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Germany sweeps another German genocide under the carpet: the racial killings of the African tribes

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, and my soulmate,

Germany’s parliament “recognized” the Armenian Massacres of the Turkish Ottoman government, but of course no word that Germany’s secret service psychiatrists put the Young Turks up to it. The Turks are not innocent, but Germany is above everyone. They run just about anyone with ear implants for centuries. I bet that without Germany’s racist secret service psychs, none of the genocides would have happened. They bring out the worst in people. 

I can’t see anything cute in above poster. It shows Germany and Austria putting the smaller guy (Turkey) up to horrible activities including genocide. It says “We stand the course!” Yeah, the genocide and holocaust course that is.  

As you know, besides the Holocaust in which they killed millions of Jews and other minorities, Germany killed African tribes in Namibia for 5 years, from 1903 to 1908.  Around 100.000 Africans killed by Germans. Germans took thousands of African skulls to Germany. Yuck, that is so medical, so psychiatric!  

Below picture shows German officials in 1905/06 shipping skulls of African Herero to the Pathological Institute in Berlin for “measurements”. Apparently, German p$ychs considered their race to be superior to not just Jews and Gypsies but also Blacks. For example, German Nazi psych Eugen Fisher collected those skulls for his insane racial theories. He also made medical/psychiatric experiments on African prisoners before he experimented on Jews in Nazi Germany.

Once again, the psychs “need” war and genocides so that they get enough bodies they can make lunatics experiments on that they otherwise can’t and are getting away with it. The world failed over and over to outlaw psychiatry and their overt and covert methods. And that is why history repeats itself over and over all over the world. 



Typical Germany: blaming others and what they do and failing to admit their own genocides.  


I will always love you, Marty. You are such a beautiful (in a manly) way thetan. The opposite of a monster. You work on being the best you can and these people pig out. And that is why I love you so much.  You are so different, so positively different. I remember when you said something in LA that expressed your disgust in activities by people down on the tonescale. And it dawned on me that you are my soulmate. And so familiar!

Loving you is one regret THAT I DON’T HAVE. I am so glad that I was able to recognize your wonderful personality and character, Marty.

Yours forever,






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