologist. His “star” is an agent and never was a Scientologist.    

Theroux says that Monique’s husband would be “the heart and soul” of his “My Scientology Movie”. He didn’t mention that this man is a secret service dude and impostor.  Theroux told the Daily Mail that Monique’s husband embodies the “Scientology thinking”. The hell he does. What a load of baloney. You and me are Scientologists. Monique’s husband is anything but a Scientologist.  His thinking is agent thinking not that of a Scientologist.

He didn’t “graduate” from Scientology, he never started to study it honestly. He hasn’t understood Scientology as of his day. He just scratched the surface a bit, and him being an agent (having joined Scientology for bad reasons) didn’t allow him to truly study it. (Same goes for His Cobness.) The behavior that he showed and admitted of having in Scientology IS NOT THAT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST. It is that of a brutal agent and infiltrator.  His “prickly” side is his bad conscience. He has not much of it but the little that is left is prickly and volatile. If a withhold is missed, he starts to attack. No Scientology at all. That’s agent behavior.

Theroux asked him why it took him 20 years to leave Scientology. Is Theroux really that stupid? The secret service agent stays where he is placed until called to another place.  It is that simple. That’s why he stayed. Scientology has nothing to do with this. The cultists are not the Scientologists. The cultists are the secret services agents/infiltrators.

“My Scientology Movie” is just as stupid and dishonest as “Going Clear”, the HBO crap.

Some media representatives (hypocrites) are upset because the C of S were filming him while “investigating” Scientology. You know that I don’t approve of Miscavology or Vistarology, but Scientology has the same right like others to investigate, provided that these investigators don’t violate laws by doing so.

I love you from the bottom of my heart, Marty. Some things will never change.












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