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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

How are you? My thoughts always wander again to you.

The only reason why analysts don’t get what’s going on with this world is because all minds are psychiatric controlled. I know, it is hard to admit. It is easier for them to stick the head in the sand and pretend that it is not true, but unfortunately it is. You and I, we look at the headlines too but we can look behind them.

Manchurian candidates (psychiatric-altered people) kill other people,  religions are suddenly the “big evil”, remote-controlled alligators snap baby, apparently selected by monsters because of his last name, a UK MP is gunned and stabbed by someone with Nazi ideals, and Germany wants the USA to be blamed instead of Germany’s secret service p$ychs who have the overall control over each freaking ear implant and any activity on this planet and beyond. (The idea behind this German set up is creating animosity between the UK and the USA; Germany is behind the Neo-Nazis all over the planet. By telling other nationals to become Nazis, they think they will not be convicted of being Nazis this time.)

Germany allowed the now 94 years old SS-man Reinhold Hanning to live in Germany as a free man for 7 decades, and finally convicts him of being an accessory to        170 000 murders, and he gets only 5 years in prison by a German court! ONLY 5 YEARS! Instead of at least 170 000 lifetimes as this is how many died. He is appealing this slap on the wrist, which shows how little he understands how wrong he did.

The USA and its allies never should have given Germany the authority to judge their Nazis and never allowed Germans to make again laws. They were all very lenient on Nazis. Like all people, Hanning will be born again. He will have a new identity and learned NOTHING. The same character monster comes back in a new body and could strike again, as nobody corrected him. And he isn’t the only one. Judge Anke Grudda said that Germany’s police, justice, and society does not want to deal with the Holocaust and has failed in this regard. And so does she by giving him such a lean sentence, and so did Germany’s parliament that allows slap on the wrist sentences for Nazis/mass murderers. Hanning volunteered as SS man. Nobody dragged him by the hair to a place were people were slaughtered. My message to the Germany’s MPs is this: Who allows Nazis to get away with such lean sentences is a Nazi.   

President Putin says that the USA is the only world power left. Huh? Germany’s psych runs everyone secretly through ear implants. That is US world power? And Germany wants world power not just secretly but openly. And not just world power over the Earth but world but power over the entire universe.

You heard it from me before, but I just can’t help myself when reading the news.

And this wonderful love of ours exists on a horrible planet as this one. Isn’t that something, Marty? I am here for you, and I know you are here for me too. If anything else would be so great as things between us, we would have paradise on Earth. I love you tenderly and passionately and I simply want to be with you as you are my soulmate.

Yours always,









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