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More bad PR for Scientology by non-Scientologist David Miscavige and family (also non-Scientologists): no meaningful relationships and dirty laundry

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I would like to know this more than anything!

If David Miscavige would be a real Scientologist, he would (due to his wrongful actions and his PTS situations) have removed himself a long time ago from heading Scientology  to allow real Scientologists to lead Scientology. In earlier times, people with just one family member of the sort DM has more, was enough routed out of not just the Sea Org but any org, mission or group as PTS C.

Marty, I remember in the late 70s, RB being angry that I couldn’t spend my vacation time with her in Yugoslavia. She called the Munich org and threatened that if they don’t give me the vacation, she will picket the Munich org. This alone was reason for the Guardian Office to route me out of the GO. I was labeled PTS C. I had to work hard without disconnection  to get back in. RB constantly was high maintenance. The “situation” always came back when I was not around her. Others pushed her buttons while I wasn’t around and her suppressive character and insane fears were unleashed again in the mid 80s.  

As DM grabbed Scientology from the founder Ron’s impostor, he can get away with anything. Even the worst PTS sits. David Miscavige’s family members do not just threaten. They attack Scientology constantly in the media or in publication. 

As the “leader”, he has to be informed about attacks against Scientology. That is not really disconnecting from the stuff his own family claims and does. So, it will influence him. DM is heavily PTS, no doubt about it, and he pulls in more and more motivators for himself and Scientology. Just as Germany and p$ychs want it. 

His Cobness’s attorney addressed St. Martin’s Press, Miscavige senior’s U.S. publisher, indicating that if his father’s book would be published, DM would sue and that DM had “no meaningful relationship with his dad since age 16”. Is DM really that stupid not knowing what people will think when they read this? They will blame Scientology on it. He (and the non-Scientologist secret service case officers behind him)  don’t apply Scientology, otherwise he would have meaningful relationships with his family! Or does DM not care what people think about Scientology as long as he can run it, has a luxurious life and call the shots? Both applies if you ask me.  

DM and his father (and other members of this clan of non-Scientologists) were both in Scientology at the same time for decades. How come they didn’t have a meaningful relationship during those times? A “family of Scientologists” has no meaningful relationship? People will think that if not even the leader has good family relationships, so what is Scientology worth? They would not want their family members join as afraid that they get a family like the Miscaviges! Who wants THAT? 

As you know, the second dynamic does not just consists of the first part. It has a second part too: family relations. It is not an inferior part either. In original Scientology it is as important as the other dynamics. Under infiltrator, impostor, and secret service agent Jack Vistaril (who passed Scientology to DM), the second part of the 2D became already worth less and Miscavology took it to another (bad) level. 

People ask, if Scientology is so good, how come the leader’s relationship with his family is so dysfunctional? How come he was not able to create a good relationship with his family if Scientology has the tools?

They will think that Scientology does not work. It does work but DM and his family doesn’t apply it.

The rumors about Shelley Miscavige’s “disappearance” don’t die either, Marty. Police said that she is alive and on her own free will in SCN.  However, that DM doesn’t ask her to make an appearance to end these rumors means imo only one thing: he is afraid that she could talk about his infidelity to others. He doesn’t apply ethics to his own life as he is no Scientologist, and he is hit by one motivator after the other. Behind him, the secret service men in this secret German and psychiatric world leave His Cobness on top of Scientology as he brings it down.

It was never difficult for you and me to explain  DM’s actions. And I also don’t believe that your impostor walked on his own into Scientology and took over your job and life. I am certain that DM, Mike Rinder, and others were in on this. Leaving you, an innocent person behind, and exchanging you with an impostor (Monique’s husband) is ultimate non-Scientology of never leave one behind! But they are typical German and psychiatric methods!

David Miscavige v. Ron Miscavige is once again not Scientologist v. Ex-Scientologist but agent/infiltrator v. agent/former infiltrator. Secret service psychiatrists and Germany, behind trying to get rid of Scientology and ruining it, are rubbing their blood-crusted hands. However, they are forgetting that not just Miscaviges but also they will get their motivators. They will not have the last laugh. Truth will come out. They all fail to apply Scientology, otherwise they would see it coming as we do. 

I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Can’t wait to put my arms around you. You never should have been locked up. Time for guilty people to experience hell behind bars.   

Yours forever,










5 Responses

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  1. Miscavige’s father is giving TV interviews. His son David Miscavige was so great as kid… Scientology is being blamed. DM was rather young when he joined the church.


    April 27, 2016 at 7:55 am

    • I am very suspicious of Ron Miscavige as in apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’d really like to know how Miscavige senior got rid of the rape charges that were filed against him three decades ago and if that money came from Scientology, which it should not.

      David Miscavige’s father used five different names in dealing with police trying to blame his violations on people at the INT base. What a “lovely guy” Miscavige senior is.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 27, 2016 at 11:33 am

      • I read that his father said that David Miscavige started fights in school and was the instigator. If true that means that DM has not changed a bit and has not and never applied Scientology ethics and other data to his life.

        He was a teenager when he “joined” Scientology. Germany and their psychiatrists (under the cover of all kinds of secret services) turn children latest in first grade into agents in any country of the world. The real founder and real Scientology was very opposed to this.

        I am a real Scientologist. I know one when I see one. DM and his twin sister are none. And neither was his father one.

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 27, 2016 at 11:36 am

  2. This is from the ABC website of April 26, 2016:

    “And the title of the book, ‘Ruthless,’ I mean, it couldn’t be a falser description of David Miscavige,” Yingling told “20/20.” “He’s a very compassionate, kind person.”

    David Miscavige declined repeated requests from ABC News to comment on this story, but Yingling told “20/20” that, “On a personal level, I think he [David] is probably very, very sad that his father would do this.”

    “There seems to be no explanation except that his father is trying to make a buck off his name,” she continued. “So I think there’s that level of sadness and I’m sure a sense of betrayal.”

    Miscavige’s daughters declined to sit down for an interview with “20/20,” but through an attorney told “20/20” in a statement that they have cut off all ties from their father. They claim he was more violent with their mother and them than he admits, accusing him of striking them with his fists and his belt and saying, “Our father beat our mother senseless in drunken tirades, averaging two violent attacks with his fists per week.”


    April 27, 2016 at 8:01 am

    • He pays her probably high lawyer fees, doesn’t he? She is no Scientologist and states that all the time, doesn’t she? Gee!

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 27, 2016 at 11:24 am

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