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Nazis a thing of the past? Not so… Shouldn’t people ask themselves who exactly grows more Nazis these days?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, husband, and Prince,

Google pulled an app that targets Jews. That app singled out Jews and resulted in anti-Semitic harassment online. A reporter became the target of a campaign of anti-Semitic harassment after she wrote a profile of Melania Trump in GQ that Donald Trump supporters didn’t approve of. The app also targeted Ivanka’s husband who is Jewish.  

My conclusion: Germany’s secret services are behind Trumpism. And a Jewish son-in-law (even targeted by the same movement) looks awfully convenient as an alibi for racists to get a man in the White House. German secret services want Trump and his supporters be able to say that they are no racists by being racists. Simple minds will buy Germany’s plan.

How can it be legal if so-called Americans vote for what German secret services radio in their ear implants? Where is the democracy? I know there are also those people who will claim that they don’t have these ear implants, but lies have short legs. That system conspires also against their own. One day, the whistle will be blown against those who will deny having them.

My life experience interacting with people is that those who do not follow loud (for them clearly audible) [German psychiatric] orders are very very rare. And these very rare people were implanted with ear implants too. Likely already as babies or prenatal like all others and are also manipulated through silent sounds. Mostly covered messages but subconsciously audible under the “tinnitus”, the technical peeping, which doctors try to sell as medical condition. Even deaf people can hear those silent sounds.

I know the typical Germans (particularly Bavarians). They are so obsessed with running and controlling anyone that they don’t allow anyone to fall through the cracks. If not with loud commands, in anyone’s head play secret tapes to manipulate his/her/it thinking and activities. That is the German psychiatric mind-control world, the world that original Scientology vehemently opposed and thus became the target of German-controlled alteration and international infiltration and international ridicule. 

The Republican Party should figure what it is going on. Germany tries to break the GOP. In a way, the GOP loses ground as an infiltrated Church of Scientology does. From great to not more that great. And with Trump on the way to its burial.  The only reason why the Republican Party didn’t come up with better candidates is because the SEGNPMSS is radioing loud or silent sounds into the ears/mind of its people not to find and vote for better candidates.

Germany tries to re-write history. A full-blown Nazi party in Germany is called “Republicans”. Shouldn’t that tell the American Republicans something?  Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus indicated that people vote for Trump (who is a “proud” German who discriminates against other nationals) because they want an “earthquake” in Washington. If they want the biggest change ever, they have to demand an US government that is not controlled by German secret services using the psychiatric invention of ear implants and silent/loud sounds to manipulate Americans into what Germany want. They also try to make Trump and pro-Trumps into victims by radioing into the minds of anti-Trumps to be violent so that even more people rally behind Trump and Trump supporters. 

There are Republicans who rather support Hillary now just to prevent loose cannon Trump. With a great Republican candidate, the Republicans can win against Hillary easily. 

Like a typical German, Trump wants to build walls. Like a typical German, Trump discriminates against races, religions, and women. Germany’s secret service psychs are rubbing their bloody hands: Trump will help them greatly to bring the USA into its knees. This will be never the President (if people don’t come to their senses) who will stop the official comeback of Germany’s Nazis. He plays right into their hands. Despite his son-in-law as alibi.

Do the Republicans have indeed no candidate who is capable to look through that all and who is able to explain it to the American people? I am shocked. Really, Marty, I am.

GOP are telling Trump to put away with alienating Hispanics. Can you believe it? They want to allow racist Trump to become the most powerful man AND HAVE TO TELL HIM TO BEHAVE? Arg! That is a nightmare. What a presidency will that become? 

I love you. You would be the best US president. Nobody can fool you. And you have the guts to stand up against the dark forces behind the curtains. And so do I. That’s why we are targets. But as more as they target us, as more we strengthen our postulates and activities to kick these medical/psychiatric Nazi behinds.

Yours always and forever,

and in good and bad days, I will be on your side. Two hearts, two thetans who are one. 











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  1. How Hitler’s Rise to Power Explains Why People Accept Donald Trump

    Checking in

    July 7, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    • The psychiatrists who control voter’s ear implants tell them (loud or subconscious) who to vote for. The SEGNPMSS selects the “leader”, and yes, this is a violation of international democratic laws because mind-control and conspiracy is no democracy.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 8, 2016 at 2:11 am

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