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Stephen Hawking said that the “popularity of Donald Trump is beyond even his understanding”

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar and brightest real light in the universe, how are you?

Have not spent much time blogging about politics, but Donald Trump as US President? Give me a break. Stephen Hawking  (or the psychiatrists speaking through his software) said that the “popularity of Donald Trump is beyond even his understanding”. 

I am not impressed by his understanding for the reasons that I named in other blog posts, and Trump’s “popularity” is easy to understand: Germany and their psychiatrists transmitting loud and silent pro-Trump messages in the ear-implant of people. They want an U.S. President who helps Germany even more than Obama and the other Berliners, despite Germany being behind terrorism, wars, and the other problems that the USA and the world faces. And at the same time, degrades the USA with actions/behavior/statements. The wave behind that man is so typical German. Officially of course, numerous Germans say that they wouldn’t approve of Trump, but unofficially, German secret service psychs mind-control people into voting for him.

Germany wants to bring the Nazis back, allegedly trying to free Germany and Europe from the Muslims. (German secret services run also the extreme Muslims so that the Nazis have a justification to come back.) They need an US president like Trump who feels like a German and has racial views too.

Trump is born 1945. I’d like to check him on the e-meter as to what he did in his past lives. 

A German set up is also that neither the Democrat’s nor the Republicans have any good candidates anyone can vote for.  

Anyway, Hawkins (or the psychs talking through his software) said that Trump is a demagogue and appeals to the lowest common denominator, and the pro-Trump people are angry because they didn’t understand the words that “he” used.  If one wants Trump to win, one speaks in a language that the Trump don’t speak. That is why the people who speak through Hawkins didn’t say that Trump is a rabble-rouser who is liked by the most primitive people.  (As if psychs or neuro””scientists” wouldn’t be primitive too.) 

Trump made many controversial comments. Here are some of them.

And have a look at the unsealed papers from the lawsuit of his  “university”.

Among the racial and misogynist statements, he said that if his daughter Ivanka wouldn’t be his daughter, he likely would date her. It is one of these many non-wise statements and people are reading into them. Looked at it in the most innocent way: I think there are many fathers who think that the man who marries his daughter one day is a very lucky guy. But Trump doesn’t even respect his own daughter by saying that he likely would date her instead of marrying her. He is basically saying that his daughter is just good for dating and no marrying.

I can feel that you, Marty, disapprove of him too.

Be kissed, my sweetheart. I love you. You would make a wonderful US president. You have what it needs. Intelligence, class, character, honestly, integrity,courage, and advanced human abilities.

Yours forever,




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  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!


    June 12, 2016 at 2:42 am

  2. igo type

    July 15, 2016 at 5:05 pm

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