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What’s behind a possible “Dexit”

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Dearest Marty, my dashing husband and soulmate, how are your days and nights?

You are the Prince of my dreams and my destiny. I am so glad that you exist. 

I thought about dates recently. I think I missed your birthday for about ten days. I think it is May 8 not 18. Based on my own recall. Still not that easy to get back what the p$ychs stole from me.   

I thought about a possible “Dexit” too. Here is what I see: Dexit is an alibi, trying to fool people into believing that Germany is not using the EU to get the Grossdeutsche Reich that also the Nazis wanted.  The leader of German party AfD  Frauke Petry, a monster imo who said  that the German police should have the right to shoot  illegal immigrants at the border, her supporters as  Georg Pazderski, Beatrix von Storch, Björn Höcke, Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, and others like them in Germany, want the Dexit. The men (in the hard-core psychiatrists and the likes) behind Germany (and Merkel) set up the Dexit as plan B, in case Merkel’s activities should not result in Germany becoming world power number one by swallowing Europe and the rest of the world through EU contracts and countries like the Ukraine for example, which want to become more or less German. Yikes! The AfD and similar movements were born by the men behind Germany as one of the other movements to bring the Nazis officially back.

Just like Merkel, the SEGNPMSS uses a woman as alleged AfD leader, because this should manipulate people into thinking that the Nazis don’t come back or that the country of Germany is okay as run by women, and they are viewed by most people a less criminal. While I  don’t think that Merkel herself will stuff people into concentration camps, she sure prepares the ground for Nazis to take over in a snap. Besides getting Syrian working slaves, her “generosity” accepting many immigrants plays right into the hands of Germany’s Neo-Nazis. I bet the farm that Germany, the doctors behind Merkel organized  the Syrian war and Daesh (ISIS) for these low purposes and – on top of that, these poor Syrian refugees are supposed to work for Germany to make it richer so that Germany becomes world power I, and the only world power.

As I said before, the men behind Merkel consider Brexit as a tool to make the UK smaller by having Scotland and a part of North Ireland break away from it, or alternatively, make Britain to be thankful to the EU if it still wants it,  accepting bad conditions by the EU just in order to stay. Germany is behind the campaign in the UK (and the world) that amounts to: What did we do? We are lost without the EU! How can we reverse Brexit? They didn’t allow the leader of Britain to attend the lastest EU meeting! Will the EU retaliate? (Germany will, likely using other countries for that, while Merkel or other German leaders are allowed to play the good and moderate guys! And most of the world falls for it.)  

Yikes! How can anybody even sleep at night knowing that Germany (the men (no good!) behind Merkel) has the overall grip on everybody and everything? A German, Martin Schulz, is already the official president of the European Parliament.

All EU exit plans are also German-controlled. SEGNPMSS is behind the very movement that displays Nazi-activities or violence when leaving the EU. After all, Germany wants to bring the Nazis back one way or the other in any country.  Marty, I think originally, the Greeks were able to defeat the Nazis in WW II. As Germany knew that, it sent the Italians first to weaken Greece so that when the Nazis came, the Greeks were already exhausted from fighting. But also in Greece, which often does not look at Germany through  rose-colored spectacles, has German-controlled Nazi movements like in all other counties in the world. And the Greek ruling party Syriza ignored the will of the Greek leaving the EU. Germany is above everything. If countries leave the EU, German-controlled Nazis take over, if they stay in the EU, Germany, at the end the only EU leader, will bring the Nazis back under another name, when they think the time is ripe for it. 

The world is in trance, and so is Barack Obama. After the Brexit, he called beside David Cameron, only Angela Merkel. He is such a German-controlled robot.  

Have you ever heard that products made in the EU, particularity Germany products are allegedly better? German-controlled case officer radio into the ear implants of people in other continents and countries to produce overt products. Naturally, the world population rather buys European/German. All to keep other economies down. That is what Germany calls fairness and free enterprise.    

