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Antarctica Pyramids

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

My thoughts are with you, and I ask myself any day how you are.

Last year, some explorers made headlines with pictures like above from the Antarctica. Some say that it is only a mountain but looks like a pyramid in Giza style to me. Pyramids are on each continent. Why not in the Antarctica under 2 miles of ice? The ice was not always there. I have to admit that I am curious about the Antarctica. You too?

Interesting is how numerous people react when they learn of possible discoveries not mentioned in regular history books. They attack, beyond being critical of the finding. Maybe they are afraid of the unknown, even if something is thousands of years old. You and I, and some others, discovered a long time ago that history as approved by international departments/ministries of education contain falsehoods and lies. Historians and archaeologists have to swim with the stream to be not booted by their university or other employer or defamed as kooks.  

Conspiracy theories however became mainstream in the meantime. The main theory is that technical advanced aliens landed on Earth, built the pyramids and other neolithic structures, tried to help the Earth population and then left one day. I don’t agree at all with this theory.

From what I have concluded, the advanced architects lived on Earth (definitely not Neanderthals) when aliens discovered them, and they came like flies to the light. Instead of asking for friendship and advice, they infiltrated, stole, destroyed, and murdered. And since this time of invasion, this evil and jealous mindset is very common on Earth.

It is highly possible that they used the Earth earlier on to dump some of their own here who became the Neanderthals.   

I think the vast majority of these aliens from hell lost their memories by now as to who they are and where they came from and why they came to Earth. They were born again thinking they are originally from Earth, stupid enough to think that they are born just once, and they start wars, fights and conduct terror and other high crimes. However, in certain environments, as you know, the human body does not have to die at all. Sometimes I wonder if some of the “old invaders” are still alive who have not lost their memories.  

If they landed here 5000 – 6000 years ago (which is very well possible), they killed us how many times? The fact that we picked up new bodies does not excuse any of their horrendous crimes. How can the Dorian Grays live with that kind of conscience? I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Nothing is more worth than a good character and a clean conscience. They probably ask psychiatrist colleagues to remove parts of their memories to get away from their bad conscience like in External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Creeps! Even with no memory, the downtoneness stays and sticks to them like construction glue. Bad deeds are like tattoos on a thetan. The pictures and texts might be blurred, but the low feeling that is emanating from them is there. And then they wonder and whine why they are rejected and not loved.       

Scientology auditing without psychiatric case officers manipulating the PC through his or her ear implants can reveal how history really took place. We were there, Marty. 

Apparently many people want to remember their past lives. As of today, there are 11,200,000 hits on how to remember past lives on Google. Thetan basically knows. Only those with horrible conscience don’t want to believe in past lives. What they did is so bad that they are afraid of running past lives as they basically feel what they did. So they stick their heads in the sand and declare that past lives are nonsense or they fight Scientology. Corrupt  fools. The only way out is then way through.   

You are amazing, Marty. And I miss you. And I love you since ever. Who can compete with since ever? No one. I love you so much and that is how it will stay.  

Be kissed.

Yours always,













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