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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and amazing husband,

How are you?

I made some EMF protection experiments in the past years that did cost me a few hundred bucks, but learned from them that EMF is just one problem and the bigger problems are secret sounds sent with neutrinos, which easily penetrate EMF curtains, bedding, fabric, cages, tents or  shielding. Many people know about EMF radiation and are spending money on improving their homes against EMF. A good shield against EMF might give them some help against electromagnetic radiation but won’t help at all against secret sounds carried with neutrinos into homes, offices, and bodies.

You know that they are not electrically charged and can pass through great distances without being affected by that distance. The ideal subatomic particle for the SEGNPMSS to attach silent sounds to it and to torture people and to make them sick (incl. silent sounds/communication carried by neutrinos to activate germs, bacteria, etc. to cause the most heinous and deadly diseases in people and also animals). And those, who are paid to protect the health of mankind either don’t get it or participate in what I call planetary murder. Within an average age of 75, the entire planet, each person is murdered by these secret service medical doctors and psychiatrists (silent sounds/communication carried by neutrinos to activate germs, bacteria, etc. to cause the most heinous and deadly diseases in people and also animals) if people are not killed before in their orchestrated terror acts, wars, alleged natural catastrophes, accidents, etc. And doctors and their agents who are doing this, using a lot of justifications why secret medical mass murder or medical murder is okay, They are avoiding completely to look at their “work” and what they are: SPs, monsters.  

And in their next lifetime, they become the victims of their own inhumane system. Some colleagues win the upper hand and are getting rid of them. That is how those bloody idiots step in their own traps. Yes, they are that dumb. They are so shortsighted. This is a system in which everyone loses, it is just a matter of time. 

I learned that neutrinos are affected only by a subatomic force that is weak and has a much shorter range than electromagnetism. And that makes neutrinos able to travel great distances and passes through matter without being affected by it. They travel right through a house with lots of EMF shielding. 

There appears to be at least three kids of neutrinos. I learned this: Neutrinos are so elusive that a light-year of  lead (!) and six trillion miles (!) would only stop half of the neutrinos flying through it. Argh. Good luck to all those who buy EMF curtains for better health.

It means that people on Earth can be medically killed through neutrinos from a medical pig not even located on this planet anymore. Guess that makes these barbers and butchers feel “save” to conduct their monstrous acts, unless  it is their turn to be eliminated by their own peer and transported back to Earth. Bad people are no good family members, relatives, partners, colleagues, friends, neighbors or whatever. They don’t even like themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t burden themselves by committed those atrocities.

From what I can sense, Marty, they are downtone like hell and heavily depressed. All of their own doing. And that is what they call intelligence. They are so stupid. Crimes reduces intelligence. There is no doubt about it. People can’t afford to look anymore. If they would look, their bad conscience would appear. So, they choose to reduce their ability to think clearly and thoroughly. They can’t see that they are making themselves unhappy. They are lying not just to anyone else, they are also lying to themselves. They can’t see that they will step in their own trap one day. They rather want original Scientology altered/destroyed than working on their lack of character. 

There are ancient neutrinos but knowing the SEGNPMSS, they produce more for no other reason but to use them as vehicle to carry silent sounds and torture and kill. About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through human bodies every second and many carry secret information to activate the germs to cause diseases, pain, aging, and death.

Some scientists are saying that neutrinos are harmless. With silent messages attached to them to make bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, and whatever biological thing, multiply and eat away from the human tissue, they are the most deadly thing around.  

Somebody should invent a neutrino boomerang that reverses the course of the neutrinos and hit those monsters with the messages instead who sent them. Problem is only that people are clueless as far as the danger of neutrino use is concerned. 

You know of them, Marty, I am aware of that. I noticed something interesting. When I think back, the last time I saw you, I recognized what you knew.  (Some of it at the time when I saw you, some later.)  Do you understand what I mean? Looking at somebody and getting his or her horizon or no horizon of the mind and even details without invading the thoughts like psychs are doing it with secret service apps? I am so glad to be a real Scientologist. Without our abilities, we would fall for the lies of the SPs.

Looking at you was amazing. What a noble mind I discovered! Your mind wasn’t limited. You are not afraid to think and explore anything in any multiverse or beyond any physical universe. And these enormously rich inner worlds of yours, reflects to the outside, Marty. You have a very handsome body. But numerous other people are handsome too. However, what adds to your handsome body is that your character and depths shines through to the outside. It is all around you. In your features but also in your aura. And that makes you to the most attractive man in any universe. Heart-racing attractive and irresistible. 

Yours, my love,





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