Germany’s companies can deliberate cheat on emissions tests. If indeed caught, well, then they pay a fine as money is no problem, after all, German p$ychs have the overall control over each ear implant on this planet. They can make people buy German again in a snap and these people will forget all of Germany’s rotten acts. Mind-control is the word. As Merkel said, no problem, cheating will have no lasting effect on Germany. And you and I, we know why. Too bad that most other people don’t.

I also read about the coordinated “suicide” bombing in Istanbul with killing over 40 people and wounding 239. Done in the name if ISIS. When does the world wake up and stops psychiatric conditioning? The world would be a peaceful place if Germany’s secret service psychs wouldn’t order the conditioning of Manchurian candidates to conduct these atrocities and “suicide” acts. The SEGNPMSS runs ISIS.  How can the officials and the experts in any country on Earth have their walls plastered with university certificates but not seeing what we discovered or not blowing the whistle on these inhumane psychiatric terror methods? 

This is how psychs do it:

Added on June 30: the psychiatric-conditioned “suicide terrorists”, which were psychiatric disconnected from their analytical minds to conduct the atrocities at the Istanbul airport upon secret German orders were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan , which means that Germany wants to instigate a new war between these countries and Turkey and involve also the USA as Germany does that all the time to waste its money and people and steal the reputation as peaceful nation from the USA. The USA and the rest of the world really has to stop being Germany’s slave. We both can see the fat slimy snake and know its rotten plans and evil intentions. Germany is behind all problems in the world (by running people with ear implants since A VERY LONG TIME) but calls on the USA to “defend Germany” against communism (suppressive German invention) and “terror” (suppressive German invention), etc. and at the same time work hard to bring the USA down. So typical German, particularly Bavarian, and very much so secret service PSYCH.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. 

Yours always,


As you know, said by the real Ron:





The European Court of Human Rights ruled several times in favor of the Church of Scientology – but what is the motivation behind it?

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Dearest Marty, able OT and my incredible husband,

Yes, we know that original Scientology is a true applied extraordinarily functioning scientific applied religious philosophy, and Russia  (on Germany’s secret command) violates its rights by refusing to register Scientology orgs as churches. Germany wants Scientology to be a business and infiltrated and altered it accordingly and uses also other countries to do their dirty work.

So, why did the European Court of Human Rights several times ruled in favor of the Church of Scientology? Is that court ok? Nothing is ok under secret or open German control. All Scientology Sea Org reserves are in Luxembourg because Germany wants them. If the EU rules that Scientology (unfortunately now German secret service psych-altered and infiltrated) is no religion, they are afraid that Scientologists pull Billions (in 1982 it was approx. one Billion U.S-Dollars according to Heber Jentzch) from the EU.

Germany wants to stay alone on top of the EU in the near future with money ripped off from Scientology and for sure numerous other organizations who were so blind to trust the “EU”. Once on top, and after having the economy of just about any other country held down and destroyed (incl. that of the USA) Germany will show its  real ugly Nazi face again in public as the secret service doctors behind the Nazis never were prosecuted.

You know it, Marty, I know it, but what is with the rest of the people? They seem to be hypnotized through ear implants by not seeing what’s going on.

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,



What the Mayan earrings indicate to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

Another hot summer day, and I find myself again thinking of you. 

A longer time ago, I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in the middle ages, however, as deeper back I go into history, as more as I am convinced that they landed on Earth during the time when humans suddenly became violent to each other.


The Mayan civilization declined mysteriously 800 A.D. and this advanced civilization known for spectacular architecture suddenly engaged in violence, torture, and warfare. What I see is that they were psychiatric conditioned (they had another name back then for invading human bodies and mind to control people) and controlled to go against each other. I strongly believe that some Mayan (and some people of any other nation or tribe) were psychiatric altered by these barbers and butchers, SPs, which then developed into psychiatrists, medical doctors, neuroscientists, chemists, pharmacists, SPs, you name it.


