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Are we really the only ones who are able to see religion-hating p$ychs conditioning people into terrorists, shooters, and other killers?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I worry about you. There was still no message by you or on your behalf for me, but I can feel strongly that you are trying to reach me.  

Germany (German secret service psychiatrists and their international psychs and helpers) are behind Daesh (ISIS) and the “Islamic terror”. We know that they are using Islamists to conduct Nazi acts and are hiding behind these other nations. They think when religion is wiped off this planet, people will have even less conscience and their own bad conscience with evaporate. (As far as the latter is concerned, they would be in for a big surprise. Even without religions, their jauntiness is gone. They basically know that they are the worst scum. Only character change of 360 degree to the better will provide relief. And they rather sick their lunatics heads in the sand but acknowledging this. 

Omar Mateen was identified as the gunman in the Orlando nightclub, shooting who killed 50 and injured 50 more before he was shot. ISIS (SEGNPMSS runs it) claimed “responsibility” for the atrocity. It is Ramadan, and Germany’s secret service psychs are setting up such a horrible acts in the USA in the name “of Islam” or “religion”.  Psychs condition people and have them call “Allahu Akbar” before the atrocity to make people hate religion or deny God. It is so typical German, so typical psychs. Any non-conditioned Muslim knows that violence is nothing Allah would ever approve of. 

The terror attack on the people in the Orlando nightclub was organized and well prepared, reported law enforcement. Sure, just as the psychiatrists behind the Nazis prepared killings very systematically. And as psychs have the ear implant codes of people, their Manchurian candidates function. He or she does the shooting, the secret service psychs make sure, step by step, in all details, that the conditioned person does in any detail what they want him/her to do.   

The father of the shooter says that his son got upset because he saw two men kissing. One can’t just pull out guns and start shooting only because one disagrees. Besides, this wasn’t the real reason. Son was psychiatric conditioned. And he isn’t the first security guard who was psychiatric conditioned. I noticed this done before on another security guard in D.C.     

On the border between Turkey and Iran, I once drove through a town in a horse carriage (in this lifetime). It was late afternoon and a cinema just ended a movie. Hundreds of men (only men, no woman anywhere) were streaming out of the cinema, ALL of the men were holding hands. I didn’t see anyone kissing but I never saw anything like this ever again. It was like the entire city in a Muslim country was gay. Women apparently were not allowed. The suppression of women, etc. and tricking thetans in between lifetimes in the body of the opposite gender to make them gay, but on the other side also slaughtering them, is so psychiatric, so German Nazi.

I can spot when somebody is psych-conditioned. And I am sure you can too, Marty. What is the excuse of the company who hired him, law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies of the intelligence community not seeing it? Those people who sell weapons are unable to spot a psychiatric conditioned person also. Psychs pick angry people, conditioned them and cut their consciousness off. Easy to control with ear implant codes, the  REAL Walking Death do exactly what the doctor orders:

You and me, and any original real Scientologist can feel a person’s character and personality. If somebody is around us and we know him or her just a little, we get it right away if somebody is psychiatric conditioned and altered. And if it is a stranger, we also feel the low tonelevel and the robotic vibe of such a person.   

Singer Christina Grimmie (devoted Christian, apparently) was shoot just a day earlier by Kevin James Loibl. He isn’t a Muslim. His last name sounds Bavarian. I read that he targeted her because she was religious. Then he shot himself. How convenient for the psychs to transmitting through the ear implants to their Manchurian Candidates to kill themselves after the terror. This is done most of the time to get rid of the evidence (a badly tampered mind).   

Her Twitter account was hacked too, saying: “The End”. Psychs want to end religiosity for the reasons stated above. Guess these psychs were afraid that this young artist could spark more young people;s interest in religion instead of hating it.

Governments and law enforcement allow the world to go to hell by not stopping psychiatric conditioning of people.

You are in my heart, Marty, deeply. I miss you and still hope for a peaceful and exciting life together with you.

Be safe! My heart says your name every day.  There is where you belong.  Be kissed. 

Yours always.













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  1. Was Omar Mateen gay himself? Visited gay club often, used a gay app… Some folks ask, if he was gay, why did the attack other gays?

    News Checker

    June 14, 2016 at 1:25 am

    • Hitler and many other Nazis were gay and they killed other gays in concentration camps together with the Jews and other minorities.

      However, I am convinced that Omar Mateen was psychiatric conditioned to conduct this terror act. That explains why he was so “calm” all the time.

      Psychs are turning people in such robots that they no longer realize what they are doing. And they did it x-times.

      Who knows how many sleepers are out there, ready to become machine and do the unspeakable when a psych (miles away) cuts his conscientiousness off with a laser or activates his ear implant code with neutrino communication as far away as from behind the moon.

      These secret service doctors are sure that they are not being caught, after all, they have the overall command of each and any ear implant. Until it is too late and fellow doctors do to them what they do to others. The people who protect this system are the dumbest creatures ever. Really. It is a time bomb for everyone. Including the creators and the hard core of this psychiatric system.

      Crimes make blind. They don’t see it coming until it is too late and bites them. They always think it is not them who are slaughtered or otherwise tricked and abused. They always think that it are just others. They think that they are safe. Nobody is safe. The only thing one can do is to to blow the whistle on all these psych methods before it hits oneself or one who one loves.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 14, 2016 at 2:49 am

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