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If this isn’t weird: huge easy to discover monumental “new” structure in plain sight finally “found” in Petra/Jordan

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This it is, Marty, my wonderful hero, how could the Swiss guy who “discovered” Petra (probably erected in 312 BC) and all the other archaeologists missed this  structure for hundred years. It is huge! What can I say?  Ear implants, misleads people and controls their speech and actions. That structure likely provides more information as to who really founded Petra and for what reasons.

It is such an amazing place. This is the BEST video I saw about Petra. Nobody is talking, Marty, only music, and Petra from all angles. However, it doesn’t show the monumental structure either. 

Petra, Moses’ backyard.  

I love you, my Prince. Be hugged and kissed.

Yours always,








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