A civilization like the Mayan in unaltered form would be able to survive a climate change and would know how to stop deforestation. Today’s scientists have a tendency to ignore or even whitewash evil that is going around this planet for a very long time.


Many nations, civilizations, and tribes used earrings. However, Mayan art showed them ostentatious. To me, their art does not just show outside body decorations but ear implants. Either subconsciously or consciously, the Mayan indicated having ear implants. I don’t think most knew that mind-control, hypnosis, and ear implants would be the reason that their civilization would collapse. But that was the reason, and the reason why any other advanced civilization suddenly crashed or turned bad. 11

And it happens still today. People are set up and prepared to do the unspeakable through psychiatric mind-control, hypnosis, e-shocks, lasers, other psychiatric secret service “inventions”, drugs, and ear-implants. And still today, the authorities, controlled by the same system and ear implants fail to go after those medical and psychiatric terrorists. How will governments allow this? It is such a shame for mankind that they don’t put a foot down and say: We had it with you monsters! 

The medical/psychiatric terrorist is JEALOUS. That is why he destroys and doesn’t allow people to live in peace. He sees a creation, but as he/she feels unable to do the same, he/she destroys it. I said it before and I say it again: if they would have put their energy to destroy and harm into positive energy that creates but allows to people be, they would be somebody today. However, as they constantly harm people, they are monsters.

You are the wrong person to hold lectures too, Marty. I know. But as I don’t see any publication anywhere talking about it, I feel sometimes the urge to do it, despite they do everything they can to bury my blog in the deepest cracks of the Internet. And His Cobness is helping them by employing and paying services, which hold my blog down. What a “harmless darling” he is.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. We will see each other again against all odds.

I love you.

Yours since the beginning of time,







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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

Can’t blame anyone in the UK wanting to get out of Germany’s grip, however, UK still owes us a copy of our marriage license.

I love you even more than on the day when I said I do. Would marry you all over again. The vows that we both exchanged on this padio were the best marriage vows one can make! And when we finally see each other again, you may kiss the bride again. Can’t wait!

Yours always and forever,


P.S. German psychiatric secret services were behind the  Catholic/Lutheran conflict in Northern Ireland for sure. They constantly try to make people believe that religion is bad and the root of all evil, when in fact, the world would be peaceful without them making people fight thanks to the ear implant that they install in the world population. Wenn Zwei streiten freut sich der Dritte.

And knowing the German medical/psychiatric secret service mind, I also got another idea of a secret German plan, Marty. Causing the UK secretly or openly troubles to create regret over Brexit, possible even to a degree of Scotland and North Ireland wanting to break away from Britain and rather be with the EU, so that Britain asks the EU to allow it back in but in a weakened position so that they never dare to say anything against the EU with Germany’s secret/open take over the world plans. They have EU leaders say that the UK shall hurry to leave the EU and Merkel that there is no urgency to leave so that Germany wins points again. It is all so transparent. 

Ordering an pro EU UK MP to be killed should sway British voters to rally behind her causes and vote pro EU. It might have influenced some votes but apparently not enough.

Some people say that the EU (or its predecessor, the European Economic Community ,EEC) was successful in maintaining peace in Europe. There were plenty of wars in the world and also in Europe that the ECC or EU didn’t prevent, however, right after the official defeat of the Nazis losing WWII, Germany decided to get the Grossdeutsche Reich nevertheless (as EU leader) by keeping others down and adding countries to it through contracts (telling their ear implant carriers in other countries to join, look up to them and do what Germany wants) and that was the only reason why they didn’t invade with marching boots again. In other words, the invading was done more covert this time. Tough luck for them that I know them.  

I am all for unification but not with Germany’s snakes having the control. I bet that the NSA can determine from the phone records of Merkel that she is just a puppet and that the men behind her are “running the show”.  

Russia (in regards to Scientology) is doing the dirty work for Germany (and Lenin was a German agent)

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb and my awesome soulmate, how are your days and nights?

