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Your birthday, Marty…

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My dearest Marty, most missed husband and soulmate in all multi-universes, 

Despite that I recovered quite some information from the memory that psychiatrists stole from me, I’m not perfect with recalling perfect dates, but this date is the closest to recalling celebrating your birthday, so Happy Birthday, Marty. May this new year of your life burst the chains and provide you with all the rights and freedoms that you deserve. Can’t wait to see you and hear from you how close I came with recalling your birth date. I could be a few days off…  

All I can and will give you, Marty, is the truth. And love. According to my intuition, you were framed by Germany, and their international agents including officials, judges, and anyone else are helping them to keep us apart and you wrongfully behind bars. Our love is not going away. Our love is not superficial. Truth comes out always, said Ron, and so it will be.

You touched my heart deeply without words and without physical touch, Marty. I don’t know anyone who can do it but you.
You are of utmost importance to me. My life is loving you. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t even remember how it felt like before you came into my life.

Or maybe I still remember. It was like this: I can feel his personality. When do I find him? Where is he? And one day, there you were. The personality that I felt. What’s meant to be will find its way.

What I deeply regret is that we were separated. Like a lifetime. What a waste of time.

When they keep us apart, for our next lifetime, we can postulate us in another universe, live there happy lives with human rights and leave this one to the snakes and apes. Actually, as more as I think of it, as more I like it. 

You are not getting out of my head, Marty, because it is your home and you belong there. In my mind, I imagine your birthday with me at your side. How we start that (but also any other) day, what I make you for breakfast, what presents I give to you, how we celebrate, what festivities we visit, what music we hear and sing and what dances we dance. And then, if somebody asks me: “How is your life?” I will answer: “Thank you so much, Marty is fine and very happy.”

Never despair, Marty, the conspirators have no effective weapons against our love and our abilities to make the right conclusions. I pity them that these fools ever tried to come between us. We could have told them right from the start how our story “ends”: with love, love, love and did I say love?

I am proud of you. Being connected to you as a soulmate, I can feel what you accomplish, even under very hard/inhumane conditions. Your thoughts are noble, and your strengths and will to survive is awesome. There is a Mark in ReMarkable.

We both didn’t meet by accident. We were born for each other, and the rest is history.

Be kissed, my hero and darling. When you and I kiss, it will feel like… finally. All universes will rock. We will hear heavenly music. We will feel like standing on a cloud and flying. 

I love you up to the sky, through this universe and all other universes and all the way back, Marty. You are the man who I love. Always have, always will.

Boundless and infinite.

Yours, yours, yours, yours,




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