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David Miscavige is the most unqualified person “to lead” Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. What a disgusting world in which the guilty are free or come free easily and the innocent (you) is framed and robbed of your freedom for so long. The worst of all is that Scientologists should be there to change that kind of unjust world, but they turned into Vistarologists and Miscavologists instead.

I watched that Norman Starkey video and came to the conclusion that this guy is one of the dumbest people ever born. And maybe also corrupt like hell if he knows that the man who “left Scientology” to David Miscavige was not the founder but a secret service agent and impostor.  

DM, an SP is also heavily PTS with those numerous antagonistic people in his family. He hears and reads in the media what his family members are saying, which means that he is subjected to their arguments and accordingly, PTS. 

The Miscavige family! What a horrible family! There is nothing but problems!

What I find also suspicious is that these non-Scientologists with the first name “Ron” float around the “leadership” of Scientology. Looks like another German-psychiatric set-up to me. Guess they want the ethical founder Ron not just confused with his impostor “Jack (“LRH”) Vistaril” but also with the scum of Miscaviges. They like Scientology to be smeared and brought down, and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, a German/CIA double agent upon German psych-orders selected David Miscavige for that. He and his family would harm Scientology greatly through their characters (or the lack thereof), conduct, and activities is the German/p$ych calculation behind that.

Marty, had you time to read about Ronald  (“Ronnie”) Miscavige junior?

From the articles about his father Ronald Thomas Miscavige (senior) one can conclude that David Miscavige and the Miscavologists never believed that Miscavige senior was innocent on attempted rape and all that other stuff he was accused on. Instead of letting justice do its course, DM hires an expensive lawyer/law firm to get him out and demanded afterwards from his father to join the Sea Org. Can you believe it? What about the safety of female Sea Org members? DM pulls in the worst kind of people because he is no Scientologist. And nobody’s family is such a liability to Scientology as his. There are thousands of Scientologists who do not come with that kind of baggage and would make better decisions than His Cobness. But this is the secret psychiatric purpose of him being the “Chairman of the Board”. People on top of Scientology who are no Scientologists and don’t apply it to their own lives and family.  

Guess DM apparently is also surrounded and applauded by fools like Norman Starkey who need cult leaders and also don’t apply Scientology. It doesn’t matter how many decades they hang out in Scientology. Many joined for wrong reasons. Also, the German-controlled international cult of ear implants runs people. Idiots never find out what a trap it is and they stay German-controlled international ear implant cultist for all their lives, but real Scientologists figure what’s up with it and what a trap it is. And this system has nothing to do with Scientology. Original Scientology and the real founder was attacked and defamed and infiltrated because Ron (the real founder) opposed ear implants whose carriers conspire against others and are also manipulated by silent sounds.  

According to this website, which for sure is one by the C of S, David Miscavige’s brother “Ronnie” was arrested on August 21, 2012 for solicitation of prostitution as part of a larger FBI investigation.

Here are the police reports:

What on Earth?! David Miscavige can’t convince his own family members to live ethical lives because he is unethical too. For starters, he accepted Scientology from the founders IMPOSTOR!! And he knows it.

DM’s twin sister Denise was also recently in legal troubles with the law. Another non-Scientologist.

Another question: Is that Scientology money that his brother pays to prostitutes? Where does his money come from? Did DM give him money as he also gave his unethical father a high sum of money? Nothing is DM’s personal money as everything he has, he got by unlawfully taking Scientology over from the impostor. That is what needs to be investigated by Congress and courts that he can’t buy (if there is such a thing).

German secret services and the psychs behind them picked the most unethical family because they knew that they would smear the name of Scientology (and the real founder) and bring it down.  David Miscavige “opens buildings” for “Scientology” to impress VIPs but ruins the reputation of Scientology by behaving unethical and also failing to handle his own family and throwing money at them. His merger of Scientology with the anti-Semitic cult of Farrakhan has more alteration of Scientology and future disaster written all over it and shows basically that DM is his father’s son.  

Jenna Miscavige Hill blames the arrest of her aunt Denise on Scientology. Can you believe it? Her own uncle, David Miscavige runs Scientology in a non-Scientology way, and she blames Scientology on it! He made the rules. If she couldn’t see her parents while in the Sea Org, she has nobody to blame but her own uncle and family. It was David Miscavige who re-instated the Disconnection Policy that Jack Vistaril or some other infiltrators once introduced to Scientology and that was cancelled later. Instead of applying real Scientology, DM adopted also some scribblings from German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”, the founder’s impostor.

Denise Miscavige was taken into custody in 2013 in connection with DUI, failure to yield and misdemeanor marijuana possession, INSTEAD OF APPLYING SCIENTOLOGY, WHICH IS ANTI BOOZE AND DRUGS. Did Jenna understand anything of Scientology while she was on staff? I doubt it. The Miscaviges are one big nightmare for Scientology.    

“Ronnie/Ralph” (arrested for solicitation of prostitution) is Jenna Miscavige Hill’s father. If I would be her, I would be happy for any minute I didn’t have to spent with someone as downtone and unethical as he is. But they simply blame Scientology on their own lack of ethics, and stupid people (and corrupt reporters) allow them to get away with this. “Something else made me/him/her do it… I/he/she am/is a good person…” Yeah right! It is so non-Scientology.

I, the “bundle of energy” 😉 would like to tell the “stick of dynamite” face to face what I think of him and his family and kick him off his throne.  

You heard it from me before, Marty, but I can’t help it. You and I belong to ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY as the coasts to America.

We were ethical. We were not involved in anything like this. We worked truly for a better world not to make money and throw it at unethical people or to have power. We respected human rights. We are the real Scientologists. Proud to be no Vistarologist, no Miscavologist, no “Independent Vistarologists” no Ex-“Scientologist”.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,




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