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Ron Miscavige senior with Nazi armband

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Scientology — Leader's Father Snapped in Nazi Uniform … Son Disowns Him

Dearest Marty, my hero and irresistible Prince, how are you? I feel for you and wish I could do something effective to help you.

Above link shows a picture of  Ronald Miscavige senior, the father of David Miscavige in a Nazi uniform. Can it get any clearer that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and German-oriented secret service agents? 

C of S  today (DM still at the top) says that Ronald Miscavige senior is a racist, apparently against Jews but also against Blacks.  He is a non-Scientologist, apparently.

A few other things that I noticed  (besides that the dirty Miscavige laundry between the members of this family of Non-Scientologists points me clearly towards German-psychiatric secret service set ups to harm the reputation of Scientology) are these:  

  1. The PIs hired (by OSA or one of their law firms) to do the surveillance are shady, operating above the law and are getting “caught” (German-psychiatric secret service set ups to harm the reputation of Scientology). A “father and son team” as in “Ronald Miscavige and David Miscavige father and son team”.  Yikes! USD 500.000 of Scientology money to tail his unethical father who DM on top of all antagonized!
  2. Do I think that Ronald Miscavige senior wants to cash in on the anti-Scientology hype with his book? (Yes, I do.)
  3. Ronald Miscavige senior complains that his son David Miscavige “teared him apart” (verbally, cursing, yelling, screaming) for 55 minutes. Apparently, David Miscavige does NOT APPLY Scientology when he deals with people incl. his own family.  DM creates his own enemies again and again, and they retaliate against him. German-psychiatric secret services loves it as in the eye of the clueless public, Scientology is blamed on this. 
  4. Ronald Miscavige said he raised David Miscavige. This is the problem!  DM was raised by his father Ron Miscavige who admits in 20/20 that he was physically abusive to his wife and family. DM is accused of hitting and beating people. This is anti-Scientology. This is Miscavology not Scientology! The problem with David Miscavige is that he has not changed. He is the man his father raised. He has not changed in Scientology because he is no Scientologist  who applies it to his own life. DM didn’t better himself. If he hits people, how is he different from his father? 
  5. DM’s twin sister Denise doesn’t apply Scientology to her life either. Her name is in the bad headlines too. DUI and reckless driving. Scientology not applied. DM can’t get his own closest family members to apply Scientology because he doesn’t apply it either.
  6. I’m pretty sure that not only David Miscavige was around when we both married in the UK, Marty, but Ronald Miscavige witnessed it too. I bet the farm that both know that the man married to Mary Sue and who left Scientology to David Miscavige was an impostor and secret service agent and not the founder.
  7. Ronald Miscavige is also very contradictory. One time he says that his son was not always the way he is now, that he was lovable as a kid, and then he says that his son before Scientology started fights with others and ripped into others. How lovable is that???? It tells me that DM hasn’t changed at all from the way Ronald Miscavige brought him up. Former bully is still a bully. As a kid before Scientology, DM according to his father, was telling bad things about other people. This hasn’t changed either because David Miscavige does not apply Scientology to his own life. I can feel that he 3rd partied me too to his team after I published that he got Scientology from the impostor and not from the founder. And he hired a “service” to keep my blog low in the net. It is illegal, imo, as it prevents the volume of my right of free speech. However, Marty, I don’t expect much of the world anyway. German-controlled ear implants are there to prevent this. As long as my blog reaches you somehow, our story will have a happy ending. 
  8. The Miscaviges joined Scientology for the wrong reasons. It is an applied religious philosophy and not a clinic to handle diseases like asthma. As he and also his other family members joined for the wrong reasons, they of course didn’t apply religious Scientology. Medical Secret Service terrorists are using remote-controlled germs to cause diseases including asthma. They introduce and stop diseases as they please, and the authorities are blind toward what these medical terrorists are doing. It is possible that they plotted already in the late 60s that DM is the kind of person who would take Scientology over in a non-religious bully way. And that is why they allowed him to stay and move to the top.
  9. 20/20 just like other TV programs is mixing up pictures of the real founder Ron and of his impostor. They did not compare the pictures to each other and did not discover that one is the decent founder, and the other one is the sneaky German/CIA controlled infiltrator and impostor “Jack Vistaril” who passed Scientology to David Miscavige without that Jack Vistaril was entitled to do that. If reporters would understand the tonescale, they would not make these kind of huge mistakes. 
  10. I also bet the farm that Norman Starkey knows very well that the man who left Scientology due to David Miscavige a secret service agent and imposter and that Ron, the real founder of Scientology would have NEVER EVER left Scientology to David Miscavige. NEVER EVER. How dare Norman Starkey to make a statement like that. I hope he lives long enough that I can tell him face to face what I think of him. Besides, the most normal action for any founder is to leave his work to a child/children and not to strangers. But in regards of Scientology, people don’t think clearly, thanks to psychiatrists and their mind-control and media campaigns against Scientology.
  11. With takeover by David Miscavige, many people were kicked out of Scientology. Including me. I blame Germany, secret services, and international psychiatrists on it. They ordered it, because they had the plan to change Scientology even more than agent Jack Vistaril changed it. And David Miscavige seem to them the ideal man to bring Scientology in trouble and to prevent the comeback of original Scientology.
  12. Marty, in 1985, Ronald Miscavige, the father of David Miscavige was arrested in Pennsylvania on charges of attempted rape. He said it was a case of mistaken identity. Really? If David Miscavige wouldn’t have gotten his father out of this with Scientology money, Ronald Miscavige probably would have been send to jail. DM helped his unethical father with Scientology money! Can you believe it?  The hypocrisy is unbelievable! Despite I have no evidence, Marty, my intuition tells me that you were accused of something like this, and David Miscavige didn’t help you, despite you are truly innocent. And everybody knows it. DM didn’t  help you and on top of this, he hired an imposter, Monique’s husband, to imposter you!!!!! Scientology Code of Honor trampled by Miscavology feet! That is what David Miscavige calls ethics and Scientology! It is outrageous. What a family of agents instead of Scientologists.  David apparently knew that his father wasn’t innocent if he said that his father has to turn his life around. David Miscavige should have stepped back from the top position back then and left Scientology in the hand of Scientologists. But he loves power, luxury, and being the agent who leads Scientology towards bling bling bling  but not towards its original roots and wisdom.
  13. Ronald Miscavige said that his son has changed in the Sea Org. What I see is that DM is the same guy, a non-Scientologist who does not apply Scientology ethics and other technology to his own life, who was raised by his father into a bully.
  14. From the pictures that I have seen, Ronald Miscavige had a very good if not luxurious life in the Sea Org, and DM used Scientology money to make the life of this unethical man who wears a swastika band on his arm, really easy. It is outrageous.
  15. The world looks at the Miscavige family and how dysfunctional they are and blames Scientology on it without that they know that the Miscaviges are no Scientologists. It’s exactly what Germany and the doctor (Secret Service psychs) orders. 
  16. The over-boarding is so typical for David Miscavige, the very son of his father Ronald Miscavige. The real founder didn’t overboard anybody but German/CIA double agent and imposter Jack Vistaril did it. David Miscavige of course on a tone level like the impostor finds over-boarding great and keeps it up including psychiatry methods like running in circles and being spun around in circles. This is also non-Scientology. DM is lucky that nobody died on a heart attack yet by being thrown into cold water. He is such an idiot. Can’t believe attorney Monique Yingling defense is defending this abusive practice. Again, it is not Scientology. It is the crap (possibly dangerous if the water is cold) of Germany, psychiatrists and secret services. 
  17. Non-Scientologists/agent David Miscavige merging with Nations of Islam lead by anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is another time bomb to explode, upon which Germany secret services and international psychiatrist of course want to blame Scientology as they always do. This guy (His Cobness) is as little OT as an insect. He can’t predict the future! He can’t see what is coming down the road! He falls into every setup, believing that his non-Scientology case officers are saving him. We couldn’t afford this kind of stupidity and blindness, Marty! And he can’t either but he doesn’t know it.
  18. After Ronald Miscavige broke his Sea Org contract and left, David Miscavige pays his unethical racist and bully of a father a large sum. His father had the guts to ask Scientology for $100,000 to buy a house and David Miscavige paid it. It is so unbelievable how Scientology money is misused.
  19. David Miscavige’s sisters wrote affidavits in regards to the abuse done by their father Ronald. But it all boils down to that the entire Miscavige family is very bad for Scientology. Just what the doctor orders. This is why David Miscavige got the power over Scientology in the first place. And he took it because he isn’t a Scientologist. If he would be a Scientologist, he would care about Scientology. Anybody can do what DM did in Scientology. Membership is down, Scientology has a horrible reputation, and Vistarologists and Miscavologists are no OTs. He did nothing to restore Scientology as by the real founder. He worships the impostor for the known reasons.



