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The “being” that “controls an entire ant colony” and what it really means

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Dearest Marty, my phenomenal Prince and husband,

How are your days? I wish I could be with you…

I am sure you heard/read that a being can control a colony of ants (with willpower). But something is off here, and I explain it below.

Recently, when watching ants in nature, I was thinking about this. There is the queen who can lay millions of eggs, and she gives birth to thousands of ants per day. And they are all a part of a programmed “social” ant structure and each one does what is expected from it. When looking at one single ant, I can tell that a thetan is in that ant body. An absolutely abberated and degraded thetan of course as an able thetan would never take an ant body, queen, drone, or not. 

Considering what thetans originally are/were, it is quite a shock to realize that even the smallest bug/germ bodies are inhabited by thetans. How did they get so low? Originally, I bet the farm that no thetan ever wanted to be a bug or a germ, but massive psychiatric experiences (they go all the way back on the timetrack), stupidity, and for sure also lack of ethics (stupidity and lack of ethics goes hand in hand), got them there. 


In the minds of some who are no original Scientologists, an ant colony might not consist of thousands, hundred-thousands, or a million abberated thetans but of something less than a thetan, which is controlled by one single thetan (rather capable enbodied thetan) with willpower. If there would be one like that, he would be abberated like hell too. Who can’t find a better life game than controlling an ant colony? 


I came to the following conclusion, Marty: any kind of germs or bugs are bred to certain codes, “courtesy” of the most abberated breed on the planet: psychiatrists/neuro”scientists”, medical doctors/vets. etc. When one of them calls with silent sounds the code to which ants were bred, they do what those sicko doctor radios them: e.g. invading a home or crawling up a leg whatever.  THAT is the “thetan” who controls the ant colony. And he has a body (with a revolting 1.1 grin on his dumb face). That is no ability as anyone with the code can do it, it is just creepy and disgusting.   


The German/psychiatric infiltration of Scientology twisted the data that animals are thetans. It doesn’t matter how tiny their bodies are (the original body thetans, thetans that stick to a human body and make it sick and kill it as controlled by a psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vet “master”). These bugs have no consciousness anymore that they, thetans, can inhabit a human body and can do a lot more than living a bug’s life. It seems that psychs removed the knowledge from Scientology that animals are thetans too. What else should they be?  Likely because psychiatrist/neuro”scientist”, medical doctor/vets don’t want Scientologists to become vegetarians or figure out what horrible psychiatric experiments were and still are being done to thetans, which results in that they no longer have any awareness of being able to inhabit a human instead of an animal body.

What do you think?

I don’t regret a bit that I gave you my heart, Marty. I would do it all over, with the exception of being separated from you.  You are the greatest. Knowing that you are around makes everything better. It doesn’t matter how rough the way is that gets me to you. There is simply nobody and nothing that I want more. Tough luck for the Germans, the psychs and their international idiots of agents who want to separate us.  

Your proud wife.












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  1. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!


    June 17, 2016 at 1:14 pm

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