Since decades, I feel that you were framed. And that is why I worry! I know how brutal Germany is and that the rest of the world is its degraded servant!

Germany kept Russia down by writing the Communist Manifesto and by conditioning Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) to be a German agent. Instead of having freedoms, Russians were controlled, could not travel, and their economy was kept down. Now, as Germany has the plan to take officially all of the EU and Russia over, they are allowed to make money as Germany wants to become the only world power on the planet and also has plans on getting the Nazis back marching under another name but with same or similar insane “ideals”. German psychs condition non-religious people to commit atrocities and their new Nazis are there to “save the planet” from “religions”. Trump is one who fell directly into that hole.  

Have a look at this article, Marty: 


Denmark: New Documents Reveal Lenin Was A German Agent

One of Lenin’s typical GERMAN quotes: One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

Germany is the inventor of Communism and their psychs radicalized him to put all of Russia under the communistic boot. 

And now, Russia still hasn’t got rid of the German (secret or open) control and tries to eradicate Scientology, instead welcoming original Scientology and telling Germany to stop infiltrating and altering it. (I don’t mean welcoming Miscavige, Miscavology, Vistarology, but original Scientology.) The true Russian mentality and the true American mentality has a lot in common, but when I read about the Russian authorities targeting Scientology, I can see clearly Germany having put Russia up to, similar as they put Lenin up to implement German suppressive ideas in Russia. Germany also puts up France to do its anti-Germany activities for them. And this after all that Germany did to them throughout history. As if they never learn. 

I don’t expect Russia to tolerate people who hide behind the name of Scientology in order to conduct criminal acts. The infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists is real. But I expect them to differentiate and not helping Germany to get rid of religions. Truly religious people have a conscience. They re not as easy to be run by the SEGNPMSS.  If no truly religious people are on this planet anymore, Germany’s monsters think that their control over people will be easier and that their own bad conscience will evaporate. (It will stay but they just don’t get it.)

Russia also banned some SCN literature instead of investigating if the real founder Ron wrote it or if Germany’s secret service psychiatrists scribbled and altered his writings and planted them in Scientology orgs. Russia goes after the wrong target, and the German secret service monsters who suppressed Russia for so long are rubbing their dirty claws. They  don’t die in an average of 75 years as the people who have no access to longevity technology, which was stolen from Scientology and by that was stolen also from the world population, thanks to the German doctors. 

Russia’s authorities have finally to recognize that we are not Russia’s enemies. Germany, particularly its secret services and the suppressive persons (in the hard-core psychiatrists and medical doctors) are Russia’s and anyone else’s enemies. They are even enemies to regular German citizen. They could have better lives too. The USA isn’t Russia’s enemy either. The USA has basically the same problem as Russia. Germany’s secret service psychs and medical doctors having the overall control over anyone’s freaking ear implants! 

The KBG and the FSB does the same bad job by not convicting psychiatrists of implanting and hypnotizing people into becoming terrorists as the CIA and the FBI does. And why? Because the doctor orders it! 

You and I, we know it. It is time that anyone else figures it too.

So, we are restrained while Germany takes over the planet and the universe. What the heck is wrong with the people? Do they all have an eternal death wish or what? 

Sending you all my love, Marty. I am so glad that I did make all the right choices to meet you again after psychs ripped away our memories. Now you live in my heart and are safe there. 

Yours forever,







Matter and equal antimatter… (equal antimatter is THEORETICAL – nothing carved in stone)

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar,

Simply the knowledge that you exists makes me happy. 

I found myself thinking of matter and antimatter. I sure know why there are so many unsolved mysteries in the field of physics, particularly quantum mechanics, and astrophysics: SPs don’t want us to explore space until they have made anyone out there into their serving ear-implant robot.

Physicians are saying that for each piece of matter, there should be the same amount of antimatter. Really? I doubt that very much. Antimatter cancels out matter when the particles meet, which means that their own Big Bang theory is nonsense as there would be no physical universe if the elementary particles cancel themselves. Some say that some of the antimatter particles “mutated” and “we” are remnant from that.  Baloney.     