Here the wrong names that Ronald Miscavige used, apparently to mislead police.



Well, you heard it all for me before, Marty, I just couldn’t help myself.

I love you. Yours always and forever, Marty, you are deep in my heart.

Parts of your inner life, my soulmate, are in any beautiful song that I hear.

Our love will bring us together and with us comes the truth.




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  1. Lisa Marie Presley really supports father Ron Miscaviage?

    Jack Un

    May 5, 2016 at 11:09 pm

  2. You are so interesting! I do not think I
    have read anything like this before. So good to
    find somebody with some original thoughts on this issue.
    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the
    web, someone with a little originality!


    May 16, 2016 at 7:21 am

    • I feel kind of strange approving comments as yours. I don’t want to come across blowing my own horn like Donald Trump did.

      Guess your comment is just spam and you mail the same comment to many bloggers and they all look like Donald Trump blowing their own horn now. 😉

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 16, 2016 at 7:30 am

  3. In Kielce, communist police and a mob killed around 40 Jews and several other people on July 4, 1946. That was a year after WWII.

    Rotating ahead

    July 4, 2016 at 1:34 am

    • Which means that the Nazis were not gone after 1945 and behind communists were/are German Nazis.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 4, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    • Very bizarre set up. Psychs try to turn Scientology into what they did to Islam. That is also the reason why they are behind pairing NOI with Scientology. Because NOI has Islam in its name and Farrakhan is a racist and anti-Semite.

      Germany tries to outlaw Scientology since ever also using other countries like Russia and France for that purpose. Now their secret service psychs are trying to find the “ideal” infiltrators to conduct atrocities.

      If threatening the church, offering his “services” against Scientology’s enemies or a prankster, clear is that those psychs who condition people into Manchurian candidates and killer machines have a terror act involving Scientology in their insane, brutal insane minds.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 24, 2016 at 1:07 am

  4. In Germany, public support for Snowden is at its highest.


    November 11, 2016 at 12:11 am

    • Because Germany likes to see the USA smeared and is too cowardly to grant Snowden asylum. So, Germany has Russia to take him in to get USA and Russia at each others troat.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 11, 2016 at 7:35 am

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