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LIDAR radar and airborne light detected secret rooms under huge Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

Historic structures are fascinating me. They tell more about history than our current history books. I look at numerous historic structures and think: impressive but there is more than meets the eyes, and then, it turns out, there is indeed more to it than meets the eyes. Sometimes, I spot various styles and that later generations added or changed something.

Take the temple Angkor Wat for example. Officially, the largest religious structure on Earth.

The University of Sydney is using ground penetrating radar and special lights and discovered that Angkor Wat has secret structures underneath like so many other historic buildings.  They found previously unseen ensemble of buried towers built and demolished during the construction of Angkor Wat, as well as massive structure of unknown purpose on its south side and wooden fortifications.

Allegedly build in the 12 century and abandoned in 1432 by a population of allegedly 80,000. What makes people to abandon such a great place except persecution? The place was invaded and you and I, we know who would do such a thing and what kind of monsters butcher and can’t leave others alone. I don’t buy that “the environment” drove them away because who builds such a grand place knows how to get water and grow food even if it doesn’t rain.   

For you and me, and some others, it is clear why architectural jewels or miracles have secret underground structures. I can come up with a couple of reasons: to protect water and food, to prevent aging, learning centers and very much so to keep evil out.

As you know, original  Scientology auditing can reveal how it really was, auditing without secret psychiatric mind-control influence to mislead the PC and block his or her access to past live memories. Can you imagine how interesting a history book would be that finally adds up as PC recall truly INDEPENDENTLY from each other what happened in their past lives? If done with original Scientology, truly non-sabotaged professional auditing, then auditing recall and archaeological findings would match. Even better, auditing recall could tell archaeologist where to dig and what purpose of these buildings/rooms were.

(Added on June 16: One of the cities in Cambodia discovered is as big as New York. And here is something very revealing: Many scientists had postulated that the Khmer abandoned their cities near Angkor and fled when crops began to fail. But the new scans, and other scans undertaken as part of other projects, have shown that there weren’t any alternate city sites, so the residents clearly didn’t resettle elsewhere en masse.

In other words: they were murdered like so many other civilizations on this planet because of the SPs who can’t leave others alone.)

Yes, for us, history is not about dead people.   

I love you, my Prince. Be kissed.

Yours always,






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