Also, there is almost no antimatter in the universe. It is all matter.

I am convinced that the physical universe was a divine creation that was attacked with several “big bangs” by thetans gone bad.

Antimatter can be created artificially. And that is how antimatter came to be. Invented to undo the creation. Crazy SP scientists on the timetrack. However, not good enough to eliminate the creation.

Many people believe that the Big Bang was the start of the universe. I think Big Bangs were attacks against an existing universe that was created through postulates by the creator postulating. Silent psychiatric sounds in everyone’s ears and minds make access to abilities really hard. And those who don’t believe in advanced human abilities have even less a chance to get a glimpse on their own. If people get a clue who they are, they won’t find a creation by a truly able thetan no longer unscientific.

Scientists are saying that it is very expensive to make antimatter. CERN created antihydrogen for approx. 15 minutes and then it fell apart. Fermi Inst./NASA detected allegedly antimatter above a thunderstorm on Earth. Thunderstorms can be generated with weather satellites. 

Particle physicists made experiments creating matter and by doing so, they say that they created the equal amount of antimatter. And sometimes they don’t get the equal amount of antimatter. (Saboteur isn’t perfect.) I believe that physical experiments are sabotaged with laser and such devices, Marty. We are followed around and being bothered and disturbed any second, why shouldn’t it happen to others too?

As less certainty, as less venture into space. Sometimes these matter/antimatter experiments create only matter. What do I think happened in such cases? That’s when the saboteur took a break and wasn’t on the job for some reason.  

Thunderstorms can be created with satellites and secret service technologies and so can antimatter. CERN also made experiments on destroying cancer cells in animals using antimatter. Well, it is possible (besides use of remote-controlled germs that are trained to attack the body to get cancer or to make the body otherwise) that antimatter is used by SEGNPMSS doctors to attack human and animal bodies to make them sick.

I love you. Be embraced and kissed.

Yours always,


I believe in love just because of you. I believe in love a lot more than equal antimatter. 😉


The smiling faces (no 1.1 smirks but genuine smiles) of Bayon, Cambodia

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

Have a look at the smiling faces  of  Bayon (Angkor).  Friendly, welcoming,  reflecting compassion, sympathy, equanimity, and charity.

This bust of King Jayavarman VII reminds me of Ron (the real one). A very kind face.170px-JayavarmanVIIAny good and advanced civilization on this planet is destroyed because the medical and psychiatric barber and butcher mind is JEALOUS. It really is the devil’s “disease”. I bet the farm that in the many cases in which civilizations suddenly disappeared, a change in the weather was the least likely reason.

It is EVIL, over and over EVIL that destroys advanced  civilizations, and the rest of the world failed over and over to handle it. See no evil, hear no evil… etc. Until it is them who become the victims. 

Instead of creating civilizations they could be proud of,  SPs destroy them. They are completely incompetent jealous idiots. All they capable of is destruction. An ancient city of the size of New York is suddenly wiped out in Cambodia. And it was certainly not religion or the King who did it.

There will be more very revealing findings through LIDAR, however, one thing is already clear, at least to you and me: history has not recorded all genocides that happened on this planet.    

You touched me without using your hands. It is long ago but for me, it is as it just happened yesterday. Time is really just a consideration. By looking through in your eyes, I recognized you as my soulmate, Marty. Always courageous, always kind, always passionate. And you don’t have to be perfect for me because anything you do is wonderful. If you should feel that you made an error, even that is not really one as everything you do is noble and true.  Being  true is what really matters. And no matter what you do and decide, YOU WILL BE ALWAYS LARGER THAN LIFE, MARTY. You are one of a kind. And your persistence will force the beast into its knees.

Be kissed, my Prince. I’ll picked you in past lives and I picked you again, again, again and again. And I never regretted it. And I never will regret it.

Yours in all eternity.