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I wouldn’t want Ron Miscavige as my father nor David Miscavige as my son

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince, how are you?

Both (Ron Miscavige senior and David Miscavige) function as desired by Germany and international psychiatrists: bad PR for Scientology. Both are no Scientologists and both are smearing Scientology with their behaviors. David Miscavige creates personal enemies (his former friends, executives, and family members) because he does not apply Scientology. His father doesn’t apply it either. He could have been an adviser to his son to be ethical but Ron Miscavige senior doesn’t apply Scientology ethics either, so both pulling are getting in troubles ethic-wise.

Although Scientologists should have the right as anyone else to choose who they want to be with, the “disconnection policy” (implemented by the founder’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” but later cancelled and then reinstated by DM and his secret case officers, the non-Scientologists behind DM) has problems written all over it.   

Ron Miscavige senior admitted on TV being no Scientologist. His father said that “power” corrupted his son, and he writes a mean book about his own son. What a “lovely dad”, but also what a “lovely son”. Both no Scientologists, but thanks that the SEGNPMSS has catapulted this dysfunctional family to the top of Scientology, Scientology is being blamed by the public on their behaviors.

Ron Miscavige is/was abusive to his former wife in front of DM and his siblings. His son David Miscavige is accused of being abusive by many. BEING VIOLENT IS NO PART OF SCIENTOLOGY WHATSOEVER. DM is a Miscavologist and no Scientologist. If he wants it or not, he IS his father. 

Ron Miscavige joined Scientology for the WRONG REASONS, to cure disease instead of studying our RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY. That is the reason we joined it, Marty.

I haven’t read Miscavige book, but here is an excerpt: DM helped his father out with a rape charge! When Ron Miscavige senior was living in King of Prussia, he was a suspect in an attempted-rape case. He called his son, and the next day the church’s attorney Michael Hertzberg showed up with a suitcase filled with cash for bail. Eventually, at the first hearing, the woman looked at Miscavige and said she wasn’t sure if he was the man who attempted to rape her, so the case was dismissed.

What I want to know is if DM used Scientology cash to make the woman say that or not.  

From the pictures that I have seen, Ron Miscavige had a good life at the INT base and because being the father of DM, he was rather treated as a spoiled celebrity. He was arc-broken because DM yelled at him for 55 minutes in front of others. DM is an idiot. Period. As I said, DM is no Scientologist and creates his own enemies.  

Leah Remini is another example. She wanted to be “on the cool table” and see Michelle Miscavige.  MM is no Scientologist in my eyes either, but what is the big deal letting these two women talk? Tells me that DM doesn’t want Michelle talk about his infidelity to Leah or others. That he avoids people to talk to Michelle shines the spotlight very much so on infidelity. Besides, Laurisse Stuckenbrock  had her hand possessive on the back of Miscavige in public in a way no woman touches her boss. Nobody gives himself better away than DM himself. Again, Scientology ethics, this time on the 2D, NOT applied by His Cobness.

Lisa Marie Presley is another person who allegedly choose Ron Miscavige senior’s side. Gee! Where are her eyes? I would choose none of them. Real and original Scientology is what you and I choose, and that is not applied by any of the Miscaviges.  

DM buys his non-Scientology father a house with 100.000 Dollars of Scientology money!

Ron Miscavige allegedly does not blame “Scientology” but the “organisation” and “the church”. His son “IS” the “organisation” and “the church”. What he does not say is that non-Scientologists and secret service agents (SEGNPMSS) are the men behind his son who allow him or put him up to behave in ways that they hope will destroy Scientology or alter it so much that it is a cash cow for Europe (Germany). According to my intuition, DM didn’t transfer the Sea Org reserves back to the USA after Scientology was declared as non-profit.

What do you think about my intuition and ability to make the correct conclusions? Like you, I don’t think flat but in layers and all dimensions. That is how I figure things out, and I do figure the things out. And I know you do too.

 I love you, Marty.  Be kissed my darling. In the non-Scientology world, even family members attack each other, but in the real Scientology world, in our world, we are true and loyal. No scandal and dirty love, only true love, truth, and decency. 

Yours forever and always,












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  1. David Miscavige is quoted having said:
    “We want to bring the individual up to a higher level ability so that he’s more intelligent so that he can handle his life better.”

    Lurky Collector

    May 8, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    • David Miscavige speaking about intelligence is a joke. He made so many non-intelligent choices. He mistreated and mishandled people. He promotes the wrong and unethical people and non-Scientologists as he is. He doesn’t apply Scientology to his own life. Intelligence? WHAT INTELLIGENCE?

      BTW, what is a higher level ability? Thanks to that Germany kidnapped me, English is not the language I grew up with but what is DM’s excuse? Let me re-phrase this: “Scientology (if applied) enables the individual to increase his spiritual abilities. This will raise his IQ, and he’ll be able to handle his life better.”

      Doesn’t sound that better?

      Besides, this is not the only purpose of Scientology. Knowledge of everything and the creation of a truly decent universe is also a goal of Scientology. But what does DM know?

      You don’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership. — Dwight D. Eisenhower (and the real founder of SCN, Ron, said the same.)

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 9, 2016 at 6:48 am

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