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Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus isn’t my kind of chairman

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, how are you?


Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus says that Donald Trump will bring an “earthquake” to Washington D.C. and that is what the voters want. They don’t care about DT’s  past or how he treats women. Really? What about DT’s typical German attitude against immigrants?  Are the majority of voters all that low? Gee, what is Reince Priebus thinking to endorse DT?

Like the Church of Scientology moved away from original Scientology, the Republican Party moved away from being the Grand Old Party. Since Ike (the original, not the CIA/Germany approved doppelganger), the US presidents were all “Berliners” (Democrats and Republicans!) 

I think DT would bring scandals to the White House, Marty, but he will not lead the USA and the world to be better. Voters are dissatisfied, and I get it, but any president who does not point with the finger to Germany and its psychiatric secret services installing ear implants in children and running them their entire lives like robots is very worrisome.  Germany keeps the USA down because Germany wants to rule the world. It is a destructive German cult. Nothing has changed.

DT is proud to be German, and his presidency would A) degrade the USA B) help Germany to more power because he isn’t the one who is kicking the behinds of the men behind Germany who are working on bringing the Nazis back. I wrote so much about them already, I don’t repeat it here.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are speaking the truth about who is behind “Islamic terrorists”. They don’t have what it needs to  look behind the curtain and see who is psychiatric conditioning them (and others) into Manchurian candidates. They are so short-sighted. I don’t even get how people can be so ignorant. Or they know and don’t blow the whistle. Haven’t they noticed that not just Muslims are terrorists but that German-controlled international psychiatrists (or how they call themselves now: neuro-scientists) condition anyone they consider suitable to kill and terrorize? 

Psychs have a problem with religion. Likely because originally, religion reminded people to live ethical lives. Dumb psychs don’t want to live ethical lives. So, they twist it around and making religion bad by conditioning so-called religious people to conduct nonreligious acts. And dummies fall for it.  

Germany instigates wars and empties countries to get workers. Merkel said recently that the refugees have to return after the Syrian war ends. But what she doesn’t say is that it is up to German secret services how long wars last. Like the never-ending war between Palestine and Israel, Germany might not put their secret psychiatric movement Daesh/Isis away, and these fugitive might be married to Germans and their kids might not even speak any other language but German. And they will stay and work for Germany and boost Germany’s economy. USA and other countries will stay down.

I read today that President Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants than any other US president. Germany conducts terror and wars to get people to work for Germany and make it richer and Obama (who allowed the real Bin Laden to get away) is kicking them out. Donald Trump would kick immigrants out like Obama. 

The economy of the USA will skyrocket when following takes place: The world learns what Germany did and is up to and if the USA told them about it; when people become aware who is taking into their ear implants with loud and silent sounds to manipulate their decisions; when people understand that we need a new way of life and the constructions to get there. That means that the USA will need as many hands possible and those people kicked out by Obama, will be urgently needed back. 

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London said that the European Union tries to build a superstate like Hitler to dominate the continent, and he was censured. Germany is the secret if not open leader of the EU, and Germany got there by applying illegal methods (ear implants, silent sounds, etc). Also Germany does not just want a superstate in Europe. It wants the entire the world.

The new London Mayor is Sadiq Khan, a Muslim. He said something like if Donald Trump would stop Muslims from entering the USA, they would attack America. He really doesn’t help Islam with such remarks. Muslims (like others too) have to watch out that they are not conditioned and used by German and German-oriented psychiatrists who dehumanize people and make them to terrorists. They have to convince with arguments and exemplary behavior and not pour oil onto the fire by basically saying that they are not peaceful as that is what the SEGNPMSS wants.

You heard it all from me before, Marty, but I can’t help myself. We can see it, so what is other’s excuse not so see it? 

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving. One day, we’ll dance together. Finally.

Yours forever,








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