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I am all for Scientology having its own TV, Radio station, Media center, etc. Question is only why it took DM 30 years to have one opened!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

The money for that media center was always available, also 30 years ago. I always thought that Scientology should have its own TV and radio station. Heber Jentzsch indicated in 1984 that 1 Billion Dollars are in the Sea Org Reserves. So, the question is: why did His Cobness wait so long? Would he ever approved this project if not to combat his own negative image in the media? There is no other explanation for it.

Sitting on the money but not using it for broad publication for 30 years speaks volume about DM. Typical non-Scientologist. He might use as justification that he needed “ideal orgs” before doing that. As you know, original Scientology is so great that even tents would do. However, Germany on top of the EU wants the Sea Org Reserves and that’s why Scientology is altered and reserves are not spent for the purpose of Scientology.

I am all for Scientology having its own media center, provided that it is for Scientology and not the impostor version “Vistarology” or DM’s version “Miscavology”.

I miss you, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Love forever,








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