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If His Cobness throws cash at your impostor instead of his wife, they probably feel, they don’t have to pay their now fired attorneys

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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only,

Hundreds of things to do but you are never far from my mind. 

Monique withdrew her case no. 15-0966 in the Texas Supreme Court against Stephen Sloat, Ed Bryan, Church of Scientology International, David Lubow, and Monty Drake (and DM) in which she announced that she moves to dismiss her complaint in the 207th District Court in Texas. She (or rather your impostor who has the saying against Scientology) complains that the attorneys acted against her wishes, delayed the case and told them that their lawsuit is not much worth financially.

Here we have it! Clearly, these golddiggers want to make big cash off Scientology. They don’t just withdraw a case without profiting. 

According to some publications on the Internet, “her” attorneys invested  thousands of hours of “work” in that case, worth “million/s”.

Well, I hope these attorneys also learned their lesson not to take clients who have a vendetta against Scientology.

I ran into two statements made by Monique’s husband recently:

One said that they achieve outside of the courts what they wanted to achieve.

The other statement said that there was no settlement.

He also made clear, that nothing of his attitude against Scientology is changed and he referred again to his long blog.

However, they want money.  Lots of it. In regards to Scientology, he and not Mosey has the saying. He was/is the force behind “her” case.  Scientology is a really complicated subject as many know. Monique is “green” in that matter. I’m convinced that she never would have sued the C of S, Miscavige, and the other defendants in the first place without putting her up to it. Videos that I have seen of  her indicate clearly that she does exactly what her hubby orders.

In order to get rid of the case and not having to appear in court, DM might have settled on might settle with you impostor, Marty. And once you come free and make a public appearance, you impostor and this money might disappear together with him. IF DM PAYS HIM MONEY. (I don’t have any facts as of now, just a hunch.)

And DM has even more explaining to do for 1) hiring your impostor in the first place 2) making a non-Scientologist, agent, and impostor to his 2nd in command 3) paying him money after he harmed Scientology greatly in the media and otherwise.

Once your impostor has the cash, Monique and the child will probably  see the last of him and any cash. (Again, no facts yet, but a hunch.)

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are different, honest, and noble. You are the last person in the universe who should be incarcerated.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.






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