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Still existing Nazis don’t want to burn still existing Nazi crap

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

Anything from the Nazis that doesn’t inform what monsters they were and are shouldn’t be auctioned and sold. It should be burned and trashed. 

I came across below Daily Mail article that says that Hitler’s socks and ties, Goering’s boots and underpants are auctioned off in Germany. Good grief. And typically for Germany, their p$ychs radio in the ear implants of other nationals to buy that garbage to keep it alive so that people can’t say that Germans are still the Nazis. The German auction house Hermann Historica in Munich (indeed the birth place of the Nazis) is doing the auction. Making money with the most disgusting items. Shame on them. They are saying that they won’t sell to a Nazi or Neo Nazi. Duh! Who in the world buys that personal Nazi trash if not an open or covert Nazi or somebody who wants other people to worship the Nazi monsters somehow?

Read more:
More about Germany:

Old Nazis are getting pensions from the current German government. They are still Nazis, Marty. Look at this. I believe that Nazis in Spain and other countries are also beneficiaries of German pension payments. Modern Nazi Germany pays pension to old Nazis. And Germany took so often US taxpayers money (Marshall Plan,  bailout of German banks, and has the USA fight German wars, etc.).

About Trump. He said judge Curiel, the judge presiding over the Trump “University” case, is of Mexican heritage and feels like a Mexican. Trump is of German heritage. If he thinks that heritage counts that much, we have to look also at Trump’s heritage. German and he feels like a German. And the last that the USA needs is a German US President. There were enough pro-Germany presidents already who allowed Germany to get away with everything…

Dump dumb Trump. 

Like a German, he tries to build walls. He repeats that over and over. What an idiot. You and I would know how to skyrocket the economy. We need a brand-new world to make sure that everyone can live decent lives and can expand his/her lifespan without aging. Any decent hand will be required and welcome to build those life-preserving villages. And we wouldn’t start secret or open wars like Germany just to get enough workers to become world power I. And that is where Trump comes in. Holding America small to give his beloved Germany  (who are still Nazis) the chance to overpower the USA. Hillary isn’t that extreme as he is but she won’t save the USA either. Like so many others, she does not understand that there are still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany and Merkel, and that the “Most powerful woman on Earth” (according to Forbes) and other chancellors are just their puppets.

The war in Syria really had these purposes: immigrants for Germany as cheap workers and a justification for Germany to get the Nazis back by conditioning and radioing in the ear implants of some Muslims to commit crimes against women and be violent. For me it is easy to figure Germany out. They were so stupid to kidnap me in their godforsaken country where I could study them. I know what they are up to. 

You heard it from me often, Marty, I just can’t help myself. I am witnessing current events and are shaking my head. There is no doubt: ear implants are making blind and obedient to the psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” who use this system. People don’t figure things on their own. Who has their codes apparently has the control over their thinking. And psychs ordered the infiltration of Scientology and attack Scientology, because Ron (the real founder) called ear implants “illegal” and a trap. And that they stole this part and other parts from Scientology. Luckily, I was able to figure it out too. 

EARth. What a shame.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you soon, against all odds.

Yours always,








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