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Gee, what kind of loose cannon is Donald Trump’s butler?

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

I don’t approve of very Germany submissive President Obama but Anthony Peter Senecal, not that long ago the butler of Donald Trump, called for the President’s execution. (See below.) If Trump is elected US president, he will fill the positions of his administrations with loose cannons like Anthony Peter Senecal.

                                      What kind of language is that anyway for a butler?

I prefer Mr. Carson’s style. At least he has class.  

Besides, Trump didn’t say a word that would indicate to me that he would indeed end corruption in Washington. He is never the man who ends the illegality of people listening to their German-oriented and German-controlled case officers who are telling them through their ear implants what do so that Germany/Europe stays on top and the USA and all other countries are losing.

He would “end” the corruption with replacing it with a new corruption. With a president that has no class, speaks against religion (Islam and no other religion is the problems but the anti-religious people who infiltrate it and conduct anti-religious activities and even atrocities) and  women and foreigners, Trump would be the president, the SEGNPMSS wants the USA to get, a man who talks much worse than truck drivers. 

Like other parties, the Republican Party is infiltrated too, otherwise they would have Presidential candidates against which Trump would have no chance.  People drawn to Trump have no class either. The problems of the USA and the rest of the world lies much deeper than Trump sees them and/or is willing to solve.  

It all boils down to “hail ear implants” in politicians, but also in their supporters the voters.  It is not the American taste that is bad, but the psychiatrists of German secret services works on Americans also with silent sounds to accept bad taste so that the rest of the world can laugh about it. 

Democracy anywhere on the planet? Yeah right! Not even remotely.    

 You would make a great US President, Marty. You got everything: class, IQ, leadership abilities, wisdom, skills to explain and inspire. Germany and other secret or open enemies of the USA can’t fool you. You could transform the USA into the shining beacon for the world that it was supposed to be. 

I love you.

Here is the message of the lunatic:
























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